i'm a design doll dottie, i'm a rebel.

design has control over my life at the moment... i can't look at anything innocently anymore...

My favorite diaries:

rubery profile - diary
comments: christopher makes my heart twist... and that's in a good way.
one-hundred profile - diary
comments: sean is v. music oriented... and he's going to be the next robert smith.
dianabee profile - diary
comments: diana makes me smile and i wish i saw her more often.
meaverly profile - diary
comments: meave has a cute voice and a disposition to match.
gonzostar profile - diary
comments: holly has always supported me...and is in love.
missyx profile - diary
comments: missy makes zines too... and lives in a house by the sea.
weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: jess is one of my oldest readers... and he is from england, yay!
maobili profile - diary
comments: misha is a modress... and she writes with much unbottled emotion.
kneesocks profile - diary
comments: she writes about the unveiling of her penis artworks and fashion... sounds classy to me.
whitelipstik profile - diary
comments: really like the graphics on her layout... and the content of her life seems pretty as well...
stare--girl profile - diary
comments: sarcasm, sass, style... ohh whee she's fabtabulous and tahott all in one.
turtlegrrrl profile - diary
comments: morgan has hot hair, and she's proactive in a cool way.
robroy profile - diary
comments: rob is the next bukowski, listen to him ramble bout life and women.
uglykatey profile - diary
comments: melanie lives in san francisco and every entry i read, i laugh my socks off
xo-liesl profile - diary
comments: she is a neat freak, i love people who have a thing for cleaning hard to reach places
prologue profile - diary
comments: another funny funny radio girl.
anticrew profile - diary
comments: rhonda makes me feel ok to be me and she's from canada!
ieatsoap profile - diary
comments: "dianabee in pill form" ohlala
doble-g profile - diary
comments: the first boy i ever loved.
emiry profile - diary
comments: and old friend i found on a sleepless evening.
aesthesia profile - diary
comments: pretty michelle and her electric eyes; i feel like she's a sort of fairy godmother to me
shimmerlagrl profile - diary
comments: leafyleah, the mysterious girl who's past webs with my present.
femmefatale9 profile - diary
comments: a younger, innocent me.
deathwithcat profile - diary
comments: my friend who shall not be named.
indie-anna profile - diary
comments: she has red cowboy boots with white hearts all over them, i think i'm in love.
sindustries profile - diary
comments: dark dark dark which is oh so beautiful
raven72d profile - diary
comments: letters from a small hedgehog, who is charming in times new roman.
officegal profile - diary
comments: delightful....
ohclaudine profile - diary
comments: passion comes in hard to find places.
rivelea profile - diary
comments: "Always keep the memories, not the regrets. You can always make more memories. "
pink-guitar profile - diary
comments: she's my novelty...
scenefour profile - diary
comments: "effing brilliant"
silverluna profile - diary
comments: my polar opposite; another layered girl.
tapestrygirl profile - diary
comments: sometimes you just need to love.
thatmarygirl profile - diary
comments: she's a catch in my book.
betterbent profile - diary
comments: she wrote this entry about how everything is rituals that reeled me in... and i like that her page is grey!
le-vampire profile - diary
comments: my dear english sister, my daily dose of wit.
whereibegin profile - diary
comments: she is intrducing me to the ::artist's way...

My favorite music:

comments: robert smith writes the most beautiful compositions cir. 1980, i can watch the just like heaven video over and over again
siouxsie and the banshees
comments: i can't stop listening to a song called ::dazzle and i'm also in lust with her ::ways
comments: listen to the "damned don't cry"... now.
chameleons uk
comments: i met these guys and they invited me backstage bc they saw me singing and dancing to a song with the lyrics, "is this the stuff dreams are made of?"
comments: i'm an anglophyle, what can i say? morrissey just hits me in the heart

My favorite movies:

clockwork orange
comments: sexy in a v. disturbing way... i love the milk bar scene.
rebel without a cause
comments: james dean's most famous film... the red jacket, the violence, teen angst... oh baby.
velvet goldmine
comments: glam rock was beautiful... boys should wear eyeliner now.
real genius
comments: chris knight is my dream boy... fashion and brains all rolled up into one ball of hot young val kilmer.

My favorite authors:

comments: the stranger is indeed an excellent book...
buckminster fuller
comments: designer/scientist/writer who compared great design to an egg
comments: i love the way e.h. writes... i wish i could have met him when he was a young man and so full of life.
jack kerouac
comments: diane diprima, ginsberg, ee cummings, lotsa stuff... writing is good too.

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