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from chadmuska :
300 entires! its a mile stone.
from abwhite :
He's pretty creepy! Do you have a website for your art yet?
from cindie-loo :
yay. im so happy to hear you received everything okay. thats awesome. yes i shall post pictures to my studio-loo. i just wanted it to be a surprise for you. yay.
from z0tl :
kat, you know i'm trippen sometimes, i don't smoke pot, but i'm at 4am in the morning like a zombie trying to be funny. i'm really sorry if i said the wrong things, sometimes i feel i am alone against a gang of canadians (including andrew i think) who are out to just bag on me. i'm so sorry :z
from z0tl :
does the location of the journal|diary matter? can i be an energizer bunny even when all around me is dark matter? see my notes for further clarificatorial explanifications.
from z0tl :
do i need one pronto?
from z0tl :
i'm so happy i can at least leave you notes and i'm so happy you still wanna be my lita sys and i'm so happy we can put our kitties in our laps and lissn to music. now that is what i call TRUE COMMUNICATION. and while it may be vur' obvious, it's oh so very complex to me, still:z
from z0tl :
your notes make my day, even when they scare me a lita :]
from z0tl :
if you're locked, i gots the remedy, it's the key :)
from z0tl :
because you are my lita sys, i can tell you i actually love you. all the other punks can get all my l0ve, because my love all goes to my wifey :z
from z0tl :
haha lita sys is available by noting :z
from bionicgurl :
i'm locked so i can do some reconstruction. you can leave me a note any time:)

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