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Sometimes I wonder what the world has in store for a lesbian of my nature.

My favorite diaries:

skittlegrrl profile - diary
comments: "R - Religious affiliation : The Church of Rachael"
cuteangel003 profile - diary
comments: "Salad, cocoa pebbles, pop tarts, and animal cookies are my staple foods. Typical college eh?"
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: "...without the AMAZING STRENGTH of My girlfriend/same-sex partner/lady-lover/meal-ticket/parole-officer I�d be SOUP right now. Not even STEW. I�d definitely be SOUP."
krazieespy profile - diary
comments: "but I got "the feeling" again"
dykeinside profile - diary
comments: "I've lost my ass."
sexyatheist profile - diary
comments: "i think my vagina hates me. i truly do."
filet-o-soul profile - diary
comments: "Speculation has it that they are pretty much going to be a bra and a thong with sparkles."
cherryluvr69 profile - diary
comments: "sitting in the dark of our room and listening to my sweetie...snore her head off. "
acidhood profile - diary
comments: "I know the minute she gets home or I get home that we could hold each other forever. Lately we've been snuggling on the couch"
Muxxie profile - diary
comments: "I wish he wasn't such a queen about these things, all I want is to have sex and find love with hot chicks, is that so wrong?"
new-outlook profile - diary
comments: "I am lusting for my roommates both of them"
theclash80 profile - diary
comments: "Someday we may all learn that, indeed, as goes the poo down the porceline aquaduct, so goes the days of our lives."
heteromorph profile - diary
comments: "we went as a straight couple"
probabebra profile - diary
comments: "But I could see through the shower door that she was naked. That is always a pleasure to see. As I was rinsing the shampoo from my hair I heard the shower door slide open."
cubiclegirl profile - diary
comments: "I went crazee and had a blueberry martini. After seeing how cool a friend of mine looks drinking martini's, I wanted to try 'em too. "
wedream profile - diary
comments: "As I stood there she shifted, moving onto her back. As she did this the blanket slid down, revealing she was naked underneath. That was all my heart could stand."
faithtastic profile - diary
comments: "What can I say, I'm too lazy to cook for myself nowadays. I've become accustomed to having dinner with the missus but she's working tonight."
msmonster22 profile - diary
comments: "it's strange what you can still do when you are in love with someone."
bush-n-tush profile - diary
comments: "Well, dinner went exceptionally well. But desert was the BOMB! "
migotosubaru profile - diary
comments: You just have to love Courtney! My little bean! *wink wink*
robinlee profile - diary
comments: I just wanted to add her because I found her banner, she doesn't have a comment system or notes for me to tell her how great she is, but she needs to know that she inspired me...and I am adding her to my favorites!

My favorite music:

comments: Yeah Kim is going to kill me for putting him on here
Good Charlotte
Sara Evans
Hilary Duff
comments: She is hot little jail bait.

My favorite movies:

Better Than Chocolate
comments: First lesbian movie, and it was awesome
The Incredible Story of two girls in love
comments: A great little story
comments: I think this is my favorite of all time
If These Walls Could Talk 2
comments: I think its hott to see Ellen and Sharon Stone, its so cute
Margaret Cho
comments: She is hilarious

My favorite authors:

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