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I hope to appreciate the people in my life before they are gone. I would give anything to hug my cat one last time....I hope I get to hug my cat in the afterlife.

This year I am working to get some down-to-Earth, honest to goodness self awareness. I have been in a dark space for many years, but I want to start to understand more. I am learning more and more everyday.

My goals are to be around people who turn the light on inside my life. I want to turn the lights on in others' lives. I think if I can make a difference to people, all the pain I have in my heart might dissapate.

My favorite diaries:

flicka profile - diary
comments: This girl is confused and scared. She wants love but doesn't believe she's lovable.
bipolarchild profile - diary
comments: This mom's writings interest me, and makes me think of how my mental illness effects others.
apathyascend profile - diary
comments: There is so much creativity, caring, blinding sarcasm, and love in this diary.
fuck-- profile - diary
comments: These saying should be on a calendar, making money, .....for diaryland.....
emu-head profile - diary
comments: This diary is full of angst, hope, wisdom, sarcasm, and laughter.
rayna7314 profile - diary
comments: "Face it, I am a girl, and we have so many emotions that it is hard to keep track and notice who is deceiving us."
catsoul profile - diary
comments: new reading for the soul

My favorite music:

comments: Michael Stipe, if you're reading this, could you give me a call?
Bright Eyes, Tori Amos
comments: Yeah, I'm crazy and love faeries.
comments: Ever-evolving, something I hope to achieve in life
It's hard to pick just five
comments: Nirvana--understand the song "Lithium", Metallica, Sarah Mclachlan, The Cure, David Bowie, Violent Femmes, Willie Nelson, Pulp, The Smiths, Ron Sexsmith, Ben Lee, The Magnetic Fields, Dick Dale, Pink Floyd--comfortably numb says it all
Linkin Park
comments: Bill, my dear friend, got me hooked. I listen to them at least once a day.

My favorite movies:

comments: I hope I smile like Claudia someday.
The Fisher King
comments: I've loved this movie for many years, and it gets better every time I watch it.
comments: I wish I were French. Green is my favorite color :)
Run Lola Run
comments: It would be awesome to be able to have "do-overs"
comments: God bless having Jimmy Stewart for being able to see an invisible rabbit.

My favorite authors:

Virginia Woolf
comments: I swear we're related.
Alexandre Dumas
comments: Edmond Dantes, you are my hero
Louis De Bernieres
comments: Whatever you do, don't read one of his books and hope that it will be made into a good American film....
Nick Hornby
comments: makes me laugh. and cry
Jeffrey Eugenides
comments: The Virgin Suicides was the book I read the day after I moved to Rhode Island--it's stuck with me until this day.

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