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from final137 :
I don't care if you care.
from echoman :
Hey, I'm still here! Albeit not writing much anymore.
from jillica :
hi. i'd like to have a password if at all possible. k. hope youre doing well. :)
from thajoker :
I like yur name "Boing." heh heh cool name. dont have much to say. later
from tanked :
hello new favorite diarygirl.
from mojo1915 :
I have a suspicion that your vet it just trying to get your money, as our vet has my step-mom convinced that our little dog NEEDS his purina science diet because of an enzymatic problem in his liver. The dog was quite fine without it. But, I don't think I would take risks of losing my precious pup if I were you. I would want the best for my little animal companion too. Good night.
from rotfromview :
ahh, hey! i don't know if you remember me but i used to have a diary under the name dileum and an afrodiary under the name zee and we talked on aim sometimes. just wanted to say hi. so, hi!
from downtown81 :
some like some like it hot!!
from gobemouche :
I don't know, who do you think it is?
from histamine :
unlocking soon. promise. <3
from rhoeng :
2 things: I, too, fear the stench of death's mortal mouth as I hurdle towards the 24 mark this year. AND I checked out Good Records [I am obsessed by The Rock And Roll] and I recently saw the Mooney Suzukis kick ass on stage. That band was like an injection of adrenaline straight to the soul. Long Live 1978 Rock And Roll-ahs.
from thrillhouse :
Why is your camera never changing and why have you forgotten me?
from incessant :
surprise surprise. guess who.
from histamine :
vacuuming completely naked in paradise
from mel839 :
hehe i am speaking to you on aol :)
from mccullen :
you are not the craziest person but you are sure some kind of crazy! i think you should redirect your anger and channel all that energy into creating something positive like lovely ceramicware. also i have a big dick.
from illiac :
have you seen a little kid with a shirt that says bullshit? ha!
from returnsender :
hey boing baby! i'm the first to leave you a note. love, hooch!

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