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from summer-rain3 :
adam adam adam... I LOVE your diary. I have been reading for an hour and a half at least. I miss you a whole bunch. m
from taxine :
"They ask the world, you give it to them and then the tacit agreement starts that you will lie to each other." i have never heard anyone articulate that so perfectly. it probably takes on a different meaning for me than what you were actually saying (whatever that means...), but thank you.
from hissandtell :
Wonderful wieners! Fabulous franks! Luscious links! Brilliant blackpuddings! Terrific tubesteaks! (Damn; I'm all out of sausage-words now.) Thanks for the mention, darling! Love, R xxx
from hissandtell :
Your diary is fabulous, but there was no sausage tree on the page when I clicked the banner - so quite naturally, I felt enormously disappointed that my gratification had to be delayed. (Excellent thoughts on the Schiavo case, which I too had hoped someone might at least mention.) Love, R xxx
from candoor :
I think I admire your choices and writing (snap judgments are foolish, but sometimes fun :)
from yburuby :
well, i have seen a sausage tree. not sure if it was malawian. i guess these days it's hawaiian, but i've never asked it about its ethnicity.
from apathyascend :
Just wanted to say that I saw your banner, and thought it was absurdishly silly. I once wrote a short story about someone doing 57 flips on a trampoline made of sausage. You sound rather intelligent, and diaryland is severely lacking in that area.
from connecting :
god you must have shitloads of time on your hands now! i've never seen so much detail on your diary, ever! for years you've had that same basic orange... and now all of a sudden a photo! yeild! it's way cool dude!!!!! :) love ya and miss ya!
from connecting :
oh adam, i love what you're writing these past few days... it's so pained and angry and hopeless, and invokes all sorts of empathy in me... i wish i could just put a giant band-aide over all your miseries right now and make everything better for you.
from connecting :
hey adam! i noticed you added the 'last five entries' feature to your diary! looks good! :) i'm in tbay now, and damn it's cold. but lovely and fresh, though i'm sick - likely caught something from the busride! which was wonderful by the way, go read my diary, i'll tell you all about it! xoxos can't wait to see you!
from connecting :
adam, i think the only reason you might not have readership would be because you don't write frequently enough. only one way to change that!!! ;) (ps how do you like the new addition? one day i'll make you a whole new original template if you want!)

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