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from sassers :
You have the best 100 things about me section I have seen. I read it all. Yay for you.
from sangiovese :
sent password to yr diaryland account - is that ok? I have yr other email if you're not getting diaryland email! love jd
from sangiovese :
Yes I still read yr stuff! Do you have a password for mine - let me know if you don't & I'll get you one - all love! jd/sangiovese
from cdghost :
pretty words and layout
from lost-chicken :
hey. nihongo o hanasuka. okinawa ya nippon ni sunde imashita...
from ittybittycat :
I was checking out the diaries that are apart of the typing naked diary-ring and came across yours. Your diary is so beatiful.
from vivelepunk :
hey chise. well, first and foremost, i've moved to lj. yeah i know... i give dlanders a bad name. but it's cool. everything's working out ok. so i'd like to thank you so much for having added me to your fave list way back when. so if you're still interested in reading my stupid ass ramblings, you're more than welcome to at see you there. have a great new year. -katie
from sangiovese :
Hi chise - I love your diary - just thought I'd let you know, I majored in English because I love literature so much, and wasn't condemned to Eternal Grad School OR to poverty - I work in entertainment & do some music journalism, and I do all right. So: follow your bliss!
from stonr :
orko here. i figured he's gone now so i made this new one. there are five locked entries still in orko's diary; i'll tell you the password whenever i'll see you, hopefully soon.
from inadayze :
I was dazzled by your diary. It's absolutely beautiful.
from heavenlyankh :
hey chise! thanks soooo much for helping me! haven't read your diary yet..but soon I can do some work I have been needing to do, and just couldn't cause I wasn't "workin it right" he he check ya later!
from easysecond :
thanks for reading! i hope you come back. o_o people will tell you different things about riverside--it depends on what you're looking for. if you like partying and have a car to drive to these parties, then you'll probably won't mind riverside much. on the other hand, if you like reading books and watching people to interesting things and feelings cosmopolitan, riverside is NOT for you. it gets hot during the summer, but quite nice during the rest of the year. UCR itself is quiet and small and the professors are for the most part pretty smart. because its so small, though, we're kinda poor, and there are aspects of the campus (campus life, the commons, student unions, etc) that are really ghetto. so. i suggest you live in the dorms your first year and make lots of friends, because its hard to meet new people offcampus. the price of living off campus, however, is really low. rent should range anywhere from $300 to $400 a month, depending on how many roommates you live with and if you live in the average apartments (which are really quite nice.). okay! that should do it, really. if you have anymore questions, you can email me at [email protected]. -case.
from the-escape :
IF YOU HAVE ANY INFOMATION ON ANDRIA OWEN, LIVING IN CALIFORNIA. PLEASE CONATACT ME: [email protected] [email protected] autu[email protected] learn why:
from supercilious :
My girlfriend at the time went back to take care of her sick father and I was at a point in my life where I could take some time off and not sweat the money etc. so it was a perfect opportunity to broaden my horizons. I actually miss it. I went over before the conversion to China, I�d really like to go back to see the difference for myself and plus, I just really enjoyed the place. It�s a completely different world. It�s too bad you�re kinda �stuck� at the moment, but probably for the best. You�ll appreciate it that much more later on when you can make it out. I really am enchanted by the world. There aren�t many places I don�t want to see. And yeah, I was born and raised in Las Vegas. I�ve bounced around a bit when I was young but for the most part, I�ve been here. And don�t worry about my notes and cycles, it�s spurty hehe. I�ll get a ton in one day, then everyone shuts up for a few. It�s odd stuff.
from supercilious :
Eh, lived in HK for lil' over 2 months. I guess you could call it an 'extended' vacation, but I actually rented a flat and everything. So I still consider it living there, albeit briefly. Good thing you had asswrecking explained, I would have probably just sent pictures :P. As far as going anywhere else, well.. not really, no where interesting anyway. Various spots in Mexico a number of times, Canada, all over the US. Lived in Alaska for a little while when I was a youngster (around 4). My plans are Thailand, Germany/Europe, Japan, in that order. Although I might just drop Thailand, depends... And yes, Cantonese is rough on the ears :P. How about you?
from breaux :
if i have to explain what an ass wrecking is to you then you really need one, and soon. ask supercilious.
from supercilious :
Awe, but I love long rambling discourse. It's almost as fun as asswrecking. And living in Hong Kong (Yeah, I know, it wasn't Mandarin) gave me enough of a taste of Cantonese to know I never wanted to learn it. Eh...
from breaux :
because every hot chick needs a good ass wrecking. didn't you know. :P
from supercilious :
Oh yeah, your diary reminds me just how terrible my japanese is these days. It's been so long, I actually think I've forgotten nearly everything. *cry* I should go back to school and pick it up again. Bah. Maybe after German.
from supercilious :
Oh I never said having an abortion was selfless, god no. It's, quite arguably, the lesser of the two options in terms of selfishness, however, only by not burdening existence upon another being. And make no doubt, to exist is to suffer. Yes, there are peaks to those valleys, but the majority of most peoples lives are toil and suffering. Which isn't to say there isn't something to that, there certainly is /meaning/ in most forms of unavoidable suffering, depending upon your perception. And to have a child for the sake of taking care of someone from the start? It's as valid as a reason as any in our society today. Sounds kind of like a step up from a pet, to me. If you think about it, though, in that line of though, there really are no 'good' reasons to have a child. I've been, occasionally, of the thought that those parent that exhibit strong genetic backgrounds are morally obligated to have offspring, if for no other reason then to offset the flood of children being born to genetically weak and or poor families. How often do you see the doctor/lawyer pairings having multiple children versus welfare families? More of the wrong people are having children these days. Excellent note, however. Thank you! :)
from supercilious :
Choosing to bring another conscious being into the world on mere whim alone is considerably more selfish then, say, wanting more time for your self in the evenings. One decision only affects you, the other; burdening someone with existence through your conscious will alone is probably the most selfish thing a person could ever do. Think about it, what are the reasons to have a child? It certainly isn�t to �further the existence of mankind� because, you know, there are kids fucking everywhere. We�re doing just fine by that. So you�re left with other, selfish, reasons. Carrying on your legacy. And the ever so popular �Just because I want one�. Which isn�t to say that sometimes for some people, that selfish decision isn�t the right one, but no matter how you look at it, it�s still selfish.
from cialina :
i luv your template!
from breaux :
yes porno's. you interested? theres always room for hot sexy asian girls. you must like getting your ass wrecked though. this isn't childs play, and i'm glad you like your description. bye.
from disarmedone :
from disarmedpunk :
hey you smell like fried rice still?
from erase-this :
you didnt miss anything not seeing the pumpkins. especially at the end. dont sweat it hunny. :)
from disarmedpunk :
LIZ!!!! where the hell are you!?!?!? we miss you!!! :-D. you better come to school tomorrow [1|15|03] cause if you dont, im gunna kick your fried rice ass...and then you can kick my bean ass...LOL. COME BACK!!!!!!!!
from aislinn- :
hellsing is coming along quite nicely, yes. the other faves are those who hunt elves, trigun, elf princess raine, photon, dragon half.... i think that's all for favorites :) what about you?
from aislinn- :
i got that pic from, which is the best site on earth. unfortunately, i can't find enough info on chobits to procure it. i'm just obsessing over the cute little kitty girls at the moment. not a real fan yet. unless you can help me with that.

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