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from anisettekiss :
LOL. Army of Darkness. "Hail to the king, baby."
from lauralgood :
hmmm. I have been going through my old notes looking for a specific quote from a lovely friend and I found your words. What a nice surprise it was. Keep smiling. Laural
from silveress :
ah, finally, you update. :) where's the link to your guestbook, or do you not have that anymore?
from mjb-love-ccs :
I think for someone who comes off to be quite educated, your questions in the "kids these days" survey are quite biased. And you can never get accurate answers by asking biased questions. People will either A: react how they think you want them to react, or B: see what ridiculous comments you leave after a question by sprinkling in bits of your own opinion, leaving people to answer quite rudely or defensively. So, I guess, have your fun and games, but if you're expecting to find some sort of valid number or statistic, if you even have a hypothesis as the basis of these questions, you ought to start over. Everything there is invalid and laced with your own values. You just won't get a valid answer, and you'll get to say, "see, these people ARE all idiots..." self fulfilling prophecy; treat the general population how you believe "they all are", and they will be that way. Example: if you believe "everyone" is argumentative, and you ask a question laced with little traces of your biases toward people and their assumed argumentative natures, even the humble peaceful people will notice it and come out of the woodworks to get defensive, and yes, you've got it, they will ARGUE. You get what you expect. And you must have expected very little. And maybe that was your goal. To be always "right"- an egotistic self-serving bias called the confirmation bias. Set your expectations low, and you get low, feel low, and treat others low, so they in turn treat you like you're low. Which you are.
from rainbow-pebz :
About your latest same thing has happened to me. I think people need to start realizing people are not toys. Because a lot of us are being "toyed" with. It's sickening. We do it out of vainity, out of love (the odd case), and every other emotion you can think about. "fuck that shit, yo" Are the exact words i put it, as well. Goodluck to ya. -Rae
from lauralgood :
hey, oh wise one. congrads on getting your degree. I never walked in my graduations just cause i hate the idea but i hope you have a wonderful time. tell me how the walk is if you so desire. and dont worry the job and friends will fall into place (i say as i sit here still looking for my real job...but things will be different for you, i promise.) maybe you will go to a cool place like new orleans (which i am going to be visiting in weekend or two. yea me.) by the way, i like saving up your entries to read three or so together cause i like your writing style. oh, and it was just money and poltics that the other country's did not get involved in the whole war thing. but those are the same reasons we did get involved so who aren't we all hypocrites? keep smiling. laural
from lauralgood :
Just an observation about your last entry. I feel the choices that we and those who are in charge of us make do help to determine the people we become. However, the choices that we make for ourselves and choices made for us by others should not be used as excuses for poor behavior when one is grown. Being able to figure out for oneself where a particular trait or habit has come from can be very helpful in eliminating or accepting it, and many times things such as divorce or abuse can be the beginning causes for the trait or habit, tracing back can be good. So determining the root cause of such things will make life easier, but such causes should never (in my opinion) be used to continue in an unhealthy behavior. Where one comes from does not have to be where he or she ends up. laural
from lauralgood :
yes the attention to detail is interesting. but the very fact that god is found everywhere and in everything is more interesting to me. the fact that if one keeps her eyes open she will discover things she never could of imagined god's hand in. one with all. laural
from lauralgood :
hello agian. hmmm... A reactionary emotionally insecure bag of testosterone maybe (you are right you have no reason to lie) but I like the way your mind seems to work. as for the quote, sure we could discuss that I haven't done much of that sense grad school. could be fun. A poem I love: God's joy moves from unmarked box to unmarked box, from cell to cell. As rainwater, down into flowerbed, As roses, up from ground. Now it looks like a plate of rice and fish, Now a cliff covered with vines, now a horse being saddled. It hides within these, til one day it cracks them open. -Rumi ( A Persian mystic) Any thoughts on that? As far as the quote I left it rather chilled me to the bone when I read it. A friend sent it to me one day (oddly, right after I was feeling extremely patriotic about our country). I agree with the quote whole heartedly and find it very appropriate now. Sorry to leave such a long message, hope your night is a good one. laural
from sporkqueen :
So when is this amazing update going to happen? I'm about to die from the antici.... (say it!)...pation! ;c)
from intehface :
not really, newb.
from littlerenee :
Hey, I like your diary... just thought I would let you know that someone is reading. :)
from singingcynic :
why am i the only one who uses this page? *confusion*. ah well. at any rate: i hope the writer's block goes away. it is an entirely uncomfortable thing that tends to last for MONTHS with me. the last one was, er, 7 months. before that... oh, about three years. i hope that you get back on the proverbial horse soon. catch you on AIM sometime. toodles.
from singingcynic :
dammit, ducks, in your case it's GIRLcott. get it right, for chrissake. ;-)

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