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from iluvtunes :
hey...join our new diaryring! It's called "ilikemike" and it's dedicated to the Godlike creature known to the world as Mike Patton!
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise!
from pischina :
Angel, not only are there naked men on "Oz" but they are FULL FRONTAL naked men. LOTS of them. An amazing amount of full frontal nakedness. Not that I looked. Well maybe a little. Okay, a lot.
from akira :
Hello beautiful Angel. Thank you for the well wishing of my b-day. I'm an old lady now. I was informed that I'm "Officially Pushing 30". *sobs uncontrollably* It's OK though, I'm still young at heart. That's all that matters right? hehe Ya right. Take care of yourself beautiful. Look at the stars and make a wish, it just might come true love. Ave )O( Akira
from puzzlepiece :
i'm trying to think of something to say that hasn't been said before, but i can't. i just wanted to let you know that you're awesome, i love reading your stuff, and i will be coming back from here on out. =) ~~ courtney
from pischina :
Omigod! YOU are Gorgeous!!! Hey, where's your little sexy black top? hee hee, well you're beautiful without it. And I wish you wrote more. Love ya, ME.
from anenigma :
Hey yeah, I thought you had black hair too. Oh well, you're still lovely.
from akira :
DAYYYMMN girl your HOT! You know I pictured you more as a little black haired gothic chick. However, you are a beauty my dear. Happy Holidays. Ave )O( Akira
from hiropathos :
i live.. i think.... are you upset with me? did you get my email? do you hate my new site? talk.....
from cordeliameg :
Awwww. I'm sorry I was such a bad girl. You on the other hand are a sweet snuggle-bug. Beautiful.
from fattitude :
from notahilbilly :
woah. he'd choose you over ME, even. yer all cute & spunky-lookin an shit. like you went to that charlie's angels Beauty/Karate school
from schmez :
AWWWW, look! Ain't she cute! Now I'm all upset, because Mike Patton will SOOOO choose you over me.
from fattitude :
It's obvious all that packing has drove you crazy. Wish I could be there to help you.
from mangoes :
Why doesn't my browser support your addy? *Frowns* No fair you guys. Someone e-mail me or sign my guestbook and tell me the secret to starr. Now!
from Pischina :
That is a very cute black blouse you have on today! Oh, you are SO sexy!
from sebastien :
hello!!! I would like to express my deepest love right here, to the girl with the awesome new layout!!! woah, I was so impressed - tres sexy. And i must concur on the love for cigarettes... mmm... tobacco. Love always, your eternal biggest fan, Sebastien xxoo
from bleedingtear :
from pischina :
Aw jeez, now I'm falling in love with *your* diary too. I need more hours in the day!!! Good luck with everything Starr, (((LOVELOVELOVE))), your new fan, ME.
from Pischina :
You love the movie "Go" too? I thought I was the only one! Seen it at least 12 times, heh, I'm a nut. Well now I love you even more. Love ya, ME.
from powerpuffmoi :
You know I love ya!! You kick ass. Oh yeah.
from cordeliameg :
Thanks for the lovin! I needed it Such a sweetie and of course your diary is A+ *hugs*
from fattitude :
I'm sorry, I forgot to love you.....I LOVE ANGEL, I LOVE ANGEL, I LOVE ANGEL, I LOVE ANGEL! She rawks my world!
from anenigma :
You rock.
from fattitude :
That goddamn asshole. I mean, if you gonna create something...leave it the fuck ALONE!

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