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from dangerspouse :
A month late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many more. I've been reading your blog off and on for some years now, and it's good to read that you're happy with the way you're living your life regardless how others may see it. Keep on keepin' on, girl!
from whystinger :
"Don't bully the singles..." Excellent. I also say, don't pity all the singles. Some of us want to be single, some of us are single as we are between relationships (yes, even long term relationships) and we are FINE being single. In fact, one must be able to be fine as a single before they enter a relationship. L
from whystinger :
Just read your 7/3/15 entry. It resonated with me. God does work in mysterious ways and God has been very good to me, in fact, probably better than I deserved.
from dangerspouse :
I think if you took out the words "a potential" from the first stanza it might fit your rhyme scheme better. Or maybe that's just me being an idiot again :)
from jaysthoughts :
Just checking to see how many diarylanders still actually check their notes and stay active.
from peggypenny :
Hi Author, I read your diary for the first time this morning out of curiosity. (what do other's write about?) What is your novel about? Do you need a muse? I'm always looking for one and am one. haha Peggy Penny
from the-grey-one :
congrats on the publication! just wanted to say I think it's great that you are pursuing your writing. society never wants people to follow their dreams because then they have to think about why exactly, they are not.
from crowbelle :
It goes both ways. To find a really nice boyfriend, you have to look past the obvious (cool looks/personality) to someone who may be on the outside edges of the crowd, someone who hasn't dated much either but seems like a nice wholesome person. I can say this with certainty because it's how I found my soul mate and my life's partner, my husband. At the age of 40 he was living with Mom and Dad and had never dated a girl. He's very shy. He's golden and he's been the best husband for almost 27 years to me. So go for the men/boys who seem to be outside the loop.
from saunti101 :
what steven king books have you read? if you want to answer email me at [email protected] no capitols.
from babypink46x :
love the whole things i like harry potter 2 its awsome i have all the movies and books
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words
from somstar :
Oh yes, but nothign beats free!
from somstar :
I LOVE lifehouse, but I think I would've passed when it came to Kenny G.
from mockinbird :
no problem. good luck with the layouts.
from mockinbird :
i really enjoyed all around the town by mary higgins clark, scared me half to death! anywayz, was surfing and came across you. thought that your diary was interesting, not a bad read. but i wondered if it would have been more interesting, if you had a more catchy layout. i recently discovered some free layouts for diaryland, i wonder if you would find them useful. anyway, here they are if you wanna see: have fun! cheers, mockinbird

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