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from wifemotherme :
Big huge fat hug to you. I am sorry but I did have to laugh at your foul mood just a little (ducking). I had almost forgotten what it felt like when they took my ovary - RAGE..... full throttle. It was hormonal and it does pass and then I sware the floor wont be quite so bad. Maybe with work though it is time to ask for your old poisition back. I do hope you feel better soon and bad mood aside I am happy to hear of the simi-good report from the dr.
from wifemotherme :
hope you find time to update soon. How did the second doc appt go?
from forty-plus :
I'm so glad your dad came out of the surgery so well. This is wonderful news, as is your family adopting a puppy!
from forty-plus :
Oh Crystal, I am praying for your dad. I am sure catching the attack in early stages helped. I will be thinking of your family this weekend. Take care, Y.
from forty-plus :
Thank you for your comforting words.
from forty-plus :
What are CWDs?
from frogmom :
have your head checked out. LOL That really didnt sound right. Anyways betetr safe then sorry!
from frogmom :
way to go with Cait and the job!!
from frogmom :
Sounds like quite a bit and yard work got done! We so badly need to do that if we could get a break in the rain!
from forty-plus :
Such a scare with the skin cancer. I'm glad you were aware enough to notice the changes. I hope all your check-ups prove you are clear of it. The situation at work was completely unfair. I hope something opens up very soon for you. Thanks for adding me to your reading list!
from mom2kendall :
I'm sorry about your kitty!
from lady-crystal :
Aww! I have found you just as you are finishing entering in your diary??!! We share the same christian name which is why I clicked on your diary but otherwise our respective lifestyles are poles apart. Well, it was great meeting you, albeit for the briefest of times! Good luck to you Crystal. Take care. Crystal (England) xx
from betenoire05 :
OMG! Welcome back! 2004 should only get better.
from mysticwhisp :
Hi Crystal. I enjoyed your journal. :) By the way i am in TN as well. Howdy neighbor. Spirit
from witcheepoo :
Hey thanks for adding me to your favorites list. I've just started, so not many people read me. It's good to know someone's reading my babble.
from betenoire05 :
My fingers are crossed that you and Cait get another negative. I think you are handling things a lot better than I would. Raising teen-age girls is so scary.
from moonara :
hi I would really like to have the waterdragon diaryring cause I really like waterdragons OH I like ur diary...
from wifemotherme :
I wish I had something great to tell you in dealing with DD but I dont. Hang in there though, most of them (teenagers) do become human again eventually
from dana-elayne :
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry about Cait. I wish that I knew what to tell you. My family went through this with my younger brother. He tested positive for other things too SO they had to put him in a home for a bit. Then, he went back to school, but he was in alternative school for a semester. Now he's clean and my parents are SO thankful!
from dana-elayne :
A photo place can usually restore old pictures. The Sears here does it. :) I've had a couple of my grandmother's that tore and they fixed them right up.
from dana-elayne :
*HUGS* how horrible about what happened after the football game. It makes you wonder how people can be so cruel! I know that after my dad had his heart attack that he changed in such subtle ways. My mom (in fact all of us) had to learn to deal with this new man that came home from the hospital in the place of my dad who went in.
from dana-elayne :
Ohhhhhh I so want one of those Sizzix machines. I've been so tempted. _SO_ tempted. I've been able to talk myself out of it most of the time. I think it might be my present to myself for my 32nd birthday in April. Glad the hubby's party went so well! :)
from neurotic-one :
Crystal, I'd like to say thank you for adding me to your list of favorites, its always a boost to the ego to see that people take an enterest in what you say or feel. I intend to get into reading your diary as soon as possible. Thank you once again, Barbara
from dana-elayne :
I hope the thing with Cait gets better. I know it's an uphill battle sometimes. You mentioned scrapbooking. I simply LOVE to scrapbook. I've never used CM but I've heard that it's good. I use a lot of Pebbles in my Pocket, Kangaroo and Joey, and so many others :) What team was your husband pining for? I love football!
from organicmommy :
Thanks for your note and the possitive feedback. I really enjoyed reading about your kids. I thought that the fear and worry would eventually leave--no such luck, huh? And, I'm happy that your surgery went okay and that your incisions are healing.
from alswelinhell :
that picture with the girl and the gun to the guys neck is HOTT
from kittieluvur :
HIII!!!! okay im just a little 14 year old girl who loves to read your diary. its different to read about an older persons life. cause like all the diarys i come across are teens who have these messed up lives. and are all heartbroken. but okay. i think ive taken up enough of your time. ~Tracie~

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