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from eyebloom :
hello dearheart! your guestbook is broken!!! must fix! must fix! (It links to some wierd page to send a link to your diary to a "friend.")
from introibo :
hi! just saw that you updated. you should get a livejournal. although it sounds like you're not really into journaling so much anymore - which could be healthy, etc, etc. um, hope you're doing well. :)
from asland :
Today is your Day. The world is a better place because you are here. Happy Birthday :) There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction ~ Salvador Dali I hope that this is one of those days for you. all my best to you
from asland :
Happy New Year Have your 3.14159 and eat it too. 1.61803398875 Phi is one H of alot cooler :) Have a golden New Year :) miss you. :)
from erato :
Thank you darling. I float alongside your breath. One step at a time we sail over clouds.
from candora :
wow, good for you - to empower yourself... wishing your focus and success on your journey.
from erato :
Good luck, darling. I am here should you need me.
from natinski :
Dear you, waited for quite a while for you to update again. I hope everything will be okay for you. Take care.
from raven72d :
Well, Ethereal Girl... you have excellent tastes in music and film and books...
from pulparindo :
how is everything?
from design-doll :
thank you for listing me as a favorite, your words are powerful... please write more :)
from classicman :
Your return has inspired in me a need to write anew. Thank you, my muse. -B
from elipsis :
welcome back!!! (in every possible sense :)
from erato :
Congratulations, love. You have grown, you are radiant. You are beautiful.
from adelyte :
thanks for the note in my guestbook. somehow . . . it's such a relief to know you're out there. my life takes strange random turns and i'm glad one of them pointed me your way. like the kitten on the poster says, hang in there baby.
from candor :
from gypped :
I only found out from the message below mine that you were bobby's girl. I can see why he writes about you the way he does... your diary is very lovely.
from symbiotic :
Thank you for being so strong and allowing bobby to post that letter on perceptions. now, after reading your entry about it, i just want to say that you will find (as you probably are) that your friends not only appreciate your openness with them about it, but that they love you, just as you are and only want to help you. it takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to letting other people help you, and it's good that you did so.
from candora :
I had more to say than could fit into a note, so I sent an email... hope it inspires a smile... thank you for adding me and I'll be reciprocating shortly... sheesh, I sound so formal... well, I am formally congratulating you and cheering for you and proud of you and impressed and wishing you all sorts of good things... informally too.
from estree :
Keeping you in my thoughts.
from erato :
When you have time, look into the survey:
from erato :
[laughs] oh, i missed you.
from ludicn :
Hey there! I heard through the grapevine that you might be around LA this weekend! If that's a fact, I was hoping we might get to meet up since things didn't work out last time. I think you still have my number, so if you're in the area, use it! :) Asha
from nelleowl :
bitch tits :) What's your email addy again?
from autumnal :
from estree :
It was so much fun hanging out with you. You're sweet as can be. Hope to see you again. These first days away from him must so tough, I've been there. Kisses, e*
from erato :
glad to see the update. hope things are lovely with The Boy. everything peachy here. can't wait to catch you again.
from darkecho :
read the new entry. you might like it.
from erato :
Happy New Year, bella. I hope we get to chat again sometime soon.
from defect :
I know you're sittinb right next to me, but I figured it'd be nice for you to have a note when you get home.
from autumnal :
from erato :
Missed you. Your trip sounds lovely, the pictures are a visual delight.
from mikejesq :
Pictures of my country, even from 30,000 feet are the color of my happiness.
from classicman :
I read somewhere recently, in a banner ad here perhaps, words that seem divined for you. "The key to immortality, is first to live a life worth remembering." Your life is a radiant spark, an ephemeral glow on the horizon. You will be immortal. -B
from erato :
and she takes to the road again. when will she stop by hawaii and share a cup of chai with me?
from erato :
oh, it is always so wonderful to find someone with whom you can discuss composers you like. I should have known, though--it was you. We have to get some time within the next few weeks to catch up, bella.
from dharmabumgrl :
Hey you! You going to Burning man this year? I'd love to chat with you sometime.. Wanna have coffee? By the way, I have always loved Hollow by Remy Zero, its so good.
from gallinula :
I'm beginning to love this place. I'm psyched because I can already hear Zero 7 in the background as I read. Take care, be well.
from dharmabumgrl :
I agree with you.. I have always been so suprised by the way people feel at liberty to say most anything in written word, while when we talk face to face and you ask them something about themselves, you might find out that they are huge sushi fans and never leave the house with out a scarf.. but thats a meer polaroid of them not at all makes up who they are. Thank you for the kind words.. I look forward to more entries from you.
from erato :
[laughs loudly and gets several strange looks from man using the fax machine.]
from erato :
You leave us in mid-air, waiting for the next bit of information, color as it expands over the mind-canvas. Sorry I left you so abruptly yesterday. We will talk again soon.
from natinski :
Good to see you back. Cheers...
from erato :
sorry about that bella. My computer is not appreciating AIM right now. Perhaps some other time? We need to sit and have a good cup of coffee together. And more than a few cigarettes.
from sinecure :
Jean Paul Gaultier--Did you tell him you knew me? He would have bought you desert. ;)
from erato :
You tease us so cruelly. Coming back only to leave again! :)
from erato :
you are back. i can't wait to get some time to chat you up. i am so curious about everything you have seen and done on your trips.
from eirever :
would you believe me if i told you that i was just here two days ago, poking around? would you believe me if i told you that your profile reminded me that i should have put "the adventures of baron von munchausen" in mine? of course you would. your synchronicity entry was the first one i read. ~one michelle to another.. :)
from saram23 :
I know how you feel about the pangs, I call them pangs of loneliness. They give that momentary feeling of being pulled and being empty at the same time. I hate those...
from erato :
i feel that way sometimes. bored. just disinterested.
from almostgoldsf :
I spent a few weeks last Spring in Italy...have been looking for a good food or art course to take while staying in Rome for next Summer to gain a deeper appreciation for Italia. Enjoy your stay and check out the Bella-Italia diaryring for more love notes to Italy.
from erato :
ciao, bella. i can see you are having the time of your life. i envy you. soon, i will take to the air as well. we will share pictures.
from erato :
and you are off, disappeared. lost in music, art, and architecture. the moment and adventure. i live vicariously through your words until i can board my own plane, and retrace my steps to the beauty of europe.
from surfingrl :
i adore your diary. beautiful.
from classicman :
Know that you are a blessing and that others recognize this and are properly amazed by you. -B
from skarekrow :
actually no i do not,but i hope that he's ok.
from banana3159 :
Hi. Thanks for your nice guestbook message. I just read a couple of your entries. The most current one was really cool-- I completely relate because shit like that happens to me all the time. I hope you have an amazing time in Europe, and I look forward to that email. :-)
from erato :
ah! i cannot believe the coincidence! it's so strange. it's... nothing like that has eer occured to me before. not quite like it. it's madness to think of it!
from erato :
you are such a delight. the picture of you in the booth has intense sex appeal.
from johnpowers :
Very cool about Sage. Do you own his CD yet? Don't I sound stupid on that track?
from kaosha :
Oh wow..that picture is simply amazing. You are so wonderfully talented.
from candor :
I too have an infatuation with fading crimson skies. It's as if God was wounded for keeping the sun burn for yet another day and his blood trickled through the horizon, staining it. So that what once was blue is turned red. Glorious red. One time I pointed it out to my brother.

"So? It's like that every day."

I was ashamed. I wanted to say, "It's like that, but it's not that every day. It won't be that ever again. But I didn't say anything because I was ashamed.

from ghanima :
Woman thou--I'll be in Spain in May, maybe we can meet at the Alhambra.
from classicman :
thank you. I'll be pondering your words, mulling and musing over the next few hours...then I'll be back for more.
from candor :
Hello, I love you. Won't you tell me your name?
from erato :
to reconcile the two could prove quite difficult, i understand the struggle well, although in my case it is quite different. strange and different, but not altogether foreign to yours.
from erato :
lovely photographs! thank you for sharing!
from defect :
from erato :
cravings. needs. pull, push, drag. break/make. thrill/kill. sighs in the horizon we close our eyes and keep walking, searchin desperately within.
from erato :
yes, you are right, you breathe truths to me. i miss our discussions. you have the baility to look at situations objectively and bring them into focus. we must make a masterpiec of our symphonies... you are right... we will make them unforgettable.
from emochick175 :
hooray for you! I love your diary and the way you write. I work with girls-boys designs... and I was wondering if you would like a free custom layout, we can make it any way you want! You can contact me through my diary or email me at [email protected] Thankya!
from defect :
You're awesome!
from erato :
and here you are again, and whether maked, wrapped in silk, taffeta, or cotton, you are beautiful because you always know how much to reveal, and when to do it. and you reach your catharsis in that.
from rebe :
your drawings are wonderful..i am in awe of anyone who can paint/draw. your diary also is lovely.
from katylloyd :
your layout is beyond stunning
from brokenmirror :
Oh goddess, ive just seen your drawing, they are amazing, I wish I could draw like that! Good luck with your art school tho im sure you wont need it mirandaxox
from darkecho :
does it piss you off when you analyze the hell out of life and certain situations? it pisses me off, because ultimately in the end it never does any good and i just lose my nerve and crawl inside myself. does that happen to you?
from defect :
"I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste."
-Marcel Duchamp
from erato :
nothing like coming home and spilling your GUTs to your journal [wink]
from darkecho :
If more people thought like you, I wouldn't complain so much about people being stupid and stuff. I just read a lot more of your diary. I read a lot of what I'm feeling and maybe even learn a few things about myself. First time that's happened with a diary. whoo-hoo.
from erato :
live on the edge, the risks open doors to places unknown and unexplored.
from ammonite :
i just realized i never told you just how gorgeous your layout is - and i love the movable boxes. running in place - e
from darkecho :
um...thanks. not much else. to say. except that i'm not sick anymore. yay
from darkecho :
Your diary is beautiful. I don't just say that lightly. I love the pictures (especially the one of you and your bro on a plane to australia). Could you tell me what you think of my diary please? Thank you. For what has been in your diary and what is to come.
from erato :
and we expect nice long entries to tell everything just as you remember it.
from blue-scribe :
thank you for your kind words blushes .. but how ever did you find me ?? PS: not everyone uses the word golly i think you should run with it , god willing may your world be bright as hope
from erato :
how i love it when you break into quantum mechanics
from erato :
[whispers] tyger, tyger, burning bright... i had a wall too, it's funny how much we have in common.
from erato :
what a beautiful poem.
things like that almost make me forgive this fabrication of a hallmark holiday.
but then i remember myself. [laughs] beautiful, beautiful...
from erato :
oh i know that kind of lapse of logic all too well.
from erato :
a breath of laughter in an otherwise breathless night. may i recommend not wearing a corset when you suspect to get quite excited?
from erato :
when on earth, do as earthlings do and amuse yourself with the most unlikely things.
my teacher always said, "find a new obsession every day."
and that is what i have done.
from erato :
the pictures took my breath away. you are wonderful and have quite a phtoographic eye. thank you for sharing your treasure with the rest of us.
from tinelle :
hi...I tried emailing you, but it didn't work. Is your email address the same? Mine is [email protected]
from erato :
only one who feels the pangs can dscribe them, for they are not things that words can harness.
words, will i ever escape them?
in them i am
a reflection in the pond, perhaps, and if you dive in deep enough,
you and i will find the meaning of the answers to every question we never dared to ask.

i am searching for the story in my own sea of disks and coming empty handed... don't fear, i will find it, one way or another. there are only so many places it could be.
so you read the collaboration with rebe, yes she is a marvel to work with. i am happy you enjoyed it.
from erato :
reflections in the pond look back
someone else's
reflection, if i'm fortunate
& not just my shadow.
i talk to him far
too much for comfort
he says that i'm absorbed
in too much.
stretched out too thin
too far. lost again.
though i never was found.
falling & sinking
sensory overloads
the world at large.
close the solar plexus tight at night
and thus i keep the chill winds
of me
and i.
i am what i am.
whatever that is.
words, that's all they are.
i am a weaver of words.
who is sick of language games. words come
and go in the wind
fleeting like thoughts. i think, therefore i am, they say.
but i am. and that is why
i think.
from defect :
I can connect
Nothing with nothing.
The broken fingernails of dirty hands.
My people humble people who expect
la la

To Carthage then I came

Burning burning burning burning
O Lord Thou pluckest me out
O Lord Thou pluckest


-T.S. Elliot, the Wasteland.
III. The Fire Sermon, lines 301-311

from defect :
"Nos p�ch�s sont t�tus, nos repentirs sont l�ches;
Nous nous faisons payer grassement nos aveux,
Et nous rentrons gaiement dans le chemin bourbeux,
Croyant par de vils pleurs laver toutes nos taches."

I'm wondering where your posts are vanishing to...

from erato :
those pangs, those pangs.
they do not stay put, but infect the whole body like ripples, like currents, they drag us along... they intoxicate us. they trace our veins with their thoughts...
from defect :
The learned men, interpreting,
Pull out all the commentaries
And eat their own flesh in secret.
Stupid and ignorant then, he weeps.
Do you not see him also
Shouting at stones?
from erato :
i am going to look for the dream story and show it to you. i hope to catch you again soon. talking to you is a wonderful experience. simply beyond words.
from halcyon2323 :
Thank you for reading my diary. I was begining to lose hope. Today was rough and yet again I couldnt sleep. It was a nice reassurance.
from lilybow :
hey..i'm new to this and i was reading your profile and we have a lot in common....just wanted to let ya know... ld
from hulamoons :
hey- thanks for finding me so i could find u. beautiful captivating writing, and your tone is wonderfully melancholy... look forward to reading more... cheers, lauren
from besos :
I find myself amazed by just how enchanting some diaries could be. I love your words, your thoughts, and the way they flow together in your writing style. I'm green with envy, but your very talented. The drawings as well, I'm green with envy :)
from erato :
likewise i have fallen into your world, engaged in both the reading and the joys of moving the text and navigation bars in your diary around to my satisfaction (i concluded that you had it just right).
i never cease to be amazed how many good diaries there are out there that i have not read yet. yours is one of these.
from hodgson :
Your entries are always cool, but the one about loving inanimate objects really kicks ass. Keep it up!

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