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from bunnymama :
I used to work at Michaels. There is no reason why the scruffy guy couldn't have been a little more helpful.
from bunnymama :
lol...Ah the joys of motherhood, eh??
from bluebouquet :
Why aren't there more men like your hubbie??
from bluebouquet :
Oh, I SISTER is going to be 8 in October. Do you think maybe I should get her a gift card to a salon for a birthday present?? Yeah, didn't think so.
from bluebouquet :
I finally got around to reading your diary...I am APPALLED at the article about the 8 yr old bikini wax!!!! I don't even have words to describe my disgust at that. I'd ground my daughter if she even shaved her legs at that age!! I'm Eastern European as well but still didn't shave my legs until I was 13 and even now if I don't shave every day or every other day, you can see how dark and thick it is. Grows like weeds. Not fair. As I said, it's just appalling.
from bluebouquet :
lol. I love those commercials too! They get stuck in my head.
from bluebouquet :
OMG I LOVE PAMPERED CHEF!!! My mother used to host PC parties.
from boxx9000 :
"Why didn't I take a shower last night? Because I knew Kurt was going to call!" Silly me. at first I thought you wanted to be all nice and clean, maybe you have video cam or something when you talk. THEN I realized you couldn't answer the phone IF you were IN the shower when he called. Call me quick (or not) I finally *got it* hehehehehehehe.
from boxx9000 :
from magira :
Wow! your diary is the best i have seen all day.
from boxx9000 :
I'm close to my own two kids but not with any of my own siblings or my in-laws. My own parents are dead. I haven't seen my sister or brothers since 1999. weird. I wasn't close to my Mom when I was growing up and I wanted a different relationship with my own daughter. We have that choice. I'm very happy with my two kids and the relationship we have. I am looking forward to grandkids some day.
from boxx9000 :
I just bought tickets today for Dave's 54th birthday on June 21st. We will be in Ashland, Oregon. We're going to see Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet on the Elizabethan stage. I am soOoooOOo excited I just want to SQUEAL! It's so perfect that the show is on his actual birthday. It will also be our 27th wedding anniversary (give or take a few years) Dave has a sister who lives in Hillsboro, Oregon, but we're NOT going to visit her. hehehehehehehe.
from chaosdaily :
sometimes when parents are too strict, it drives the kid the wrong way. i just want her to think about what shes doing and be responsible.
from boxx9000 :
Husband #4! hehehehehe. WheEeee!
from boxx9000 :
from allegedwife :
Oops, sorry. Spelling is now fixed.
from hissandtell :
Hi sleepyhead - thank you so much for reading me; I'm checking out your diary as we speak. You write so beautifully and with such wit and style that I'm obviously going to have to start at the beginning and make my way through all your entries so I can get to know you better! Love, R xxx
from allegedwife :
Let me know if your hubby's ship ever ports in Perth. I shall go abduct him and show him the sights. ;-)
from heidiann :
Welcome to the Bibliomaniac diary ring!
from cwerner567 :
YAY! A new entry! I'm speechless! LOL. I am glad you two got home okay. We got home last Monday and the snow followed us here! LOL. Love ya!
from cwerner567 :
Hi there friend o'mine. Just wanted to leave a little note for you! I love you!
from sunstarr :
i am speechless....this entry about the house on Atwood certainly is one of your best. almost brought a tear to my eye. and so well written, i might add! wow! bravo! ::Michele claps wildly as she stands in ovation:: Love you Sis!
from sunstarr :
WOW! Oranges! You're moving up in the world! Next you'll be tackling apples and before you know it, kiwi and mango and papaya! Ha, ha! Anyway, Marty is warped...why the hell would Mrs. Alford need a grad. announcement??? Arrgghh! That's our step-mom for ya, though! **Love You Sis!**
from miranda-2001 :
Your diary was recommended to me by your sister, whose diary I loved. And I love yours too - the graphics are out of this world :) Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading it.
from kamisen :
New to diaryland, found yours while clicking the random links on the official Diaryland Diaryring. Just wanna say how much I'm enjoying your entries.
from liad :
MONSTER AT THE END OF THE BOOK! I had that one and adored it - it ranked right up there with "A Fly Went By" and "Mr. Gilthump" (MAJOR points to anyone who recognizes that one). When I was really little I used to get terrified right along with Grover. It brought me to tears! Yeah, I was a pussy when I was a kid. ;) Love you.
from sunstarr :
Marty always bought green bananas cuz she didn't know the first thing about fruit. Or food for that matter... :-) She's not the world's greatest cook ya know. But we love her anyway....... most of the time.
from trinkette :
hey i really liked your diary :) Just letting you know I was here.
from alwayslolita :
Yeah I know! (about the Angelina cover). Yummy. I didn't even realize that it was her in the sunglasses. I thought it was some advertisement. but you know now I want to buy MAC Folio, just cause of her. I'm so pathetic! *smooches*
from alwayslolita :
Oh! I didn't know that they pushed Original Sin back! I was gonna see it this weekend! And I have a diary entry entitled "Quod me nutrit, me destruit" I think that it's a great quote. I got the new (March) Allure with her on the cover, mmm hmm yummy nummies.
from kittiesrcute :
AH! This new diaryland thing where you can search for people with the same interests is GREAT!! I searched for people who like Metallica! I love Metallica!! Yay for us! I even have a club of sorts, if you want to join, just root around my page.
from marn :
In what can sometimes seem a hard, cruel world it's always good to know that there's someone out there ready to do a random act of senseless kindness for a small moose. Thanks, eh, for joining the battle to keep Mortimer on this side of the ocean. We *can* crush the Dutch ;-)
from dirtyboots :
Ach. Wow. I'd LOVE to fix up old books as a job. That would be very cool. I'll be back for more later.
from sunstarr :
Hey, Sis... thanks for always starting my day off with a smile. I just got caught up with reading your last 3 entries. See what I mean about the laptop doing screwy things when I type?!? Now you understand! ;0) Anyway, you are so right; Mosey IS Evil Incarnate. She is the epitome of an evil kitty. hee, hee! Well, thanks again for making me laugh! I love you SOOOOOOOO much. PS- how did the new eyeshadow/eyeliner look? Have Daddy take a digital pic of your new hairdo, k? Love You Sis!
from alwayslolita :
Hey! another linguistically inclined person. so where do you go to school? what's your major? all those normal questions. visit me, cause i'll sure be visiting you more often. Thanks for signing my guestbook.
from level-off :
Hey great site! Your graphics and pics and banners and links and fonts, yadda yadda yadda, make me really jealous with a capital J, cuz I could never do that sorta thing. I suck big time compared to you. Thanks a big fat lot. Kidding! And it was really an interesting read. I enjoyed it! I'll for sure be back! So anyway, visit my site and tell me what you think in my g-book, cuz I'm a shameless promoter here.
from hewy :
I love you more...Hehehehe....You know who this is...Come on think hard..You rock(but not as hard as FT) Hehehehehe
from binx :
hey there. i've been reading your diary ever since Uncle Bob thanked the girls from W&M, and have enjoyed it. (I admit it. not only did i grow up and hour away from wmsburg but alas, i also managed to graduate from there as well.) first, take the damn weekend off. have no guilt whatsoever. secondly, did you ever have tourists ask you for directions to the wren building as you were standing on its front lawn?
from liad :
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you! Ha, let's see anyone top THAT. ;) I'm so proud to be your ho! Kissy kissy, liad
from sunstarr :
Hey You Sexy Woman!!! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! I'm so glad to have you as my personal webmistress.... you RAWK! Love You Sis!!!!!

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