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going through my list of favs because im running out of room.. If you havent updated in MONTHS im deleting you... Sorry.

My favorite diaries:

rosieizfun profile - diary
comments: she is a DJ! And you know what I say? I'm a DJ's Girl =)
littlemiss12 profile - diary
comments: welcome back hun :)
lilbecca84 profile - diary
comments: Horrayy. She is updating again.. CHECK IT OUT. we have so much in common with guys its crazy :)
calthea profile - diary
comments: Its always nice to read somes diary that lives in the same area... Read her diary..... its GREAT!
no-yes-maybe profile - diary
comments: she is a sweetheart I hope we meet one day
ikss profile - diary
comments: there is something about her diary, that keeps me coming back for more....
tokcocktok profile - diary
comments: He is a great designer, and very mature for his age!
chickpea981 profile - diary
shashondra18 profile - diary
comments: she gave me a review that made my whole day... Thank you!
vm72182 profile - diary
comments: Violet is such a sweetheart.. I love talking to her @ 2am :)
celiason2000 profile - diary
comments: welcome back :)
toxicsmile profile - diary
comments: she is toxic
iluvxtina profile - diary
comments: My "private"diary
likeavirgn profile - diary
comments: welcome back :)
sweet-cynic profile - diary
comments: I am completely hooked on her diary...
cest-sa-vie profile - diary
comments: Welcome Back Hun. I can finally say I will be able to read your diary from the beginning :)
nevr-perfect profile - diary
comments: She's from fargo. She ROCKS just as much as I do, if not more :) *smile hun*
trouble13 profile - diary
comments: UPDATE
rkwj1 profile - diary
leslieirene profile - diary
comments: she doesnt need another fan, but I'm here!
beautyx3 profile - diary
comments: I wish I lived closer to this girl so we could party. She sounds like one fun person to hang out with.
girlygirl83 profile - diary
comments: I don't comment as much as I should, but letting you know I'm still a fan :)
creme-egg profile - diary
comments: She is the sweetest girl on dila. She doesn't even know me and if I'm having a bad day she knows how to cheer me up :) Thanks Daphna
iluveminem02 profile - diary
comments: she leaves me a lot of cool notes, and her diary is awesome too
for-you-only profile - diary
comments: very cool diary... I like it.
chevydarling profile - diary
comments: she leaves me the sweetest comments & talking with her on AIM I feel like we have a lot of things in common. If I move to texas. I'm living with her :)
grandbeach profile - diary
comments: *added me to favs* left me a cute note
theboxisback profile - diary
jt12s-4ever profile - diary
comments: oo I'm her first fan. Why aren't you signed up yet. I like it.. HURRY add her as a fav :) * aww thanks hun for the sweet profile comment* I feel special.
exit43 profile - diary
comments: {inner circle} council-Jason is HILARIOUS. I love his diary. Another cool thing about him. He is going to Boise State Also :) We ROCK!
bemyketamine profile - diary
comments: creative
pink-circle profile - diary
comments: circle diary.
warcrygirl profile - diary
comments: council member, but a VERY VERY fun council member... I enjoy reading her.
insecure-one profile - diary
comments: she could have a 1000 diaries and I would still TRY and link every single one *mwuah*
science-girl profile - diary
blakkrayn profile - diary
comments: She has me hooked on her diary... We have a lot in common.. MUST READ!
luckeme profile - diary
comments: She left me the cutest note... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!
ravynespeaks profile - diary
santibaby05 profile - diary
catsmeow1224 profile - diary
aisforapple profile - diary
lightmytorch profile - diary
comments: Jason is such a QT!!! I wish we could have went to a BSU Game :(
miame profile - diary
starkitten01 profile - diary
hamiltonian profile - diary
comments: very interesting... I am offically hooked on it now :)
drmz-of-him profile - diary
comments: shes really my darling...
brokenkarma profile - diary
eye-heart-me profile - diary
radioreality profile - diary
comments: Sweetheart.
keilakeren profile - diary
flytofantasy profile - diary
comments: amazing.
crazybeauty1 profile - diary
angrydyke profile - diary
randomlush profile - diary
talk- profile - diary
pink-prada profile - diary
klawbie profile - diary
comments: I read an entry that she put something on that I had on a banner and she made my day today(Feb 9th,2005)
foreverfairy profile - diary
peachyhaye profile - diary
comments: we hhave a TON of stuff in common check her diary out..
thirdeye7601 profile - diary
hooch21 profile - diary
comments: addicted to the OC like me :)
desdemonia profile - diary
comments: She is a sweetheart.. She thinks im funny and gogerous :) Thanks Hun!
chakra-chick profile - diary
comments: I'm an idiot.. I've had her on my LISt forever, but I had the little : after her name so it didnt show up... How sad.
katie-kinz profile - diary
darkbeans profile - diary
comments: cracks me up :)
flufflebunny profile - diary
voodoochick profile - diary
propel profile - diary
comments: Very Beautiful :)
iamjackslie profile - diary
wastedday profile - diary
tokyorosej profile - diary
comments: she is the sweetest girl I mean no one else sent me a cute pic for my diary thanks :)
race-diva profile - diary
comments: love the name and layout :)
spydergms21 profile - diary
comments: really good friend from home check him out :) :)
chapter3 profile - diary
comments: I know if I stil lived in Idaho we would be the coolest friends ever and my BSU football buddy :) :) :) Welcome Back Hun!

My favorite music:

comments: I love her. I saw her in concert and she is amazing... I like Jessica Simpson too
Rap, R&B, and Hip Hop
comments: Jay-Z,Nelly,Ja Rule,Usher,Chingy,Snoop Dogg,Dr.Dre,Eminem,G-Unit,Lil John,112,Ruben,50 cent, P.Diddy, Outkast, Mary J and Ludacris
comments: Alan Jackson & Kenny Chesney
Matchbox 20

My favorite movies:

Silence of the Lambs
comments: Red Dragon and Hannibal..I love these movies
comments: Jay and Silent Bob,
comments: A walk to remember,Shes All That, The Wedding Singer
Great Movies
comments: John Q,Remember the Titans,The Last Boy Scout,Green Mile, The Shinning,Finding Nemo,Tomb Raider(s),Rush Hour,Rush Hour 2, Texas Chainsaw, & Freaky Friday

My favorite authors:

JK Rowling
comments: Harry is Cute!
Stephen King
comments: I loved his books as a teenager
Chicken Soups
comments: All of these books are the best... You read them from front to cover

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