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from pink-fairy :
where are you? i notice your other diary is back up and running - can i have a username and pass? i hope your ok xxx
from euphoric-fae :
Locked? i haven't been around this part of cyber space for ages. i hope all's well with you. <3 Carine.
from euphoric-fae :
hey hunny! it's been ages. i read your last couple of entries. i'm happy you found someone new. hehe. and congrats for your dad's wedding!! <3 Carine.
from shanmeid :
hey hun... know how u feel but pls be careful ;) <3
from mjraven87 :
Nice rack!!
from afrosrock :
you remind me of pink. just, better ♥
from gyka :
my girl you are gorgeous... i love the photo... you are lovely!! how have you been hun!?! xox
from euphoric-fae :
i missed you so much!!! you're hair looks kick ass babe, a pixie indeed. hehe you know we both kept our babies we would've gone into labor at the same time. sad but funny. i miss yew little fae. :*:*, be safe, carine <3.
from shes-dying :
Yay, i'm glad you're back. I got worried when your old one disappeared. I love your hair and piercing, it looks gorgeous <3
from skinnianna :
cute 'do. i'm confused though.. due date? i haven't been around much the last few weeks (been feeling kinda sick lately) so did i miss something? i'm glad you had a good day- those are wonderful, fresh air breaks from the hell all this can be. Don't think your fate is sealed tho, to die from this- bodies are amazing, and have an incredable capacity to heal. if only i would listen to myself too, and eat consistantly... oh wait, maybe i do. as long as i ignore the fact that i eat everyday, i can get along with it. you don't have to die from it. and when you get used to it, it's at least easier to eat enough... and if it's helpful at all, i weigh LESS when i'm eating MORE. go figure. hope tomorrow is a day filled with rainbows! *sarah*
from gyka :
oh my god, i absolutely adore your hair, girl you freakin gorgeous. mwah xox
from gyka :
glad to see you back love. take care and i'm not really updating much tho i should... perhaps i will start again!! xox
from rainy-daze- :
♥ wow wow it worked. ♥ looking forward to reading new diary =] * xx *
from rainy-daze- :
ooh yes, your first note ♥ ĄZ

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