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from vinternatt :
Hy there! Many thanx for adding me - although, I cannot really understand what your reasons were for this :} Anyway, I read the Heroin Diaries you mentioned in your profile - it is brutally honest and made me think! Yeah, I too wonder if teh good ol' Nikki would ever feel like blogging - even if in an anonym way -, but I would gladly read his thoughts!
from cordeliameg :
Be careful with the pills please, my kindred sister spirit. Hope you are okay. <3
from cordeliameg :
You okay hon?
from cordeliameg :
Just sending you love and hoping that you're okay. <3
from cordeliameg :
Love you honey. My heart and thoughts are with you. <3 Will email you tomorrow. My mind is a mess right now and I won't make sense. -hugs-
from cordeliameg :
I'm just going to keep piling on the lovins'. Hope you are okay. Xanax is a crazy bitch, ya know? Need that embrace, but so damn addictive and tricky with the mixing. Keep writing hon, please. -hugs- <3
from cordeliameg :
Oh, honey. -hugs you tight- I'm here for you, if you need me. Love you.
from cordeliameg :
-hugs- I'm here anytime you need to talk. Wish there was something I could do to help. <3
from cordeliameg :
So glad to see you writing here again! Missed you so much. <3
from pischina :
I miss my mom too. I graduate college tomorrow Akira. I wrote out an announcement and put it next to the box with her ashes. I hope you feel better soon.
from cordeliameg :
I really do miss you!
from rumblelizard :
Hey, thanks for the note.
from pischina :
Wow. I'm so glad you're still around. Here and in life. And... graduated from college?? WOW! Now you know I'm back in school myself, right? Wow. You're here and okay. I LOVE it. I'm so HAPPY for you! Akira, it's so good to have you back!!!!
from starr_angel :
I know exactly what you mean..... I'm so proud of you!I've been away so long and done nothing-you've done so much!Go you! Much
from anenigma :
I'm always so happy when you update. Yay! A present!
from anenigma :
Congrats on making the Honor Roll! Yay! You Rule!
from starr_angel :
I know exactly how it feels to love and hate someone at the same time. Hugs to you. xx
from down-by-law :
beautiful words
from tormentlife :
Akira, this is rachel, thank you for reading my diary... it means alot to know that more than people who know me like what I write thanks again
from anenigma :
More hugs to you, girlie. Hang in there and take it one day at a time. :) Love ya!
from pischina :
Akira, I wish you all the luck, and strength, and love in the world. One day we'll meet each other, and I'm just going to give you the biggest hug, and squeeze you and squeeze you and not want to ever let go until you are all better.
from raven- :
a little late, but my sympathy is with you. and that webring should really be in existance. i could use one of those. my friends take away my things too. sometimes it's nice to know people care.
from ivyrevenge :
is that cutter ring thing for real? it should be. i need to join.
from pinupgirl :
Akriababy... Ok, to my survivor sister I have to make a confession...I haven't been keeping up with the diary that much lately, but I came by and started reading again and I realized all over why you were one of my favorites. You're so real and genuine and reading about your mom nearly broke my heart. As meaningless as this may be, since I know you only as a name on internet, I wish you all the best and only hope there was something I could do to make all of this easier. All my love.
from hedgegoth :
heya, just once again letting you know i'm thinking of you, wishing i could do anything.
from niel :
Hey, I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you can be strong. If you need someone who understands cutting, even just a little bit, feel free to email me at [email protected] b/c I will hear you out and support you... if it can do any good. I used to do it too, but I scared myself too much. I know exactly what you meant about blood coming from a cut being satisfying. I've been there. Love, Niel yes-i'm-a-chick-with-the-nickname-niel
from anenigma :
Sorry about your Mom, my thoughts are with you.
from hedgegoth :
hey, i have no words.... all i can do is offer my sympathies, trite as that is.
from prplxtacy :
I don't know you, but I just wanted to say your in my prayers and my thoughts, Good Luck in life & your mother will always be with you.
from fairytalefun :
I'm sorry that you're sad. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
from pischina :
I'm so sorry Akira. Hugs and Lovin's and all my condolences. I'll keep you in my heart and thoughts.
from forgotten- :
I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. :o(
from lostmist :
Love your new setup. Dots remain cooler than everything.
from ayah :
hi ::waves:: you are so much cooler than me.
from starr_angel :
Hey you,Happy Freakin' Birthday! Kisses,mwah,
from hedgegoth :
Wandering past, wanted to comment how good your page is, you even use my favorite font - i use the same one for my dragon site and the hedgegoth wanders away whistling softly to jethro tull "good morning weather cock, how'd you fare last night? o/`
from ladiebug :
bella, you are beautiful. your words, your emotions, you. well wishes in the new year.
from badbrain :
wooo! i love your diary. it's really amazing and touching. it honestly "can make you laugh and smile, and cry as well." i thoroughly enjoy it. every time i hear fuel i think of you. as a matter of fact they're on right now. i hope all's well with you. i don't miss a single entry. :) *muah* <333badbrain/thegerm
from forgotten- :
hey. I love your diary. I read it everyday:)
from singsong :
I could sit here for hours and play with those dots. They're mesmerizing. Either that or I'm just really simple. :-D
from cordeliameg :
Hello dear. You know I'm a loyal reader. I've been trying to e-mail you, but any attempts bounce back to me. *sobs* Please e-mail me when you get a chance. Wanted to see how you are and ask you something. Your support and sweetness always make me smile. *hugs*
from rushing :
You're most definitely an inspiration. You're so cool, and you have alot of things to say, that make a hell of alot of sense. You just make my day really nice. Thanks :)
from kikyou :
whee...floating dots. fun!
from lostmist :
Love the dots! You have one of the best setups in the UNIVERSE!!!!
from fret :
Here is a poem. "..............................................................................................................." It's called silence.. a work in progress.
from stinef :
Oh, those dotties... they are so cute :-) I love this diary!!
from fattitude :
The best layout yet. I especially like the hot joker chick at the bottom. Makes me want to "bleep" her.
from pischina :
OOOH, I LOVE it, the diary is beautiful, and you have the springy dot thingies, and Ms.Quinn!!! You're so cool...
from starr_angel :
Oooooh oooohie ooh ooh.I love your new layout.Sat there for ages and had them little dotties follow me around.Yeh,I'm still weird.xx
from starkodama :
I just love the design of your diary-- it's so beautiful!!! Yours is one of the prettiest diaries I've ever seen. :)
from starr_angel :
Welcome back baybee.....x
from pischina :
She's back! She'sBack!She'sBack!She'sBack!!! Now, you are not allowed to leave again, you saw what happened after just a week. Not to mention what BOB did to all our Lovin's here. So. (((LOVELOVELOVE))) And I'm glad to hear you had a good time!
from mangoes :
I NEED my dose of Akira. I hope you're doing okay and look forward to reading your diary again. SOON!
from fattitude :
Please hurry back. We miss you!

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