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A cool Wolf story by la-the-sage comment:   A moment of Asperger's triumph. This reminds me why I wanted to get into psychology. This reminds me of what I want to make my purpose in life. More moments like this. Reply- Part 4 by la-the-sage comment:   This is important shit, man. Eh. It's another rant. Go figure. by idiot-milk comment:   I'm all for people growing thicker skins. italicized girl by girls-suck comment:   This is why I can't stand a lot of my gender. In Which My Heart Is Filled With Gladness by rumblelizard comment:   spooks and the lies they had to tell to make a war justified. goddamn, she makes me want to read political stuff... Walking down the hall. by girls-suck comment:   "The loss of anything feels like a loss. Doesn't matter if the gains surpass it." Best. Kid. Ever. by rudey comment:   It's about her daughter, and damn, I like this form of parental pride. Care and Feeding of the Heterosexual Boy Crush by weetabix comment:   Wherein Weet catches Esteban all woobie over Jamie Oliver. Hee!! boy meets girl by perceptions comment:   Never have I been happier than watching this unfold. To see Bobby falling like crazy for Michelle? :: happy sigh :: maryland -> california by perceptions comment:   OHMYJESUS. Bobby fell. Bobby fell so hard and fast and damn. I did too. Lickable crotch by groovy-decay comment:   a) enormous sunglasses and b) �Yo mama!� jokes.
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