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from jcruelty :
hi... in your diary you mention chillits. i'm thinking about going this weekend but can't find much info on the web. basically it boils down to this: is chillits solely the province of aging hippies and old-school ravers, or is it a more mixed crowd? what's the music and scene like? i would greatly appreciate any info you could furnish, either via note or email ([email protected]). thanks
from soursaurus :
welcome to the club dollface.
from soursaurus :
i happened to come across your website while perusing the web in search of postal art sites and run on sentences. and i think you're neat.
from analucia :
i dont know if you even look at these note thingies, but i just wanted to say that i love reading your diary and i feel some sort of connection, but im not sure exactly what
from joe-average :
hi. did you go to burning man? if so, could i possibly convince you to sort of...oh i dunno describe the experience? i am going this year and i am trying to understand it a little better. perhaps you can enlighten me. thanks.
from eirever :
le, i've been reading you for... well, it feels like forever, at this point. does my not saying anything until now make me your... stalker? eek. no, maybe it just makes me your fan. why today is any different from the others, i couldn't tell you. i'll just blame venus rx and send you lots and lots of love. xo
from robotec9 :
elizibutt milkcan
from newfndglory :
hey elly, my names elly too! and ur diary is reeeeeeeeeeeely groovy, good thoughtz
from robotec9 :
elizibutt milkcan.
from deadeyedick :
"Everybody shits". I think I read that in The Handmaid's Tale. Good book. Write something to me to make me believe in Astrology. I want to believe in it, because it's so interesting. [email protected]
from aesthesia :
you rock! i've added you to my favorites and am loving your writing. it heartens me that you live so close, too... a wonderfully thinking, feeling, creative soul amidst this "silicon valley" ~m.g.
from tuxedo :
from ignotum :
Hi Elly, I sent you an email but I thought I'd drop a note here, too. This is by way of saying thanks...

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