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from ramble-on :
I had to lock up my diary, not sure if you got the password or not. Drop me a note with your e mail if you want me to send it to you. I promise the note will be deleted as soon as possible!
from startfalling :
aw.. i thought chivalry was dead. maybe there's hope for america's men. :) thanks for making me smile.
from frijid-pink :
merry christmas! (if you celebrate it, that is.)
from eyeclamp :
Hey... Sorry about having my diary locked. I was going- anyway, ummm... It's no longer locked because I got rid of the person who I didn't want reading it. So, now everyone else can read it without having the password. ~JR
from lzymandesign :
Hi there, the images on your template will disappear as soon as my Supergold expires, so please save them to your computer + host them at a new location if possible. Thanks! : )
from peacockking9 :
"Click here to lose your faith in humanity." Fucking brilliant! I do have to rag on you about one thing though: Most horror films are social commentary, and 28 Days Later was much better when it was called Day of the Dead.
from long-ignored :
So, as you might notice from the mulitple comments I left today...I just completed your journal. Been meaning to read it from the start and just hadn't had the time. Today I made the time. I very much enjoyed it..Thanks for sharing with us. And, thank you for the comment and the add..Wistfully beautiful? Watch it, I might get used to such wonderful statements and expect them often [smile]
from long-ignored :
Thank you so much for the compliment...I have to admit I never think of my writings as beautiful, but am very much flattered that you do.
from elvish-gypsy :
I've a habit of not ever reading my notes. Probably because I just found out they were there, but you get the gist of it, yea... So anyways, thanks for the concern on the hurricane crap. Rock on.
from greenfinch :
i hope i'll be able to look back at this design and go "remember when i was all goth-y for, like, 4.6 seconds? yeah." but i'm mostly just proud i made it. me. i did it. give me a cookie.
from betamale :
Hey, my guts don't stink. I mean, they might, but they're mostly inside me and, well... ew.
from longexposure :
i don't think your gay. i love you stinkin guts!
from greenfinch :
i ♥ your new meeksio avatar.
from longexposure :
please don't be sad...i hate it when your sad and i am so far away and i can't turn that frowny face into a smile. i just hope things get better for you. love you so so much!!!
from betamale :
yes, now I'm TWO peoples favorites. Awesome. Just want to let you all know that you kick ass.
from christini :
i love are my favorite. it was really cool hanging out at your house. i have 2 diary's and the other one is check that one out if you really want..ok XOXOXOX bye -christine
from greenfinch :
I WAS THINKING WHILE READING PARADISE LOST ONE DAY THAT I SHOULD READ PHILLIP PULLMAN NEXT BECAUSE IN SOME STRANGE WAY THEY SEEM TO FIT. that is eerie. also, you should read paradise lost because it is amazing, and one day someone might ask you "what book is 'better to reign in hell than serve in heaven' from?" and you will be able to say "milton's paradise lost, chump" and then all the smart chicks will want to touch you where you pee. that would be rad, no.
from longexposure :
from greenfinch :
hey, i liked it. i don't think it sucked it. its your diary, go on with your poetry-writing self. mmhhmmmm.
from greenfinch :
OH MY GOD, ITS MIKE! he's a hottie. ♥
from longexposure :
hi mike i luuuzzzzzz you so so so much!!!!

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