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I started this diary many years ago, took an almost 9 year break and here it is 2016 and I am back! This site is so old it's not allowing me to update the bottom potion of my profile or my notes or anything but that's okay .. I guess it's a reminder of who I was of where I've come from. Always looking for new diaries to read, I love opening my mind to so many different lives, this is the beauty to online writing! Not much interesting here, but always nice to read back on!

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

nofx, mxpx, rancid, etc
comments: punk fucking rox
metallica, tool, nazareth
comments: you can never go wrong with these guys
dre, snoop, tupac, etc
comments: the old school was better
nas, jay-z, luda, , etc
comments: fuckin right.... these guys are doing it right and making it there

My favorite movies:

dazed and confused, jay and silent bob, road trip, old school, super troopers, etc....
trainspotting, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, it's all gone pete tong (new fav)
alice in wonderland, willy wonka, labyrinth, mirror mask, etc.
fight club, snatch
requiem for a dream, donnie darko, boondock saints

My favorite authors:

irvine welsh
comments: trainspotting, exstacy, glue
bruce porter
comments: blow
lewis carrol
comments: alice in wonderland
anthony kiedis
comments: scar tissue - just read.... so great!! recommend!! that is all i can say

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