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from leofwynne :
Oh yeah, the rehab departments where I work are all about dressing up. Last year, I wore one of Balynar's tunics and was a very pregnant witch. This year, I am sort of copping out and wearing Kira's bat wings and ears to work. I haven't had time to put effort into a 'real' costume. I usually end up wearing 14th c. garb and slapping a witch hat on my head. I LOVE Halloween! :)
from knitgeek :
I work with a lovely woman. For years, people called her by my name, and me by hers. One year for Halloween we dressed identically, and each wore a button with the incorrect name. After that, most people got our names right!
from rosine :
Constant pain drags all the good will out of a person and darkens their days. It takes effort to stay chipper in that case. I've heard, and it seems seen, that folks in bad moods do tend to be in more pain than others - I don't know how medically true that is but I suspect that there's some form of cause&effect going on. The advice about 'gently laughing' is good - it will, btw, seem to lessen your awareness of pain. (Or so I've found.)
from halowenslut :
Pain question: yes. Read books / watch movies that make you laugh gently.
from debsiobhan :
Pain/mood, I think it goes both ways. I think it's a crazy spiral that is hard to break. Hope things get better for you ~deb
from knitgeek :
Right. I need another string addiction like I need another hole in my head. But it's still tempting. Do you know any left-handed nalbinders?
from rosine :
As "A&S" tokens your widdle mousies would be danged cute. For one of those, *I'd* enter a competition!
from balynar :
Thank you dear. I was having withdrawls. Heh.
from gcchick182 :

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