My Halo Chokes Me

I am the all singing all dancing crap of the world.Yes Sir.

My favorite diaries:

cambio profile - diary
comments: The bitch is back!Woo!.My first diaryland "friend" and still my friend.I love her to bits.
pischina profile - diary
comments: Oh hey,I love this girl too.She cracks my shit up.She's honest,fantastic AND she won survivor2.
anenigma profile - diary
comments: Well I love her too.Who doesn't?Anenigma rocks.No further comments needed.
schmez profile - diary
comments: Ah,Schmez.Gotta love schmez.Beautiful and funny as fuck.
apatheticq profile - diary
comments: What does one say about Q?
sebastien profile - diary
comments: Oh my Australian werewolf in London how I love thee.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Ok,I am so not going here.We all love him,I don't need to comment.
quoted profile - diary
comments: STILL haven't been quoted.What's that saying?
notahilbilly profile - diary
comments: Donny,Donny,Donny.If you haven't seen his nekkidness you have misssssssed out.
zenincarnate profile - diary
comments: He lives.Hooray.Well he will in September.He better.
puzzlepiece profile - diary
comments: She's a sweetie AND cute.Who could ask for more?
akira profile - diary
comments: One of my first "friends" in diaryland.Her and her boy made me my very first NON-diaryland layout.
cordeliameg profile - diary
comments: Meg...I've cried,I've laughed,I've related...
hiropathos profile - diary
comments: Rowan's the man.
quietboy profile - diary
comments: I "met" this guy in chat awhile ago and have been reading him ever since.He writes really well and is always a good read.
powerpuffmoi profile - diary
comments: One of my very first reads.Still reading!
uprealslow profile - diary
comments: aka ILuvJello.She's moved house and has a funky new layout.

My favorite music:

Mike Patton
comments: Yuuuuuum.
comments: I dunno,I just have a thing for RadioHead
comments: Oh,yum again.Great lyrics.
Nine Inch Nails
comments: When you feel the need for head palpatations.Or fucking like an animal.Whatever.
Faith No More
comments: I am a life long fan in denial.

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: Heehee.I so loved this movie.
American Beauty
comments: Thought this one was pretty good too.
The Wedding Singer
comments: Oh Adam.It all was bullshit.heh heh heh.
American Psycho
comments: Don't watch this one stoned.
Say Anything
comments: In YOUR eyes,baybee.

My favorite authors:

Five Authors?

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