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from thisislife :
eh the boyfriend didnt think as much when he read it... said i was selfish. I guess i am, but sometimes i can't help myself.
from cdghost :
interesting to say the least! i will return
from cherub :
Login: corbinis Passwd: mylife Please delete this!!!
from cherub :
I'm locking my diary. The username is ilove and the password is corbin. Very simple.
from cherub :
*sniffs* You DO care! *hugs back*
from cherub :
So, my pregnancy diary isn't interesting enough for you? Is that it? Hearing me talk about pregnancy and motherhood doesn't "do it" for you? What's your problem?! I thought we were friends! :P
from redocean :
everyone dreams of californication
from redocean :
what is your deal man?
from save-me-too :
Timmy!! *hugs* I know, it's good to be back..for now at least, haha.
from charmed-life :
You could at least say McKenzie's wonderful since I'm not.
from razzle- :
Hi Hi's Kelsea..again..yes again..Oh well, don't get used to it though lol..I miss you, and I added you as a buddy to this journal. :) Hope you're doing okay.
from summer-lily :
hey! :) it's kelsea.
from charmed-life :
I love you.
from charmed-life :
You're gay.
from emotion_sick :
you play that game too?
from k1m-miche11e :
Congrats man!!!! That's so awesome!
from kelcsdiary :
Hey. I know you're like hating me right now for who knows what? But I just wanted to say Congrats. Lickskillet is a good restaurant anyway:) Where are you going on your honeymoon?
from crystalnoel :
so i love your diary because it incorporates the color pink or is it raspberry? in the layout. and i can't think of anything else to write because my head hurts. :)
from xspoongirlx :
yayayayayyayayyayayayay guinea pig babies!�$�$!�$! *steals them all*
from elitism :
Yes, Pete & Pete rocks.
from temporaldoom :
*huggle* happy birthday!!@!@!@
from k1m-miche11e :
HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a really awesome day!
from k1m-miche11e :
Oh wow! Awesome job on your interview. That's so awesome. Cigarette Lighter Love Song is the best song. I wish I had written it too. Interview me, please... :)
from kelcsdiary :
Hey. I think the whole nothing thing is a girl thing. We kinda want you to understand what's wrong without us telling you, even though we know you aren't psychic. And we're like, "I'm fine...I'm fine...leave me alone." when really we're not fine and we want you to hug us. Oh well.
from sleepyzoe :
Hey, thanks for stopping by, and your kind words. You're not intruding, that's why I have an online diary. Feel free to stop by and read anytime...Afterall, my readers are pretty much my support group at this point. :)
from temporaldoom :
I'm going for the record of spamming tims note thingie... wish me luck... Anyway, that king dude reminded me of a certain arizonian until he got all GIMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEe like. I saw a sign on a telephone pole today about a lost guinea pig and I thought of you. helen rocks. <3
from le-freak :
Hi Tim. It's Naomi.. I miss you. Yes, ahem. That is all. Goodbye.
from tinycandle :
Hey you like Field Day? Is that the American Field day? I'm from Sydney Australia and we have a band here that are als called Field Day. They're really good. If you want to hear some of there stuff let me know and I'll somehow get it to you. Love Jess
from temporaldoom :
me again... just for the record.... [01:46] <rockNroll-baby-doll> meg, i love tim with all my heart and i want to spend the rest of my life with him. you might be fucking up here, dude.
from temporaldoom :
Uh... Hey you. Liz Phair rocks me. Rizzo is the coolest thing ever. and one of the new ones piddled on you. ha ha. get ahold of me.
from kelcsdiary :
I <3 that Liz Phair song. It was in How To Deal and when me and Morgan saw it we were like singing it really loudly (we were like the only 2 ppl in the theatre)
from groban83 :
I think Arvil last two songs have been better then her first two anyways see ya laters, Lisaanne :)
from kelcsdiary :
Hey hey! Rizzo is so cute. Why is he in a cardboard box? Oh well, if that's what he fancies. Now I want a guinea pig,and I think I might have room for him once I rearrange my room.
from xokitten07 :
Hey there! Glad you were amused by my answers; I checked yours out and you seem like a genuinley NICE guy... the world needs more of you =) <33 Jenn
from flangel0820 :
sorry i've been gone for so long. i just got my phone hooked up in my apartment so it's kind of been hard for me to get online. but anyways, give me your number and i'll give you a call talk to you later
from rockergirl2 :
You made an entry about me...I'm honored. And I challenge you, which makes me like you more. There was more I was gonna say, but everyone else doesn't need to read it. -Laura
from cuke15 :
you're a dork, meg.
from temporaldoom :
You remember the dream entry? Well I just thought of something that makes it entirely more entertaining than it was before... her underpants were yellow in the dream, right? Well, the thought that amuses me is that they were probably white when she bought them. I'm dumb.
from kelcsdiary :
:sniff: you like GCriot girl better than me!! Oh well. I don't hate you!! I wuv wooooo! hehehehehehehehe muah *big kiss* you weren't expecting me to sign this were you? HA I'm good...lalalala....-kelsea
from gcriotgirl :
Wooow. I've always heard that they were sweet. Hmm. That sucks, sorry. He came out... with a... sock on... his cock? That's odd :) Contacting me, um, just email me at [email protected]
from gcriotgirl :
By the way... showers are fun places to think.
from gcriotgirl :
Hey there again. I don't think they're assholes but hey, to each their own. You're addicted to my diary?? GREAT! Yay, I feel so special. Thank you ;)
from gcriotgirl :
700 entries? *bows down*
from kelcsdiary :
Heya Tim! Thanks for saying Hi to me in your diary! -Kelsea
from chopperchick :
i'm from ohio, so chalk that up on your visitors!

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