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from lit637 :
hey. brent is a jerk. i totally relate tho. the ex's are always the worst bitches to deal with. Don't let him back in, or you'll be even more like me. You deserve waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.
from lit637 :
im so glad i can read ur diary now :) - I almost started crying today when i read it - your so deep and honest. it was great to read.
from alwayshard5 :
hey no problem are very welcome...i am sorry bout what has happened of late, and i hope you had a great ya kisses
from lit637 :
hi. i like your diary but i couldn't read todays....all that comes on ur page is that picture....??
from alwayshard5 :
happy birthday...i hope you had a great day...sorry bout your guy situation, it will all work out for you in the end, the good guys and gals always win...i am rooting for can do it..good night, and happy day to you...kiss kiss
from alwayshard5 :
hey....nice i like that size! :) wow...what a nice number and size...hehehe i say keep them babe....ya i love reading your entries...ill keep on it..and read ya are a sweetheart...i like ur ur ok i do now consider myself lucky to know ur breast size...i mean that makes my night and know ur size...i love well night babe kisses'
from alwayshard5 :
well i read ur entries...just to let you know...and i think it is ok i guess to sweat a lot in your boobs far as a reduction big are they? i think you shouldnt...i mean i have never seen them but i am the master mind of any boob guy, and all big boobs are nice and good for you to have....big breasts are a major turn on....i love nice i vote keep them the way they are...and what is a hypochondriac? what does that mean?lol well night cupcake...kisses ;)
from happyhigh :
holy long entry.., i just want you to know that it is... 6:14am.. im at the hospital.., ive been here for 45minutes. im glad i had something to read..

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