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from alqualonde :
Hello there ebm! I was wondering if you could do me a small favor? A few years ago I took a small survey that you had composed. In my results/answers I left some very personal info such as my email address and phone number. I was curious as to whether or not you could delete these tidbits so I can preserve my private life and keep it away from the internet :P I would be very appreciate if you would do this. Thank you in advance! Also if you would like to read me, I have a blog on LiveJournal that you can check out :)
from vintagepearl :
Have fun. Wish the show wasn't so damn far away from lil' Maine.
from candoor :
New York to Toronto, so much of me comes from and was left there... reading you touches depths rarely shared today... thank you for that, I think :}
from plopphizz :
Congrats, one of your older Halloween entries has been quoted: Thanks for the great writing. -- Ploppy.
from boombasticat :
Your New York, Don't Front entry reminded me of Joan Didion's essay "Goodbye to All That."
from mousemilk :
Hello! kristintracy sent me. What a fine diary this is! By the way, I see you list The Television Personalities in your profile. I saw them a couple of weeks ago and they were utter shite. So it goes.
from bluemeany :
Was I supposed to think about something TOTALLY DIFFERENT than icing when you mentioned your "piping skills"? Because I so did. Heh heh. Heh heh.
from guitarphreak :
quick question: how do you know DFA?!
from bluemeany :
Dude. LOVED the signs. Good ol' Canadia! Oh, and if it makes any difference, if I had had a chance to read your last entry, I probably would have at least given some sympathy props. Word.
from bluemeany :
Yes, the new asshole shall be torn. Slowly and painfully. After the sex, that is. Can't forget the sex.
from bluemeany :
Hey thanks for favritizing me! Your comment cracked me up. Also, I just noticed in your profile that you like Richard Farina ... I'm re-reading "Been Down So Long It Looks Liike Up To Me" for the eight-zillionth time right now; and I've met maybe two other people who have ever even heard of him. Therefore, you rock! Later --Meany
from bluemeany :
Nice new place ... I want an interrogation mirror!
from matthewpv2 :
Thought you were a good read...and I am leaving you a note saying so! ;)
from beckers-j :
Great diary! I clicked your Mary Kate banner (snigger), and now I'm adding you to my favorites!
from bluemeany :
You remind me of that sea turtle off of Finding Nemo. Not a bad thing! I've just never met anyone who actually typed the word "dude" in a diary before. Therefore, being the first, you have earned a place in the "extra cool" files of my brain. Yay! Nice banner, by the way.
from dreya :
You are such my imaginary love slave. I link you now!!
from muffindisco :
So, I click on your banner and I'm like, "wow, this diary is awesome." And then I'm like, "This girl knows Sebastian Granger and so does my boyfriend. BIZARRO."
from lilmo-fo :
totally rad... love the mary kate banner... interesting diary... facinating... boyfriend from the t dot... close to home for sure... heart momo
from candoor :
banner brought me, smile reminded me I like it here :)
from asrael :
I keep clicking your banners. =)
from banefulvenus :
LOVE your banner!! your site is original too...
from simplify :
i'm adding my praise to your stellar banner. you're good.
from golfwidow :
Best banner I've seen in ages and ages. (The "we crashed your car" one.)
from sevensurge :
I just saw an amusing banner and clicked on it, only to be pleasantly surprised that I already read you! Nice work.
from sevensurge :
Okay so I just saw a really amusing banner and clicked on it, only to be pleasantly surprised that I already read you! Nice work.
from huocer :
I tripped and this is where I wound up. Other than that, I think I'm quite all right.
from kohlbits :
this is a great site! I think I may add you to my buddy list thing cuz I believe I may be coming back to read more of your stuff! keep it up!
from lulu-burden :
Have a wonderful Christmas, and an awesome New Year! : )
from punkedupqt :
hey i was just sittin there and for some reason ure banner was opened up on my screen (dude talk about haunted computers riiite). i like ure diary tho. twas fate. =)
from shrty16 :
hi i just saw your diary. it was funny. i like the pics. you gave me my laugh for the day thanx!
from mastrbateme :
I like your diaryyyy
from dark-doll :
from betterland :
LOL~! I absolutely love your banner "A retard made a diary". You made my day! *hugs*
from guitarphreak :
if i even got to meet DFA, i think id faint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, how im jealous! <3 take care xox
from fiestada :
Owl mask? Terrifying. Otherwise, I totally want to move near you, 'cause you always seem to be having the best time.
from o-twinkle-o :
.. loved your banner. reminded me of 'grosse pointe blank' - a quote i have in my profile. killed the king of paruguay with a fork. how're you? buddy list.
from jaggedarms :
i responded to your banner ad. you're like a memory of mine. i brightened slightly. thank you.
from warmbit :
the typeface, i love. the photos, made me smile. they reminded me of how much fun shooting at carnivals/faires can be.
from bloodyme :
hi! i like your diary. very cool stuff.
from annivate :
rogain. also worth about sixty dollars.
from mangotuesday :
all my love and rockets.
from westyrex :
it looks like you're kissing a kurt.
from wild-abandon :
yes, that dog is also, making me insane.
from emmazchaos :
Your diary is refreshing and a nice change from the other ones. =) Definitly adding you as a favourite.
from divaredneck :
Seems redundant to say, but your banner is freaking funny!
from cacophic :
I clicked on your banner (the mary-kate one). And I'm wicked freking glad I did. Thanks for the laughs you gave me.
from overlyemo :
I loved your banner. ("Let's all hold hands until Mary-Kate is better.") I was actually laughing when I saw it. It made my early morning.
from mimseylou :
I'm lovin it. It's also refreshing to see that one of my other favorite diarists has left you a note. Sweet beans.
from miniknickers :
hi i clicked on your banner. nice layout, the lines kinda make me dizzy but so do lots of other things (driving by cornfields for instance) I like your diary.
from galaxyrabbit :
she's more than pretty cool.
from fierycross :
you sound pretty cool. actually you sound like one of those ppl who does random jackass things and laughs about it. i should know im one of those ppl too
from starlight42 :
clicked on your diary.
from pitdog :
i think that your diary is rubbish ha ha
from grandbeach :
You are hilarious!
from primessa :
Raw liking.
from punk-loser :
chick, you're the fucking motts, but i'm pretty sure that you already knew that... WOOO PAGING DR. LOVE!!!!!!!
from ebm :
it has EVERYTHING to do with EBM.
from tritius :
This Diary really has doesn't have anything to do with Ebm, does it..
from invisibledon :
happy holidays
from indigo-love :
your banner is great. your diary is even greater. we belong to some of the same rings too. :) rock on!
from candora :
banners lead to some of the most interesting of places...
from dancnonashes :
man your diary kicks ass. you must tell your friends shayne and sebatian they are so hot.yumm
from withkerth :
ohhhh! your diary is the BEST DIARY EVER! i am so serious. even your banner is cute! you're a dream! and i would enjoy kissing your buddy sebastian! he looks really great.
from gumphood :
also...considering your next entry is #400 I was hoping for something good.
from gumphood :
I have decided to add you to my favorite because you interest me. I am not interested in you, as much as what you are about. I just want to see where you life leads you over the next few weeks. Just in case you were wondering why I added you.
from pizzelle :
God are so weird that I feel like putting a cheese grater in a big black sock and beating you with it. REALLY FAST, until you're like "please stop beating me with that crude weapon" and I'd be like "okay, if you promise to wear more deodorant" and you'd be like "huh?" so I'd keep beating you. And I mean all of this in the best possible way. So wtf?
from gothinicchic :
from joalu :
Yo, your shit is the shit. You're on my b-list (because I can't bring myself to write out b-ddy list. It's just not cool).
from joalu :
Yo, your shit is the shit. You're on my b-list (because I can't bring myself to write out b-ddy list. It's just not cool).
from xo-liesl :
oh ebm. I adore you.
from greenthinker :
haha- sorry, didn't mean to lose you there. Well, there was this blind/mentally disabled kid that was some paino prodigy on 60 minutes the same night that you wrote that last entry, and they had him playing Do You Know the Way to San Jose. ok! unnecessary information. Anyway, I think you're really hot. And thats about it! love! sally
from greenthinker :
oh my god. you watched 60 minutes last night about the piano kid, huh? Do YOU know the way to San Jose?
from greenthinker :
you're life is like The Hipster's Handbook. and I'd bet that you've read it, too.
from benramot :
I'm glad to hear that you like your new school . I have to admit I was a bit worried first , after that entry and when I saw the strange places where we bought your school supplies. When we couldn't find the platform at King's Cross I was tempted to just forget about it. Now I'm glad I didn't. You were always a bit different from other kids and the older you got , the more you reminded me of Nunu. There were always strange things happening around Nunu. I sometimes wonder if Nunu ever planned on telling me .I have some good news : Mr and Mrs Doyle hired me to make the flower arrangements for their daughter's wedding ! It's a big order and they pay well . After buying your school books I was getting a bit tight for money , but things are looking better now. love you, indefinatly, -ben
from greenthinker :
ha. I'm officially classified as a teen. That's quite a jolt. However, if I new the basic properities to cloning, I would. But then again, I'd probably get all maniacal and clone a whole bunch of mes. There'd be a hundred thousand pretentious artsy snobs out there fighting for the last emo t shirt at Goodwill. Sweet Jesus. What a horrible idea. :) -sally
from taydo :
Ha! Thank you. You are very, very nice.
from grrly-grrl :
ok, please switch lives w/ me for a nite or 2, my tea is so freakin cold, i love & enjoy your pics emmensely, enjoy NY for me, say hi to Ryan Mcginly (think i can't spell?!)
from azulverde :
You seem to have a lot of fun. I wish I could join you.
from quitter :
yo matt's friend, you're a champ, my diary looks like an embarrassing stab at coolness compared to yours. peace
from creepyface :
oh, did i say something too offensive? so sorry. actually, no im not cuz u suck dry shit when it comes 2 making surveys.
from annfrank2000 :
hey if i ever come back to toronto can i see the hobo shack too? i mean you know that kind of stuff is right up my alley.
from keeds :
hi. i'm a boy genius.
from oh-sweet-pea :
hey yer portfolio site is very very pretty. i'm jealous and i'm thinking, why didn't i think of that. very nice. and your diary is hott. indeed.
from lecar :
i just wanted to say yo! it's snowing in sweden and i just went to marimekko and got totally disoriented and thought i was in outer space! i want to live there! i hope you're doing good! talk to you soon dudezzzzz xo molvod
from dominia :
Hey! I stopped and browsed through your diary so I am leaving a little note. Here it is. :)
from marisha79 :
no way dude! from staten island to the indiepopkids diaryring?
from ringostarr :
Hi. It's Jeff. We met at the "meetup". Let's get together again sometime, cool? till them take care
from ctamustang :
okay i just did your survey and you're funny as shit, so i'm gonna read your diary now....check mine out too. lata
from habbit :
yer funny!
from broken-boy :
!~HaPPY~HoLiDaYS~! I hope you have a happy, wonderful holiday season, with whatever you celebrate! -Stanny
from summer-tang :
Yeah, apparently I live in fucking U of T res with a bunch of loser dirtbags. Gross. I'm sure you're better off, though. How did the Block Party go, by the way?
from thepines :
I may be wrong, but Federal Raptor Specialist sounds pretty fuckin' white power to me. Oh, and my email's [email protected]... sleeping pills are crazy evil, and I'm not gonna take any more even if Foster sez they get more normal the more you take.
from burkenstocks :
you should donate your old machine to the rabbit. cleo could probably make sense of the whole thing; i read in like, fucking popular mechanics that rabbits are really good with electronics. -joe.
from thepines :
Dear ebm, Will going on tricyclides improve my life? Or should I choose Zoloft? I'm moving back to my parents, by the way...
from honeydale :
CLEAN REINSTALL! for REAL. it'll work. fuck bitch. i wanted you SO bad yesterday. i was sure you were gonna show up...and show up you did. two minutes too late. i should've called...but you see, working at KISS92, i need lots of naps lately. i tend to wake up a minute or so before i have to go places...and wear lingerie. dance cave tomorrow? call me. xoxo
from damfest :
When the flashing question mark appears, the computer is unable to find your System Folder. A temporary solution would be to insert the startup CD, but that won't solve the problem long-term. Something is apparently wrong when the Hard Drive can't find the SF, where it should be. Try each of the following...if the first one doesn't work, move on to the second, etc. 1) restart the computer, 2) restart computer with the shift key held down, 3) unhook any external SCSI, USB or FireWire devices, 4) start up computer from a Disk Tools disk if you have one, 5) perform a clean reinstall of the system software, 6) run disk first aid program, 7) use a program like TechTool Pro or Norton Utilities to examine the HD. If nothing else, make sure none of the keys on your keyboard or the mouse are being held down...this can sometimes prevent startups depending on your OS. Hope this helps...if not, let me know and I'll try to think of something else.
from sprung :
February 6, 2040?
from uberjnet :
you were at mates of state? wasn't it amazing?
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from pixiia-8 :
Have you any idea how much using the term 'mot juste' in convo makes you rock????
from kittybukkake :
Hanta virus? Nooooo! From the bunny and stuff? Nooo. Are you OK? You make me worry.
from ferchrissake :
I wrote this long-winded comment at the end of your survey and most of it didn't get through. It ended off with something along the lines of how i make clips of mr. ronson gyrating in his underwear, with the sweat perforating through the cotton. i'll most likely be seeing you at your place in the very near future. small world! wow
from sprung :
I just fell in love with you.
from faceplant :
you and your friends look so fucking cool.
from mersey :
you hair looks fucking amazing. i can't believe keeler did that. he's giving me a run for my money.
from kittybukkake :
>>We went to Shoppers. I got my hair cut. What is Shoppers and is that *where* you got your hair cut, like at the mall salon-kiosk? Because that's how I did it in the '80s when I kept trying in vain to get the John Taylor cut. Nobody could do it.
from kittybukkake :
Oh honey! <Huggz for thuggz> I'm sorry for your woes. Get back on the blonker--I will try to cheer you up. Come to NY in November? I will be there. Kitty knows what ails U.
from lowbranch :
kick ass. palestine rules!
from spindlz :
Hey. I just read your entry about you losing your luggage. That happened to me... three weeks ago. It was traumatic, but life goes on.
from uberjnet :
that amazing. i am speechless. and paralyzed with laughter. oversized soup cans? genius.
from raymi :
fucking add something new i am sitting her ein my underwear pickin my nose and being all-around fat and useless and i think i have read everything already. more more more moremoresdifdsgfdsgfdsglfdvfdsvre gregfv
from santaroberto :
there is no good copy of the idiots. that movie fuckin' sucks. it's the scourage of the dogma series. ok I'm done.
from veronica-- :
happy birthday
from pixiia-8 :
Yo, happy birthday dawg!
from uberjnet :
happy goddamn birthday!
from yellokitty :
happy birthday, hottness!
from kittybukkake :
oh girl, this is the rock AND the roll both! I am wicked glad you found me, Ebeeyem, is how I want to say it. Exciting.
from gingerbug :
I love your banner. Hahaha - one of the best I've seen!
from autumnal :
if we weren't two chicks, would ya have my baby, baby?
from worldsuicide :
What's up with that little wink and pinkie bite? It's way too sexy for d-land, ya hear? Don't make fools like me feel excited!
from chauffi :
You have a very amusing diary.
from hinthint :
jesus, youre one nut in a saltine world. and you rock for it. *woot, woot*
from brutalsugar :
*lol* you rock. hey, my mom's from canadia.
from miabogard :
lol, I got my bizzike in the hizzie for shizziy my fellow dlandizzy! Word up dawg.
from emoprincess- :
i despise people who tell america to eat shit -_-
from xskinpackx :
You have the COOLEST initials ever.
from theopendoor :
this was priceless: "Oh please, buy me a backpack and turn me into an emo song, Elizabeth!" Heh. Thanks.
from uberjnet :
i could hear all the fireworks from my flat. i'm, like, RIGHT at the park. i should have gone out, if there were sprinklers abound. ah....the painful heat. good times, good times.
from christabean :
Yay, pink stripey! I like the way you talk, also. *snaps, points finger whilst winking simultaneously* ch-chk!
from uberjnet :
your diary is cute and i heart it. you are also a toronto chicky and close to high park, which makes me very happy. i am happy. we are all happy....well, il'm happy
from sageadvice :
I want to get down! Oh fuck, I'm living in San Diego though right now. Also, I am a total nerd.
from emobelle :
can i borrow a feeling? can you lend me a jar of love? hurting hearts need some healin'. take my hand with your glove of love.... p.s. i like your diary. *ashley
from pixiia-8 :
such a great entry! Yea, dude, i feel the same way lately, i'm all like "...the monster is returning!!" lol. I kinda have to choke down my hate with most peeps these last couple of weeks. I think it may be the headfuck humidity playing a role in it.
from meowth2007 :
Hey girl! I really love your diary! Keep writing cause you rock!
from lisse :
you're funny.
from yellokitty :
yo homegirl, you saw graham thee otha day? shizzle. tell him i said wassup. we used to chat back in the back in the day.
from yamakingj :
You have a "fun-to-read" kind of diary. keep up the good work... maybe I'll swing by again soon... J
from santaroberto :
Hi! I'm bored. you're pretty. have a good one!
from pixiia-8 :
lol. your moms is hilarious. the myriad of ethical questions like these ones is what clearly makes clone slaves unfeasible in practice. cyborgs are where its at baby. clones are out, cyborgs are in.
from mersey :
it's random note day slut! leave a note for someone you love. or a 40. you choose.
from santaroberto :
oh jeez. I think you have enough notes already. why did I bother with a guestbook?
from romperstompr :
heh heh cute
from y2kate :
what shampoo do you use?
from argy :
Loads of execution. Brilliant. Plain brilliant. Screw that. It's not plain. Just stick with the brilliant. You rock.
from eggstone2000 :
from sageadvice :
As a born and raised "Kitchener-Waterloo goof" I take offense to your comment. We're not all "goofs" and you can't just classify us as that. Some of us are "dweebs" and "loosers" too. Try and keep that in mind.
from yellokitty :
fred perry, bling! i gots me one too. its so pretty.
from sobeit :
yes, it is I, Miriam. this is very strange that you've found me. I haven't written for over a year now I think... anyway, HI! where are you what are you doing. leave me your email address at my site and I'll email you. I can't seem to do that here. hope you are well... I'm in Ohio of all places. Miriam
from eggstone2000 :
Eventual Baby Mama.
from romperstompr :
He gives away cars? What an asshole. This one's for the mods, yeah right. This one's for the corporate sponsors he blows on a regular basis. So anyway, we don't know each other in reality. Also, what's with the message right underneath mine? What's with the analysis? I'm afraid.
from shawntasy :
"Passive Aggressive"?
as defined by the Miller-Keane Medical Dictionary, (2000):
"A "personality disorder" PERSONALITY DISORDER whose essential feature is resistance to the demands of others that is expressed indirectly under the cover of obstructionism, procrastination, stubbornness, dawdling, forgetfulness, and intentional inefficiency. This behavior pattern persists even when more effective behavior is possible. Such people are manipulative and attempt to make themselves dependent on others; they are often pessimistic and resentful but do not realize that their ineffective behavior is the source of their problems.
Do you really think so? Hmmmmmm, only one way to find out.
from faceplant :
I promise not all people in So. California are mutants. ClubBeatIt, is this totally awful 80's music club, rivaled in it's cheesiness only by the now defunct Velvet, which spun Paula Abdul songs. Blah. I was in Hollywood off and on for a year and never turned into a mutant. Then again I might be too poor to afford the transplant. ;)
from fadein :
of course when you are presented with a poundcake shark, you eat it. you have to. im on to you.
from impugnable :
you really need to update more often dearie. I tire of the wait without your words....
from pixiia-8ii :
from annfrank2000 :
Hey this is Eddie, I liked this entry a lot. It was funny as hell. I am a big fan. Tasty. Take that straight to the bank!
from pixiia-8 :
Oh :{...that's really gross...and sad, no? It must look sad.
from pixiia-8 :
I find it hilarious that you were hired to edit out profanities and politically incorrect you see the irony? Do you? Lol...please forgive me, and tell me how you got a baby horse in your back yard. That is so amazing!
from be-jesus :
aight sista-mutha, just keep full stock of dem 20 cent brews and leave the medicine cabinet unlocked, poppa's got a hankerin for some klonopin
from be-jesus :
ooooh, i was born a gamblin man, i'd like to buy a U? i mean Who is U? okaay so i guess it's AN A, AN E, AN I, AN O, but what about U, is it AN U? just don't sound right, nd it's not lways i before e except after c, fuckin teachers, no wonder i'm such a knob
from be-jesus :
hey i didn't know you liked evelyn waugh, what the fuzz? good job E.B.M. now i don't hve to kill you on friday when i get back to the T-dot, Holla. and yes i am going to join the stroke(r)s, as soon as i quit modest mouse and the rolling stones
from be-jesus :
is this it?
from kneesocky :
hey man...yes, cutie club *is* forever. anyway - i'm sure we know eachother in real life..and if someone who you know who is my roomate knew i had an online diary, i'd never no not ever never hear the end of it.. so this will be our secret... -sigh-
from pixiia-8 :
Hmm, drunk and on line at approx. 1am...aside from that being very sad, it is rather uncanny, as that is about the time someone used my name to write retarded, horny messages in peoples' guestbooks. Ech, girl, you just keep getting better. You need some confidence. Pix
from blang :
from pixiia-8 :
Oh dude...I know u kinda hate me, that's cool, whatev, but I cannot resist telling u your latex entry is some of the funniest shit I've ever read. When u write about actual stuff, u r WAY good. Pix
from yellokitty :
pink you're pregnant, blue you're not! hahaha! god i heart you. :P
from oneevlktty :
okay, for the clan laundry scent, try 'Smell This!' They have all kinds of kick ass stuff, I personally lsmell like chocolate thanks to them. that's their site. Adn it's relatively cheap, too. I'm such a tightass, saying it's cheap means a whole lot coming from me.
from pixiia-8 :
That graphic of cleo and ginger is about the funniest thing I've ever seen.
from pixiia-8 :
oh wow. You're right angry. That's a pretty scathing reply...but why did you write it in your own notes section? anyway, I like it when people correct my spelling, it makes me giggle. I'm not being a smart ass it's true. Don't get so worked up, I'm sorry I made you so mad. Annnd, I'm not Quebecois, I'm just here for school, so that part about the separation didn't really get me I kinda agree. And yeaa, my hair sucks. Sigh. Pix
from mel839 :
hahaha!!! your little 'i'm gay' stunt cracked me up, i've gotta try that some time.
from sageadvice :
"LCBee-yotches" I live in Ontario and that's really funny. They always card me too.
from pixiia-8 :
Oi. HOLY moly. Aiichiiwawa. GiRl you are mucho loco, muy guappa, is' alll good. Me like talk pretty. Me like cake. Me like u write and draw and picture and good music and so much! Coooolsvilee diary. :))). Pix
from fergie :
loved the dj entry - great site! take care.
from dolfinlandia :
cock of the wok!
from liliput :
everywhere i look, yellokitty has been. that girl is all so popular. well, any friend of hers... can you be MY FRIEND TOO?! =P i checked out your diary, but looooooooooved your homepage. your pics were entertaining & your resume - pastermiece! MUAH! LOOOOOOve it!
from be-jesus :
faceplant's right, i am a bit of a fox aren't i?
from yellokitty :
that pic is just WRONG. WRONG I TELL YOU!
from eggstone2000 :
from thepines :
according to everyone, I live in Coolsville, Coolsylvania!
from thepines :
Yo, go search diaryland to see about coolsville- population: one. Unless I get my babymama to be my prom date when I finish grade 11...
from oneevlktty :
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's got to be the funniest thing I've ever read n a diary!
from yellokitty :
oh my god. mark made you drinks???? i had the biggest crush on him when i was a wee lass! UGH! where is this place?
from yellokitty :
oh my god. your diary is sweeeeeet. my toof hurts
from eggstone2000 :
awww. you don't have to do that, to stay at the top of MY list of favorites.
from faceplant :
take it all off baby! ;)
from pleasureable :
hi :) here's your little note. ;)
from eggstone2000 :
NYC(e) ass.
from oneevlktty :
I just clicked on this ad, solely because it was cute. Then I really liked your diary,too. Who'd have thunk it? Welcome to my favorites list. (Not that it's an honor or anything, I just wanted to tell you. This can't sound good no matter what I type now, So I'll just shut up.)
from mel839 :
i like your diary, your layout is cute and chirpy too
from sprung :
Hey, your diary *is* better than mine! :(
from writ13 :
I like your diary layout. Very cool.
from dariadevil :
Nice diary.. but it's still not better than mine ~_^ *jokes* luv, dd
from eggstone2000 :
from dvda :
what do you think of indie-rock subculture being integrated with bourgeoisie? Do you think there is any rationality behind their empowering the culture?
from trickymartin :
i love the page love the banner and am sudenly bitter about never seeing my own banner. is it a conspiracy? does andrew hate me? should i cry into my beer? or just touch myself and pretend the world isnt ending?
from miabogard :
OH CANADA! OH CANADA! I like canada. Tornoto is cool.. my diary is cool, but o... is it as cool as yours? No no no.Can I be your girlfriend? Your gender matters not, so long as you are canadian, and like american girls who ramble on about how much they would really like to date a canadian. Or something... your diary rocks.
from doink :
the banner made me come to youre diary. and actually, yes. your diary is better than my diary.
from nakedthought :
i LOVE your banner!!! :D yeah, we should be proud of our diary, shouldn't we? cheers.
from vanessamess :
excellent. canada. sigh... i really love canada. i'm not disappointed in the least. heart.
from cucumber :
i saw your banner finally, so i clicked it. and leonard's not dead! he just released a new album. sorry about the miserable toronto weather, we're used to it.
from bonkrood :
very cute diary
from ann-frank :
... per your intstructions ... here is your little note ... like your diary ....
from faceplant :
i like your new banner ad. your diary is better than my diary. and you greg is a bit of a fox.
from blondefox :
hi, I'm not scottish but I like you.
from perceptions :
from mr-pants :
what do you mean your daddy made O.C. and Stiggs? Please explain as this is my favorite movie ever and I can not find it anywhere but randomly on sattelite TV!
from faceplant :
hi darling, i just applied for membership in your cocaine ring, just because i loved the description! Your design is fabulous! I will be back! Ciao!
from jcruelty :
i can't believe you got busted for jaywalking!! haha you are the worst criminal ever. anyway i really like the design of your diary. the brown is very soothing to my eyes-- EYES THAT HAVE SEEN TOO MUCH.
from bookslut :
hey, mamma! i enjoyed your empire. tofu rocks my socks!
from autophobia :
Thanks for the welcome...I like your site...short little not...-Lecta-

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