Revenge Of The Emu

I don't speak German but I can if you like it.

My favorite diaries:

andrew profile - diary
comments: "I then said 'No, it makes me want to set YOUR house on fire', which really wasn't much of a zinger, but I was sort of happy with it."
beautigirl profile - diary
comments: "A 92-year-old lady had her authentic teeth. That was really something."
cheesyweasel profile - diary
comments: "No one can make you miserable like your relatives can. Okay, I've overstated. No one can make you mildly irritated like my relatives can."
flicka profile - diary
comments: "These fucking crickets in my kitchen picked the right place to live. Although, they are getting to be a bit bold. I'm about to buy a can of Raid."
mangofarmer profile - diary
comments: "I have a blister on my thumb. This is highly annoying. And strange, as I have hardly over-exercised said digit as of late."
marysensei profile - diary
comments: "We decided our problem was 'we need money.' Our extreme methods included stealing, investing, and counterfeiting money."
notanias profile - diary
comments: "so i just wrangled my brother into coming with me, so that i have some member of my family there, so it doesn't look like i spontaneously generated or something."
porktornado profile - diary
comments: "So kids, let this be a lesson. Don't do nice things. Good does not come around, and if it does, it comes around disguised as a crazy rape monster."
princessreva profile - diary
comments: "And um... he looked REALLY sexy. I mean, so sexy that I'm kind of uncomfortable around him. I'm not used to him looking all... well, GQ."
unclebob profile - diary
comments: "So anyway... I conducted what has got to be the absolute worst interview in the history of mankind yesterday. How bad was it? I had to stop the interview halfway into it... in order to remove my clothing."
omniscia profile - diary
comments: "I also firmly believe that wine counts as a source of fruit."
sketty profile - diary
comments: "I visualised myself ripping the handle out of the smiling moron's hand, picking up the suitcase and hurling it with all my might over the edge of the pier and then laughing hysterically in the shocked faces of the witnesses."
dirty-angst profile - diary
comments: "I'd like to see what he'd do if I stopped my 'extracurricular activities' and only stuck to our regularly scheduled programming."
dinosaurorgy profile - diary
comments: "it'll look a lot like an angry lesbian 70's-Amazon-butch-bitch with a hankering for some slaughtering. Ought to be fantastic!"
omni102 profile - diary
comments: "Man, somewhere along the line, I got fuckin crazy and started buyin only designer shit. Must be the libra in me."
butterflytea profile - diary
comments: "lksdjflksjdfjklsd, I swear my brain is going to burst."
alienamiss profile - diary
comments: "I'm already the weird one; what's one more quirk?"
tooold2bcool profile - diary
comments: "You know the snowstorm in the northeast last week? Al Gore knows what caused it. Can you guess?"
melissa1983 profile - diary
dangerspouse profile - diary

My favorite music:

Nine Inch Nails
Duran Duran
The Guess Who
Robbie Williams

My favorite movies:

The Godfather Part II
This Is Spinal Tap
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Walk Hard

My favorite authors:

Chuck Barris
J.R. Rowling
Khaled Hosseini
L.M. Montgomery
Sylvia Plath

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