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from chuffnutt :
Thank you for adding me to your dykeadelic ring. I tried to access your diary, but I haven't the code. If you want to give it to me, that's fine, otherwise it doesn't matter. I'm just glad to be part of another lesbian ring. I've added it already, but it hasn't shown up yet. It might take awhile, or not.
from slashrgrrl71 :
Hi :) Just thought you might want to see if you can pick up a couple of books related to the same subject of the book you just read: "Out from the Past" and "The Sewing Circle". One is a historical look and the second is a 'lesbian Hollywood' type of read as well. Highly recommended!
from no-yes-maybe :
I just had to tell you that you are awesome. Your layout rocks! I about died when those two kissed! You are great. I think I will add you to my favorites.
from fashionspazz :
hey.. how are you? hope you're doing fine!! take care!!! :)
from candora :
love the name (playing with words is the second most fun I can have by myself) and finding time to read more... all I have to do is forget to sleep.
from thatmarygirl :
from dont-stop :
Interesting diary, but I couldn't find the "previous" and "next" buttons. Are they hidden somewhere?
from ladyvivien :
OK, and NOW you're seeing the Goddess herself, Kate Mulgrew. Still jealous...
from ladyvivien :
grrr. You saw Tori in Glasgow. My jealousy knows NO BOUNDS. I couldn't get tickets. Tell me about it...
from raven72d :
A delightful diary, girl...
from ladyvivien :
Mmmmm...Tipping the Velvet. Good, good, T.V And boobs. Boobs in corsets. THAT I can,live with. La Dame du Lac
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from quantum87 :
.slice .xo.
from kick-flip :
Got sucked in by your banner (being a cat-loving dyke cliche) and enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you have a really healthy attitude to your job (I was outraged this morning when I realised I was expected to *work* today) and anyone who likes Bette Davies is alright by me!
from slash-mel :
Thought I could live without my Pam fix... Well, I can't. Is there any chance for me to get the password?
from quantum87 :
Salut. I read you diary quite frequently, but find it hard to keep up with your entries.. I think it would be worthwhile for all your fans if you got a NotifyList. Maintenez le grand travail. Votre journal intime est quelque chose d'intriguement � moi. -Allysha
from bobbipuzel :
Ohhhhh hiiiii! I just stumbled upon your diary. I thought I would tell you that I really enjoyed it. Very lovely!
from princessz40 :
hey!! my name is sarah!! i absolutly adore your template!! is there anyway i could get a simalar one? didi you design it is so simple! if you could give me some info i would be really greatful! thanks! my e-mail is [email protected] hugs & glitter lip-gloss kisses, sarah

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