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from fitofdestiny :
I know that feeling all too well. I'm starting to forget why as well. *sighs* We had our reasons though, right? We just need to remember them...
from fitofdestiny :
Where to start is where it strikes you. I hope you begin to feel better honey. I'm always here if you want to talk. *hugs*
from fitofdestiny :
I'm so glad things seem to be better. *hugs*
from fitofdestiny :
*big hug* Oh hon its okay to dwell a bit. That was a big part of your life and you did feel let down, so you have every right to dwell for awhile. Dwell away darling... *hugs*
from fitofdestiny :
*hugs* I know it seems impossible, but you can heal enough to live normally again. You will always have those scars, but you can't let them stop you. *big hug* If you ever need to talk, I'm here.
from z0tl :
so how's college treatin' you? seems like you haven't updated in a while, so does that mean you're happier and your real real life keeps you busy? hug:z
from f-i-n :
from numbscullme :
hey, i'm just awake and stumbled across your diary and thought i'd say it rocks.
from my-solitaire :
Everyone clings to wht they don't need or what they want, its human nature. I hope you find your way out of this ridiculous hole.
from analyzers :
You've just been analyzed.
from cuttersclub :
I wondered if you still planned on organizing the older pages for CC or if you wanted me to start. :) --Lauren
from thebestday :
Hey. How have you been?
from duchessofted :
Pretty Sis'hood layout!!! *snogs you*
from ouvrelesyeux :
Thank you for your nice comment. Of course you can use the photo for your layout! I'm looking forward to seeing the result. :)
from ivyvalentine :
Hey hun! Ives here, changing the layout isnt JUST up to me, but ask in the diary if the other sisters would liek a change, I was content to leave htis for a bit since it matches so nicely with the news diary but if everyone wants a change thats fine! Feel free to ask!~Huge hugs~Wheee!
from unresolved :
thank you for reading :)
from shehides- :
OoO Thanks for the nice compliment! It's just something I've been meaning to prove also. People can have so many wrong conceptions. Brand New does rule! =D <333 Stacey Boo
from sketchedpony :
I'm so glad that you are feeling better. I really really am.
from sketchedpony :
The OD layout isn't mine actually. It's pAndi's. I made the ones for the news diary and the fanbook diary.
from sketchedpony :
I really don't understand why he got so mad about that. It's your past. Why would that matter to him?
from sketchedpony :
I wonder too what it would be like if people who you are close to stayed the same. It's just so hard to know.
from brokeskyrevu :
is it alright that i used the banner you made for others to use? i uploaded it and everything to my own server. you don't mind, do you? ♥ bl00dyshad0w
from sketchedpony :
I think you should talk to someone. Most times like that, it's hard to see what to do because you're so close to the problem.
from sketchedpony :
I would miss you if you left. But I can't make you stay.
from hopeless17 :
hopefully in 10 years i wont be such a dmubass. lol... eh, i guess making mistakes is all part of being a teenager..
from sketchedpony :
It's been a while since we've talked. I really hope that everything is okay.
from krimsontearz :
Hi.. I was reading your diary and I am just wondering if you care if I use the layers and he 146 things on my diary too. I'll put a link thanking you on my diary and stuff
from sketchedpony :
I love the layout! I don't think I've ever read anything by Sylvia Plath.
from iluvjessee :
Hi! How are ya? I'm Christina, 19, from VA. Leave me a message sometime if ya want! God bless you!
from sketchedpony :
It's been a while since we've talked, mostly my fault. I hope everything is ok.
from sketchedpony :
Valentine's Day bites. No good to it at all.
from boxmyears :
Isn't that a tad bit harsh on yourself?
from sketchedpony :
My is not a good sister, my is a selfish sister, my is a sister with a headache. ~Andy
from super-bando :
hey, i got your link from a friend's diary. great diary, really emotional, glad to see i'm not the only bando with some issues.
from darkenergy :
Thanks for what you put in my guestbook. ^_^ I expect i'll be fine, i usually am. I doubt my mother would ever let me be put on meds, because then she'll have to accept that i am really ill, and i really do have depression. Thanks again XxX Helen
from xscar-mex :
darling...if you are okay & alive...tell me. please. you can't die on us like this. you can't just go without a proper goodbye. i love you darling <333
from landfall :
Holy shit. That letter of suicide entry is exactly, EXACTLY, how I feel right now...
from razor-candy :
:-) *hugs and kisses* <3 xxx
from narkoleptic :
you are soooooo cool!! You don't know me but yeah... I saw you on self-harm's fave diaries and you have brill taste i n music!!
from self-harm :
i love you too <3 xxx
from globe :
Would you like extra traffic to your site? Then why not come check out Globe Listings? Thanks :)
from hopeless17 :
thanks :) your note ment a lot to me. i really apperciate what you said. i guess it does take time. i'd love to talk sometime. :) again, thank you.
from self-harm :
*hugs* <3 xxx...
from self-harm :
*hugs you tightly* <3 xxx
from pinklady877 :
hey chica! yeah you know i'll still be here, withering away at this college. once you get here, you'll see how pathetic it really is. :sigh: but yes, if you ever get a spare second while you're here we should do lunch. :) remind me once march gets closer, and we'll set something up. but yeah, let me know where it is at eastern and i'll be there. much love, kristine
from self-harm :
:-) i love you too hun <3 xxx
from ullis :
from ullis :
Jesus.. where did you come from??? Im sure he can speak for himself....
from self-harm :
thank you hun :-D i love you too *hugs and kisses* <3 xxx
from pinklady877 :
hey! thanks so much for the message you left me. made me feel all special. :) yeah i mean, i know that im not alone in the way i feel about all that, but it just seems that way because everyone around me is doing that. going out and randomly hooking up with anyone and everyone. but hey, i guess thats college. i just feel like a minority or something. much love, kristine
from suicidewish :
thanks! :) you designed the cc logo? thats awesome!!
from fitofdestiny :
Have fun at camp! (for some reason my computer wouldn't let me sign your guestbook... :( )
from katy-bug :
Your 5 questions should come before or by Monday. Thanks, dear.
from periwinkel :
Sara, don't compare your life to how to lose a guy in 10 days, that movie is the epitome of romantic-comedy illogical absurd shallow love. in the GOOD romantic comedies, love comes with suffering or leads to it. so see? you are normal. and love is the eventual reward for the suffering. so there. that is my wisdom for the day.
from xscar-mex :
Its okay, I'll keep running it, I just wonder...have we done the right thing by making the CC? 60 ppl have us listed as favs and we have 30-something members. That means something right? But is it good or bad? --Lauren
from lithium07 :
Oh precious darling, you are so beautiful. Would you mind if I added you? I would love it if you added me. I also have a question about one of your layouts if you could leave me a note and I will try to explain my question. <333 Sarah
from i-am-undone :
hello pretty :)
from fitofdestiny :
Your guestbook wouldn't let me sign it... I just started reading your diary, and if you killed yourself, I would miss you, because I'd know I was missing out of knowing a really great person.... *hugs* Destiny
from sk8er-grrrl :
RoCk OnNnN~
from lifew0ntwait :
hey i saw pearl jam a couple weeks ago at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in MI. they rocked it live indeed. you have a good taste in music. :0) cheers
from lost-mistake :
Hey... I just wanted to say hey again ~Rachel~
from leely :
"everythings so blurry &everyones so fake. everybodys empty &everything is so messed up; pre-occupied without you, i cannot live at all. my whole world surrounds you, i stumble then i fall." i love both your layout &your words</3
from lost-mistake :
Your really cool - or what i can gather from reading you..well not you but what you write..i look forward to reading more
from crazywicked :
i just wanna say that i feel for u, and i know what ur going through. and im glad that ur not cutting. i did it a few times to get back at my boyfriend, unfortunately i got scars. it did help, also unfortunately. please hang in there. im, or email me sometime, i connect with a lot of people, and am willing to help them, and you in any way. [email protected]
from lifew0ntwait :
Your profile is right. I don't know you and I'm not pretending like I know exactly what you feel but I interpret it as pain. Pain is a part of me and my life, it's good to know I'm not alone, cutting. I like reading you're diary. You're a talented writer. x*cheers*x
from loveme61636 :
i dont get how slitting your wrists makes you happy, when just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. i carve things in my skin with safty pins. never would i want to bleed to death. blood makes me want to vomit. i just dont understand.
from wire-ending :
youre not worthless at all.
from metalgdos87 :
hey thats so funny cuz i used to go out with anthony ferrer an like january and ive been friends w/ mangia for like 5 yrs. yeah umm... email me at [email protected] and my im is metaladict87 -babz
from dialytip :
I am just spreading the word around about my diary dialytip. Now I know that it is suppose to be dailytip but have a laugh then come check it out. Everyday I am putting up great tips, poetry, and stories. If you would like to enter a story or poem or tip that you have email me. So stop what you are doing and come check it out. You might help someone out. :) Add me to your favorites so that you can enjoy everdays tip, poem or story.. :o)
from boltedwrists :
I love that song by oasis!!! Remember ++Keep it real even when the chips are down++ ! Peace out. -Laura! xox
from jettemarie :
True love is loving the other person unselfishly, more than yourself, but still respecting yourself and retaining a sense of self worth. Wow, i just used the word 'self' a lot. But that's what I believe it is. That's like Godly love. oooh your entry made me think. lovely.
from indecisively :
welcome to the large state of texas. please enjoy the humidity, and crazy temperature changes. don't be surprised when we aren't hicks, or when even the business men without accents say y'all. we think your funny for saying yous guys. and if you happen to be in houston, look for me. i'll be that 15 year old girl who talks really loud and chain smokes outside the coffee shop. have a nice trip.
from slickasgrace :
you spoke. i speak. but really it should be amen brother. despite the name, I am a male. Thank you for letting me be anal here.
from captivated- :
Awww I'm so happy to hear that you were happy and smiling!
from krysta :
No matter who you are, what you look like, how you cope, always know that someone out there DOES care!
from openthegate :
hope you get wherever it is that you need to go...
from captivated- :
Everyone wants to help at some point in time, I wish i could right now. I hope Jesse is okay!
from captivated- :
I can never find any words to say on issues like these =o( I feel so helpless.
from openthegate :
hi there.i care.i don't shrug it off.wish i could be there when you need somoene the most.
from indecisively :
as much as cutting may seem right, after all it gets you admitted into some kind of exclusive club (?!?) it's just not worth it. whether you realize it or not, you don't want that negative attention that you get tagged with. the sympathy of those who don't know you and then will completely label you. it's all bullshit. more bullshit from people who think they know you. don't give the bullshitters something to talk about. dont give yourself another thing to hurt about. and even though i don't actually know you either, i'm always right here for ya. seriously. no bullshit. (heh).
from the29th :
Do you know that your note is probably the best thing anyone has ever said to me. We should all copy the five most wonderful things people have said to us onto gold leaf and silverplate. If I did you would be there. Thank you.
from captivated- :
well self love with no back up has lasted me a record three years, and it looks liek I'm going for four.
from shatteredcry :
Oh, I hopehopehope that your smiles become real and that your life becomes something grand and beautiful. I hope that you stop hurting inside, and if I could I'd take away all of your bad feelings and add them to my own. Because you deserve the stars.
from captivated- :
I don't know what to say, you always have a way with words <3
from shatteredcry :
Wow. You are about the only person I know who knows what 'Rent' is, nevermind the lyrics! You are too cool for words.
from katy-bug :
Hey Sara dear, sorry I haven't gotten back to you on the hair thing. Did you still need help with it? xx
from captivated- :
Well I for one dont assume you have it easy, no one who reads your diary should, you obviously have it worse then everyone thinks, but you're still a great person and you still have excellent writing despite that you don't have it easy. Don't worry about what all those other people think! And come see me sometime!
from captivated- :
Throw it out the window!
from captivated- :
Can i please borrow some of your talent? Heh.
from captivated- :
Hey i made a random plug now so you're bound to show up ;)
from captivated- :
Lol I try to plug someone new everyday but now Im trying to write a script for a random link so it's different all the time, heh 85+ people are hard to plug heh anyway I love that layout it's cute pastels work wonders!~
from smile4onlyu :
first off i do understand.....i used to cut myself all the time i would use different see if i could get more blood or cause an infection...i was lost in myself at at times i really just slip and do it all over again....if u need someone im here it will get better... d
from captivated- :
Well I'm VERY glad you didn't go for the "home-run" Glad you're still around, we have enough bad people that need to do that. We don't need to lose another good person ;)
from z0tl :
sara? how go the steps towards pediatrician self-making? if everyone around you would say go ahead and cut freely, would you cut deeper? is there anything i (a nobody) personally can do to help you get to an equilibrium with the cutting?
from angelicscars :
I'm just saying hi to everyone on my buddylist :) Cause I've neglected doing it!! I'm glad you added me, I love your diary!
from misfited :
i know how you feel with the 'constant' erge to cut. And how ppl are like "please dont do that hurts me" and shit. Then you feel worse and cut urself somemore...i feel your pain!
from captivated- :
Awww I'm sorry you feel so bad and addicted =\
from katy-bug :
Okay, babe. I just wrote you a long ass note and Diaryland ate it! Damnit. Anyway, I loved Prom. Have you gotten your dress? Shopping for the dress and the oodles of accessories was the most fun. I bet you'll look like a princess. Take care. xx
from xxbishoujoxx :
juss browsin... purty diary
from captivated- :
Well i'm glad the cutting is past tense.
from emily-white :
No, I'm just randomly linking to people on my buddy list. I'm going to change them all every once in a while... don't worry, you'll be happily linked once again soon...
from leah-kumera :
hey i was just wondering if i could talk with you or something, do u have MSN? take care
from dcalien :
Sara that is so nice of you to get yahoo. I will talk to you soon just going to bed now tho bye.
from captivated- :
Wow I must have to read back into the archives to understand who "he" is, eh? And I love the goo goo doll lyrics on your status bar :)
from dcalien :
I am sad that you are so not happy. I wish I could make that change. Do you have yahoo msngr? I would like to talk to you.
from dcalien :
Ok yes, Sara, 96 that must have been it. Hope you don't get that far this time.
from captivated- :
Awww thansk so much for adding me! And the nice things you said, heh Ihad no idea you were visitng my diary for a while now Ill make a mental note to come by all the time and see how you are =o) 2.18.03
from gods :
we listen.
from dcalien :
Hi Sara Looks like a lot of people are getting snowed in today. Isn't hightstown on the pa border?
from mylifeat15 :
You like Puddle of Mudd too? Yay! Just wanted to say hi - your LOTR Sister Elin
from imaginez :
happy valentine's day sis!
from dcalien :
Sara, I haven't talked to you in so long. I want you to know that even so, I think of you at least once every day. sometimes more. I hope you are doing well, and I will come and read your diary soon. I am not reading very many right now. When I do get to one, I catch up on everything. Ok, just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you, and I miss you. -dave
from uncalledfor :
hey, i was just looking through some diarys and yours is pretty cool. I have a question, how do you get those words to scroll through at the bottom? thanks.
from dcalien :
from wonderchai :
so yeah. my "hell" is "the woods" and i don't know why i stopped cutting or how, or why I started again, just that i did, and it sucked. you know exactly, and I mean exactly, who i am and we've never even met. eerie.
from z0tl :
i think i grasp why she started why did you?
from oipunkgrunge :
will you review me? thanks..
from dcalien :
yes, sara. i have done that before, forgot to say something, and then thought well maybe it was never meant to be said.
from katy-bug :
Sara... you're too kind.
from gimme-mono :
bueller? bueller? haha...i'm probably like the millionth person to do that...WATCH ME GO!!! *fall*
from z0tl :
hmmm, no note from me here. we'll try to push a few strings for you. your option if you wanna pull on them or not. it's an alien world out there, i tell ya :)
from dcalien :
Sara, I wish I could have talked to you, too. I have not hardly been reading or writing. I haven't had my aim on for two days I guess. I will be on for awhile this am, and tonight later. I would really like to talk to you, Ok? *hugs* -dave
from dcalien :
maybe it is just me, sara, I couldnt find your gb. I like that where it says friends, you put my name. That means a lot to me.I can't tell you what to do. If I could, I would tell you not to hurt yourself. I miss talking to you it is because of me not being available. It's not you. Love yourself Sara. You are worth loving. -dave
from evergleam83 :
Hi there. I just wanted to say I took your band quiz on quizilla, and the one that said "if your name was Katie you'd have a broken neck by now" freaked me out. Is it just a rule that the Katie's of the band have to complain and complain and be hypochondriacs? Hehe, you have a great diary, though, keep it up!
from review-elf :
hi! its sk8ergrl905, i added youu as a buddy on my other name. well, i have a review site now! just wondering if you're interested in being reviewed!!!
from mudgirl :
thanks for reading glad you are enjoying it.
from elliorange :
I just started reading your diary today, and I have to say that I'm... hooked! I am sorry to read about your loss, though. It can really be a devastating ordeal to go through. I send you many... *Hugs!* I go on: "Sadness flies away on the wings of time." You're in my thoughts.
from dcalien :
*hugs* sara. I am thinking of you.
from wild-fire :
Sorry for your loss Sara. I know that with a death like that it's more of a surprise. I can only say that you have many friends here for you if you want to talk.
from dee-heretic :
Thought I'd send you some Our-Views reviewer love your way.
from emily-white :
Ew, I think just about everybody feels lost and disoriented right now. I mean, I used to be the peppy child of happiness and now I don't even see the glass as half empty - it's collecting bacteria and generally posing a danger to the well-being of mankind. Sometimes I think brainwashing would be preferable to having to actually feel and wonder about things. Either that or band should last all day long instead of stupid classes that I'm never going to use. Band makes me happy.
from emily-white :
I think all percussionists are either bad, incompetant, and/or just plain stupid. It's kind of scary; at my school, the drumline/pit had the greatest percentage of its section in National Honour Society (as compared to brass, woodwinds, and guard), the highest average GPA, and they were the only section with no one ineligible due to grades. And, though I have one tenor-playing friend who's a genius, they're just so... stupid. Ah, band never fails to mystify me.
from emily-white :
I was reading your facts page (among other things, but that's what my comment refers to) and when I got to the one that said "what are you going to do [in the future]: be a pediatrician", for some odd, band-nerdy reason, I thought it said "be a percussionist." There's a goal for ya.
from dcalien :
Sara, sorry to see ;you so down. I appreciate you, and the times we have talked. I hope you are good to yourself.
from openthegate :
just wanted to sya thank you for the comment,i appreciate your kind words,they mean more to me than you could ever know.
from prodigy-girl :
umm... I used to be in the band in high school. Well I'm just looking around :)
from ivyvalentine :
Mae Govanenn Sis! Ivy again, just wanted to let you know if you need anything liek the password for the Sistership diary, or have any questions to mail me at [email protected] welcome to the Sistership!
from dcalien :
*hugs* ps. robots was one of the things that caught my eye.
from lady-jax :
i was just checking out the top sites of diaryland and you just happened to be there and i found the entry you had interesting so i wanted to read some more. hope you don't mind.
from dcalien :
woo hoo I saw your banner on ultimate topsites, and clicked it. hehe
from dcalien :
the link from your gb baack to your diary worked. I hope your day is going well. *hug* ps. I know you like me. I don't mean to insult your integrity in saying, I want an objective review. You couldn't affect my feelings about you with your review either way. My feelings for you are only reflected by the way you treat me. You can use that as a quote from me if you want. or not. it matters not. I think i just sounded like yoda. hehe *more hugs*
from dcalien :
I love you, my new friend.
from dcalien :
I left a msg in your guest book. the link back to your diary didn't work. Hope you are doing well.
from katy-bug :
You're welcome. And yes, I know who originially did the song. I was listening to Dixie Chicks sing it at the time and so... viola, Dixie Chicks is who is there. Thanks for the info. *S*
from dcalien :
Thank you for your kind words to me. I read your profile, and went to your diary. Your layout is so haunting. It just seemed like the perfect setting for your latest entry. Your entry is such a raw picture of pain. It was like looking at a photo of my inner thoughts at times. I see Trays has left you a note before me. I make the same offer to you that she does, although she would probably be more enlightening than I. I wish for you the desires of your heart.
from openthegate :
i dont know you too well but i'll help you in any way i can.just email me,it's in my extras page if you ever need to talk to someone who wont judge you.
from shatteredcry :
Hey there. Thanks for the note. And thanks for the compliments. I don't think that my writing is all that amazing, but that could be because I know everything that lies behind it. I haven't had a chance to look at your diary yet (I have to go in a minute, so I'm trying to write this quick), but the moment I have time, I will do so. And the reason why there are so many band people on Diaryland, is cause, we're cool like that. ^_^
from afrai :
I think Shadowfax was supposed to be "silvery," actually. Not black, but definitely not blazing white.
from ivyvalentine :
Mae Govanenn!As one of the co-founders of the LOTR Sisters, I just wanted to say, drop me a mail at [email protected] and I will explain how to become a member!~Hugs and msiles~ Lovley diary!
from indecisively :
i found your diary through one ring or another. i've forgotten now, but i am thinking it was virgin suicides. i just had to leave a note that i absolutely LOVE your template!! bye now, happy holiday!
from openthegate :
hey, i found you on top 100 diaries and i thought that you seemed like a very interesting person so i decided to add you to my list to read about you more.take care.
from chubbychic :
I think you're a very talented writer. Keep up the great work, its refreshing to read.
from raven72d :
Thanks for the note... I like your diary-- not least for your sense of humor...
from bloodyscars :
Had I such an opportunity, yes, I would survive, if only to feel the pleasure it brings me again and again and again. I miss the way that felt
from bloodyscars :
Razorblades carve the life out of my veins one by one, until finally the numbness feels a little less cold

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