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from samyra :
eep wow....i look like..haha - my results are so ..very different. I'm embarassed again :P ~ K
from strubette :
ABBY - I'm procrastinating going into work, and just read your was awesome! I love the fact that you added pictures! Anyhow, you just made my day at I can die a happy woman having seen Wolverine and Indiana next to one another! :) Love ya girlie!
from strubette :
Abby!!! I just love you SO much! I love your entry about mother's day; it's great. I love your hair....looks awesome! I want you to know how exstatic I am for your first publishing...nothing is EVER a small accomplishment! Anyway, good luck during finals week! Love ya, girlie!
from shabazzmath :
I have a diary, cool
from maihgread :
Abby, don't be too hard on yourself. Yer human, and humans never live up to their own expectations. What's important is that God knows what you can do, and how quickly you can do it. I know I feel like a failure so often myself with my relationship with God, but I also know that because He loves me I can eventually find my way. Just try and be as patient with yourself as He is, and you won't be disappointed.
from openthegate :
just wanted to say that i found your diary and i really like it!i'll be back!
from dreaminblack :
Hellow. Your user-name is very similar to mine and I thought that was odd. A coinsidence? hmm. maybe. Anywayz... hellow! lol
from maihgread :
Abby, hon, I can sympathize what yer feeling towards Skyler. I've been there, both with Tim and w/my ex-bf. I hope that yer mountain shrinks every day *hugs*
from estimation :
I think yer the greatest friend ever, Abby. I wouldn't have you any other way. --Liz
from estimation :
I just wanna see what it looks like.. Liz
from estimation :
I just wanna see what it looks like.. Liz
from maihgread :
just because fewer people see your light (as you probably incorrectly assert) does not mean that your light does not shine brighter to those few who are lucky enough to recognize your worth. *hugs*
from maihgread :
I love the new design!! :-) I may be coming back this way sometime, too, but with a different diary. will let ya know if that happens :-)

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