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Crazy cat lady, living in New Orleans making Voodoo dolls and freaky boxes for a living.

My favorite diaries:

yoshi-c profile - diary
comments: met her in chat. Nice chick with interesting career goals. I'm sure she'll go far
nitejohnboy profile - diary
comments: He's going to be a famous actor/writer someday. Just you wait and see!
dataguy profile - diary
comments: This kid is AMAZING. Brilliant, creative and dark. A must read!
ckjosh profile - diary
comments: One hell of a good writer and an awfully nice guy! Check him out!
cainnum profile - diary
comments: Pretty good taste in movies and a realisticly sunny disposition
maxg profile - diary
comments: If this kid doesn't grow up to be a person of note, then the world is far more fucked up than I thought it was!
ferencegirl profile - diary
comments: reading her almost makes me nostalgic for puberty
daemonchild profile - diary
comments: Makes teen angst interesting
dominia profile - diary
comments: Honest. Poetic. Brutal. Beautiful
achicken profile - diary
comments: She fucking rocks. And I fucking mean that!
bionicgurl profile - diary
comments: She's survived ten times the hell any of us can handle and she makes good art.
scottyboi77 profile - diary
comments: He's gay. He's conservative. And he's not afraid to admit it. Good for him!
alicenobody profile - diary
dorknoodle profile - diary
comments: He's brilliant. I love him. He pisses me off more than any other person on Earth. We've seen eachother through truely nightmare (often self-inflicted) times and pissed eachother off more than any two friends should be able to survive. He's
kstyle profile - diary
comments: Come for diary, stay for the ass!
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Has a self destructively antagonistic realtionship with insects and aracnids
patadrina profile - diary
comments: "Me: Peace Protestor You: APD Police officer with pepper spray. I think we shared a moment. let get together over Starbucks coffee and talk about police states and capitalist regime. "
removed profile - diary
comments: unclebob used to be here. Before he decided that his widely read diary was the place to make fun of a fifteen year old child who lost a testicle and may have cancer.
daemondreams profile - diary
comments: Daemonchild's dream journal.
opusshrugged profile - diary
comments: "i'm like a dog in heat... a freak without warning"
troubledteen profile - diary
comments: So funny, it should be illegal!
sistercookie profile - diary
comments: toxic
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: One of the best reads on Diaryland. Don't forget to check out the links!
recipebook profile - diary
comments: yummmmmy!
quezacotl profile - diary
comments: Those sure were the days..
bowie-firey profile - diary
tankgirl455 profile - diary
comments: This young lady has the world's coolest template. She also expresses herself very well.
newrelic profile - diary
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: Honest and unapologetic. Layout by Hostess
rescuepet profile - diary
comments: helping abused and neglected animals everywhere. You can search for a new pet on their page!
zombiepoodle profile - diary
comments: Will some day be the top low-budget horror director in history!
sexinla profile - diary
comments: graphic, yet charming.
sweetsci profile - diary
comments: cat people are golden
devian profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes, when my vagina is not fresh, I like to rub some fire ants on it. Then I eat the fire ants and finger my bloody and swollen vagina."
Lustykazoo profile - diary
comments: A passionate and honest person with great tasting music and a riviting diary
flying-kiwi profile - diary

My favorite music:

David Bowie
Elvis Costello
Skinny Puppy
Simon and Garfunkle
Roxy Music

My favorite movies:

Wings of Desire
Mulholland Drive
comments: 3 days after my friend, Trick, made me watch it, I made my husband buy a copy on DVD. Brilliant.
Cinema Paradiso
Down by Law
Chasing Amy

My favorite authors:

Tom Robbins
Terry Pratchett
Dennis Cooper
Kurt Vonnegut
Robert Heinlein

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