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from balletbunny :
hey! i'm a part of your loser diaryring!i really like your diary! don't worry, no need to respond or visit my page just telling u ur on my fav list! well, toodles poodles!
from joe-average :
remember when we used to have internet fights in our diaries? good times, in a nerd sort of way.
from junior89 :
hey great diary...I am in your *Nsync ring and the *Nsync picture in the code doesn't work :( just to let you know :) xoxo
from whereisanna :
I can sympathize with your grounding. I don't know you, but I read your last entry and I just wanted to offer a hug.
from joe-average :
im here. im online. but i dont see you. if you get this email me something.
from joe-average :
hey whats up. remember me?
from emogwen :
you are on my favourites! =) -gwen
from hellmutt :
Umaa! Just dropping by since you signed my book. Love the layout. I think I'll be back. You know your guestbook won't allow signage?
from jenne1017 :
wow---great IC entry. Very creative!
from brokenwords- :
great diary =)
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise to andrew!
from warning :
i love you alyyyyy =)
from buttercupppg :
Do you like Ducks and Cheese, Mister/Miss confruzzled sir/mame? ^o^
from ennui-me :
Neet-o diary! I like it. Diaryland is in Japanese, not Chinese though...I think its an April Fool's Day joke =) Byebye take care
from lahoo :
Cool diary. I love the layout! Its beyond cool. I you have time, could you stop by my little crappy diary? I know what you mean about watching America's most wanted. Some of those criminals are just plain cruel. Leave the old ladies of the world alone!
from brigid :
Hey. I just thought I'd tell you how cool your diary is. It's a good read! ;) Plus I found some cool diaries through you. Thanks.
from cranberrybby :
hey guess what. im one of the indie kids. yay! jess, have you forgotten that you're already married?
from i-luv-cw :
Just wanted to say that your diary ROCKS and that I'd be honoured if you'd join the I Love Constable Whiskers web ring. :) Hope to see you in the queue soon!
from repusevad :
o are you in canada too? all i see is snow tonight. very pretty, now that the car is parked. did you go to sanibel island? so did i! my mom was living in ft myers when i visited. i even picked a lime, although i wasn't supposed to. hooray for you!
from sorrygoagain :
hi, i just had to say that i love the layout!
from indierawk :
*swoon* Ali, I love you! Will you marry me please? You're still one of my faves, kiddo. /*swoon*
from kittyspy :
hi! i like yr diary lots! it's cute! :) *davi*
from sorrygoagain :
You're crazy.
from faithstar :
I just had to say that I'm in love with your new layout! It's so pretty/adorable/cute....I would wear a shirt with your layout on it! :P
from adwhore :
crazy little moms, thanks for laying it out there. you are insanely, beautifully fascinating.
from pischina :
Mind your manners, eat your vegetables, finish your homework and get to bed at a decent hour! ....Sorry, I just hadn't said any of that to you in awhile.... hee hee hee hee
from lattefairy26 :
Hi!! You're cool, I love you 'cuz you're making me a diary and you're as craaaazy as me! yes! Hope you have a great day. I'm stayin home from school so it's going to be nice for me. Talk to you later babe! ~*~Reen
from reality :
kisses kisses, you said i should give you kisses. and you don't look sick, you're adorable. bye!
from indierawk :
Let me get this straight... Amerika the, er, 'great' country that it is [thank god I don't live there] is going to hell because intelligent wonderful youth like Ali are willing to put their thoughts into words and express themselves, without fear of persecution or mockery? Umm no. Amerika is going to hell because of people like YOU who tear down the great people like Ali.
from withkerth :
hey - you signed up for diaryland on my birthday, October 5! nerdy that i noticed that huh? oh well, love your diary.
from uk-wideawake :
I agree with you, I think you look, I'll check you out again, if you don't mind (English politeness always comes to the surface)...stay sane..wa.
from indierawk :
ali ali ali darling... as my good pal iain often says [it's similar to what you're trying to say, I think]... it's about being able to walk down the street and knowing that you can love WHOMEVER walks by you, be they male or female. & I love that mentality =)
from merilily :
hello, confruzzled! how are you? i'm good, thank you. wow. i'm having conversations with text boxes. whoopee! anyway, i wanted to tell you how much i love your layout - the snow is beee-yooo-tee-ful! i love snow . . . too bad it always rains here (here=cape cod) even when right over the bridge it's snowing. grrr. well, i'm gonna go know au revoir!
from sorrygoagain :
hi. i like your diary. and you remind me of me, lol. anyway.
from pischina :
I am 34 years old, and I am obsessed with Carson Daly. .....oh wait, did I just say that out loud?
from indierawk :
I loveyoutoo loveyoutoo loveyoutoo! no really, you make me wanna sing at the top of my lungs. and that's a good thing. have a peachy day!
from pezloko :
Eeheehee...I can't get enough of that confruzzled cartoon gal. Mweeheehee.
from indierawk :
awww lissa your diaryland christmas party entry is just THE cutest thing in the world. It almost made me cry... almost! Maybe it's just the whole holidaze thing, but damn it was adorable. I don't care HOW old you are, don't let anyone tell you you're 'immature' or 'too young'. You are one superduperwicked chekita. <3
from unicornbeaut :
You know it's so funny, I have been staring at your entry in my analyzer for a while, cause you are the only one who has signed since my analyzer pages got erased. So I thought I would drop by and tell you thank you, at least there is one message there.
from pinkjelly :
wow. i like the new layout. very cute! hope you have a good day! :)
from indierawk :
lissa darling, i am soooooooo happy for you! I hope this best friend thing works out. That would be supersweet. You're a smart girl, I know you'll work it out. Rrrock on! xoxox.
from sympatric :
oh my goodness.. i can't believe you're 13. you write like you're at least 18, honestly.. anyway.. i bet you hear that lots. ok.. that's all i had to say, really. oh, plus, good choice of layouts. yup. take care..
from forgotten- :
hey.. when you get on IM send me an IM i need to ask you some stuff ... thanks:)
from pischina :
Oh YES! Your new layout is SO CUUUUUTE!!!
from forgotten- :
hey girl! thanks for signing my analyzer and reading me everyday:)
from pischina :
Oh my, that little "friendship/love graph" drawing thing from 11/28 is SO FRIKKIN FUNNY!!!! Everyone, go look at that entry!
from pischina :
Ahem. *wags finger* Now YoungLady, what did your mother and I tell you about putting your name on things??? (hee hee hee) I think you're the BEST, Confruzzled!!! Love ya, ME.
from apatheticq :
i like your diary more than creamed corn!
from forgotten- :
Hey i really liked your diary .. just to let you know, i feel alone when im with my family;) .. im such an outsider;)
from pischina :
Hi Confruzzled, thank you for the nice note. I love your layout, and especially your pitas page, very pretty! I will have to read more of you soon, when I'm feeling better.
from ravenword :
Your diary is pretty, and entertaining. Thanks for complimenting mine, you made me happy. I've got you on my bookmarks, so keep on writing, please!
from manda :
Yaaay! Your diary is really cool, I have read quite a few entries from it. I am flattered that anyone would want to even read about my boring life, so thanks for tagging my g-book...^_^ I used to be in love with a boy named Chris...*sigh* Never worked out. Never does work out...*hehe*
from lizzymay :
Hey, what an incredible unique diary you have. You have some great lines. Have you seen sleeping with the fishes? Peace, Liz
from annatto :
Dont mind Q. Hes neat. I dont think he did it to piss anyone off? Or did he? id it backfire? How many questions do I have?! Wheee! Fishies rock. I like Mermaids.
from reality :
i love you! ;)
from confruzzled :
wha the fuck is your problem? is your life so incomplete that you have to fill your time by making others miserable? have you really stooped to that level? i guess so, "q". but your obviously not as tough and witty as you think, cuz you're too much of a wimp to even leave your name. ooo, look at mr tough guy...
from action_grrl :
Hello hello. I just realized that I filled out the comment thing for your old journal instead of this new one. I'm kind of dumb, I think. Anyway. Just wanted to say that I'm lovin the new layout. Very hip and cool, yo :)
from indierawk :
Awwwwwwwwwww poor kitten lost all her comments! We still love you... especially with new fishies. Yaaaaaaay fishies! No more Eric, on to Chris... Kickassssss... keep on breaking those boys' hearts ;) You rock the casbah
from confruzzled :
i have definately sunk way too low. WAY too GODDAMN low! but atleast i have a comment now *is happy*

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