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from angryquail :
Ooh, I didn't get to leave a message for you on AIM yesterday. Very best of luck and congratulations for finally getting to this day!
from cutething :
good luck with the baby! :D
from tiggersnail :
good luck with the baby!!
from luckeycharms :
your post about stupid people is hilarious... and so true. check out my diary -kristen
from cutething :
you will never be rejected, not by me, anyway. and i' m pretty sure you' re a shoe- in with god, too. i don' t know if that means much, but hey.
from copic :
Thanks so much for telling me that the comments were not working! I have no brain left... 8 days til the baby gets here, and I have NO BRAIN. None, fin, zip. I hope it's working now, I also got a new format to the page.
from cutething :
Hmm... what' s that sound? ah yes, twilight zone music. by the by, your comments link doesn' t seem to be working -- dunno if you noticed.
from muxxie :
Wow hun, I thought about going into telemarketing myself thinking that it wouldn't be hard to get paid for people hanging up on me but I worried about the weirdos like me out there who yell and fuck with caller's minds. I am not a nice person to call asking for all...ever. I get weird. but now, you have made me decide that it might be a lucrative field in our failing economy. so, I too shall turn to the Dark Side that is telemarketing.
from cutething :
aello is my mother. she' ll kill me if she ever reads that, but the parallels are amazing -- and amazingly funny, in a cold creepy sort of way. regardless, i love all your stories -- what a wonderful way to keep a diary.
from angryquail :
If you got 90% that means you are 90% pure, meaning you are 10% gay. Confusing, isn't it? Thanks for reading my diary, hope you enjoy. I LOVE your stories.
from z0tl :
you're 0n to something...
from muxxie :
just finished the aello section, and you meet some messed up women! she is the type of gal I hate and makes me really wonder if men's views of us aren't correct? I would like to see most women advance and be equal but gals like that should just be put down. I am mostly amazed that you never slapped her in all of that...if I was pregnant, up on hormones, I would have at least yelled at her at one point in this mess...maybe she wouldn't have invited you back!
from myhorizons :
OMG...... was the most hysterical entry I have ever read :)
from muxxie :
liked your jenna series, but are the other headings blocked off from me? or are they not there? oh oh I want to read more!

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