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from yellokitty :
are you dead?
from dust-settle :
hey clicked on the banner and found myself enjoying your monkey entry. good shit. ;)
from the-escape :
from ajax :
Good luck being a quitter. This sounds all afterschoolspecialesque, but seriously: quitting was the BEST THING I EVER DID. Smokers smell like ass. True story.
from saiyanstar :
I saw a banner and I saw a Super Saiyan. You're into Dragon Ball Z too. :) Good diary too. ~Star
from sjomedia :
Sorry to hear about you and Jess.... hope things are better soon.
from pantasy :
I came for the banner, stayed for the wit. Oh yeah, and I dig bacon too.
from mdmmgloat :
i mispell a lot so yes or no or yes or yes or yes?
from mdmmgloat :
Right now no diaries but I grade on LOOKS: 5 POINTS ENTRYS: 20/20 CREATIVE: 50/50 PROFILE: 10/10 STORY: 20/20 BEST ENTRY: WILL I KEEP READING?: TOTAL POINTS:95/95 COMMENTS: If you want your diary checked NOTE ME!
from seanandjacob :
Football? Yikes, I forgot that it even existed. Want to know what it's like, read us at High Five, keep up the work, fan!
from stoo :
yo farrell from the neptunes is in that commercial too! also, the eagles are making me sad.
from wendyshasha :
yo doug...wendy here. I read your diary, it was rad...I guess it was your birthday or something, hope it wsa good. See probably sooner than you'd like to imagine.
from yellokitty :
happy birthday duggles!
from bluecinema :
happy birthday. let's say a quick prayer for 2003 and hope that the earth will maintain balance despite the great tumult.
from sjomedia :
Wow, Thanksgiving in Tahoe...... that sounds like the best idea I've ever heard.
from yellokitty :
dearest dug, i am glad you crawled out of your ass to write another entry. i know you don't write this for us and all, but i am selfish like that and relish diary entries like no other, especially since thee bf stopped writing in his d-land. hope you are well and congrats on the new house.
from ozrockchic :
I think I may have to propose based on the fact you're looking forward to HP2 as much as me. Love your work.
from yellokitty :
deerest dug, i hope you aren't pulling a stoo. i am missing your lyrical assault on my brain and i am giving up on stoo and his diary so you're all i have left. well not really but you know the deal. how are you? i am guessing you are on drugs because you don't like the streets. i mean, HOW CAN YOU NOT? btw, he's white. i betcha like him now huh? hahah i'm just kidding. i'm rambling. i better go back to work. i hope you're doing okay. lemme give you huggles. <3, mal
from kristoli :
Ha! that would work if I were stupid enough to cook for my flatmate, but good god NO! We both do our own cooking but I wash and clean everything, this is because he is a boy and I can't live without clean stuff to cook with and decomposing food in the kitchen, the worst of it is, I'm not a clean freak AT ALL but I always crack first *grumble*
from bluecinema :
people are worrying about the economy and corporate responsibilty, this means it's time for WAR! remember, i'm a good war president. keep those approval ratings HIGH.
from ann-frank :
dear d-bacon: i dig yer green. & more.
from sjomedia :
Manic D Press is fairly heavily entangled in the Bay Area spoken word/slam poetry scene..... you could probably slip into some of the local events to check it out, see what sort of stuff they're looking at (probably a much wider variety than you'd think). Check out and
from yellokitty :
*phew!* thanks for the update; for a quick minute there i thought you were pulling a "stoo." p.s. tubbies where it's at for summers in the city 2002. it keeps you warm at night.
from yellokitty :
that was awe-inspiring. bravo, bravo!
from yellokitty :
deerest dug, to save your south park you-ness, you must do this: hold down the Alt key and press the "Print Scrn/SysRq" key. then open an image editing app and paste into a new doc. Save as .gif or .jpeg and upload to your ftp site. voila!
from bluecinema :
"tallest film school chick"? how about i call you "coolest frat boy to drag race jeeps"? but actually that would be the truth.
from bluecinema :
your entries are giving me comfort, better than a lutheran minister could give. your expression of sorrow and frustration are helping work through my emotions of the same. i thank you.
from bluecinema :
that entry where you rip off rimbaud, i love it, i might print it out and hang it above my bed next to the photo of rimbaud. seriously dig bacon yer one smart funny cat. oh yeah, and i know you too. or i used to. heart, angela
from stoo :
if your karma comes to you in a way that is like the way my karma came to me, it will come in one lump sum, ten-folded, and eventually you will be amazed by the greatness that is your life.
from yellokitty :
dug. stop beating yrself up. you deserve all the good sunshiny-rainbow-butterfly-daisy things, okay? now let me beat you up.
from chaosgirl :
hey dug, I joined this damn diaryland thing so i could leave annoying notes to you and stoo. Anyway, I have a similar concern with my own sister. I think sometimes she fears I overshadow her, because I am more forthcoming and sociable than she. I see sometimes that she struggles to find her place, and does so by being drastically different from me. She seems to be so unhappy sometimes, and when I make suggestions or give advice, she says, "Oh, I could never do that." My advice is really practical, but she seems to lack courage. I feel sometimes I am growing closer to her, but I worry that she wishes she could be like me... she hasn't been in a relationship in forever, and she's afraid to ask people out. She doesn't notice men are intersted in her til I point it out. Sibling dynamics are so strange... Glad to hear you had a good time with your brother though. All the best my love! Ami
from stoo :
hi. just wanted to let you know that i have already trademarked the "arms out to the side" analogy. in the future, please find a way to describe your love that is less infringing. thank you.
from stoo :
chlor-trimeton, my friend. chlor-trimeton.
from yellokitty :
i usually hate poems but this one was super keen and made me giggle like a schoolgirl.
from yellokitty :
dug. the orange layout screams gay. not saying that gay is bad or anything. i'm kidding. we love the dug! if you don't update often, i know where you live. i will fight you.

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