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from desmondj :
from starrgazer02 :
Thanks for the "t-minus" explanation - I think on some level I already knew that - but makes more sense now that you put it into perspective! Thanks again!
from paperclipy :
Hi. I was reading your post about your birthday and announcing your engagement to friends and I liked the site so much that I linked to it in my latest post. Congratulations!
from dangerspouse :
So what did you think of the debate (first one)? I'm looking forward to your recap.
from starlight42 :
Oh ya, what's better than watching the Simple Life? Rich ditzy girls, do whatever the heck they want, don't care about anyone else and they think...good stuff! ;)
from dangerspouse :
I just KNEW the Jersey folk would spot that. You are indeed correct - no trucks allowed on parkways, and he found out why. Hit an overpass kept the road snarled for hours. Lotsa angry shore-goers. Thanks for the note! :)
from tinawolff :
Hi! I stumbled across your diary and just wanted to say that your entry, "Flashblacks of Notre Dame," was awesome. I'm a junior there right now and everything you had to say about the memories you create at the Grotto and different just put it all into some really poetic words. Rock on and go Irish (ok that was lame)
from dangerspouse :
Hey Dano, thanks for the nice note over at my place (although I was dismayed that my Atkins burger-eating monkey lost to your carb loading Stealth Monkey). Nice to know that the Print Media shares my pain about assinine clients. Misery loving company, and all that. Hey, if you ever find yourself wending along the byways of North Jersey, particularly by me in Sussex County, keep an eye overhead. We're on a major raptor migratory route - you can spot hawk, Golden Eagles and even Bald Eagles. A mating pair of Red Tail hawks has an eyre only a hundred yards or so from my house in the woods. I'm waiting for them to attack me next :) Thanks again!
from sidewaysrain :
Those are fantastic photos -- thanks for hooking me up! Also, you're going to the Survivor finale???? *jealouses*
from trace-dawg :
Hey, i stumbled across your diary while looking up a Jack Kerouac poem (which you happen to have quoted in your diary). I hope you don't mind, I put you on my buddy list, because, well, your entries intrigued me. Just thought i'd let you know.
from barenaked500 :
Ha, pretty cool!
from barenaked500 :
I think I saw you at BNL! Do you have a ND sticker on the the drivers side window of your car?! Cause if you do I saw you! :) AND...just fyi - I liked Mr. DeGraw. :-P
from ladyro :
Even though I�m a football widow, I found myself daring to enjoy your Monday night commentary and have added you to my favorite diary list, as a result...Hell, you might even be able to convert me...eventually. Maybe. Cheers!...<|;-)
from miss-edith :
Ooh! Thanks for the link!
from puppyluv32 :
Hey, my name is Steph. Whats up. Anyway, i love Billy Joel, i love a ton of his songs off of his Greatest Hits Vol. 1&2. Its feels good to actually find someone who likes him. ASL? Check out my diary sometime! Buh bye
from miss-edith :
Yeah, unfortunately, I can't find my manual anywhere. But Mitsubishi USA says that I have to take it to the dealership and there is a charge for looking it up. They swear that they can't look it up from my VIN or anything else, but that the dealership has to actually pull out the stereo and get a number off the back of that and then run it through a computer that only they have. It just seems screwy to me. I have searched online, and I can't find any evidence that this actually works as a theft deterrent. I just find a lot of really annoyed people with nonfunctional radios. I think I will right a letter though. That was a good idea.
from miss-edith :
Hee! You are so right.
from miss-edith :
Best. Entry. Ever. Well, I haven't read all of your entries I'm sure, but this one was really funny. Maybe you should get up early more often.
from barenaked500 :
colors definately vary when it comes to whale me. my favorite has to be the light pink pant/blue whale combo. who would have thought?
from miss-edith :
Aw, the shed. The shed has, I think, been adequately treated by Heather, so I gave it a pass. Plus, the entry was going to get out of control if I added the Russel plotlines into it!
from miss-edith :
Aww, thanks! Don't worry about skipping through the Catholic rant. It was an exercise in futility anyway.
from barenaked500 :
I have the same problem with all of my conflicting TV shows. Sounds like you guys need Tivo. :)
from miss-edith :
Wow, the last few messages are from me too. I'm not stalking you I promise! Just wanted to advise you that if you get the GameCube, make sure to get the warranty, because we didn't, and ours just stopped working after a couple of months, leaving us without Super Monkey Ball and Super Mario Sunshine. :( Luckily, we still have the PS2!
from miss-edith :
Yeah, Bush is a punk-ass chump is my favorite, but I am also fond of the George Bush couldn't run a laundromat. That is really insulting to people who run laundromats though, so points off for that. I'm surprised you never saw them. Maybe they were locally produced.
from miss-edith :
Ok, here's one. I started with you, which took me to TheShivers, kayemess, skypie, kittyspy, to rip-tv who doesn't have any favorites so the trail ends there. Fun way to kill some time at work when there is no work to do.
from miss-edith :
That's a great idea about the 6 degrees. I am going to try that when i get my work done for the day. I agree that it's not that I am bored with the diaries that I do read, it's just that every time I go looking, I find so much great writing, just at random, that I feel like periodically expanding my list. Thanks for the great idea, Miss-Edith
from psumattingly :
Hey.. it's not my fault man. You'll be very happy to know (Denise was) that I was rooting FOR the Irish the whole game.. even cheering along and everything ;-)
from elateddream :
Hmmmmmmmm...your pictures/grahpics for the links are interesting.
from barenaked500 :
You're back!
from caligirl :
hi, i'm a fan of the "real world" and the osbornes, too. both are like bad car accidents. you don't want to look, but you just can not help it! :) "real world" ass.
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise for andrew!
from testify :
WWJD... for a Klondike bar?
from barenaked500 :
Happy Anniversary!! ;o)
from barenaked500 :
Dave Matthews Band - Mon, Apr 15 / Madison Square Garden / New York, NY Tue, Apr 16 / Madison Square Garden / New York, NY - i checked and nothings even up on ticketmaster yet but i just figured id tell ya about it. ;-)))))))))))) XO - daves lover.
from barenaked500 :
Hey Dan...I hope you enjoyed the BNL tape. It wasnt the greatest copy ever but i only had 2 and that one looked the best. ;-)Anyway,have you ever hear of John Mayer - hes greeeeeeat. If you havent i think you should check him out!! XO.
from barenaked500 :
gosh, this note thing is so much easier than a freakin' guestbook!
from barenaked500 :
I just wanna let you know i have a copy of the concert for you sitting on my a bit slow when it comes to making my way to the post office! ;-D
from brkfstfnys :
Floop! I am leaving you a note for no good reason except that you walk me to the bus stop with my lunch money and I love you for it. See you tonight! I will fall asleep on your arm!
from barenaked500 :
im jealous...i wanted to be starry night! you jerk!!
from lynikana :
this is a way cool diary. big ups to you, boy. ^_^
from molzo :
about quotation marks: I think it's foreigners, 'cause I noticed it years ago, mostly in English writings...of course, that could be a total load of crap!
from molzo :
no wait, I think I have an inkling...isn't there something about a summer cabin I remember?
from molzo :
What's with the Maine license plate?
from barenaked500 :
woohoo - you stuck a link on your diary (not DAIRY, smarty) - whats with the maine LP? how about a NY one...? are we new yorkers not good enough for the almight dan?!? hehe, ANYWAY...there really isnt a difference between GBs and notes - just notes take a second and guestbooks take, ugh...3! rambling now!! ill shut up. ;-D
from barenaked500 :
dan...dan...dan...nobody ever leaves you notes because you dont have a link on your diary to them...duh! ;-D or maybe youre just not as cool as me - i mean i already have like 20 notes! (woah) anyway, i feel so honored to be leaving you the first note!! have a nice day! ;-)

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