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from glass-arcade :
Augh!! You know, I always want to comment or email you. Something you said about Sigur Ros once spawned an inner dialogue that my slackass never commited to actual correspondance. Still though, I always check in. We've gone through our self examination periods at the same time..done our fair share of experimenting (although I've had to be less public about it) and both pondered over friends who don't grow along with us. Different lives but similar journeys and of course the Sigur Ros thing. So even if you never write a journal, drop me a line or two if you don't mind me having the occasional glimpse into where your branch of the road takes you. Which reminds me of how much I should write the strange and wonderous twists and turns I've left out of my own journal *sighs*
from pinkminx :
Oh, Grace! If you leave and decide on another spot, please do drop a line: [email protected] You've been a part of my online world for yeeeeeeeeears. This is my plea!
from dragprincess :
While I'm thrilled that Philly is loving you right, I do wish you were here in NYC so I could guilt you into volunteering for this massive queer youth event. You would rock the house with your fabulous straight girl self. Admit it. The gays adore you.
from sullivan40 :
Philly beat by a 62 yard field goal. Jeez. They're ready to have a parade down here in Tampa. Do people in Philly still say "fuck you" in a friendly way?
from sullivan40 :
Finally turned on your notes. Sending me an email with the title "Pushing Rope sucks." Smart ass. I'm starting to have media contacts about the political blogging. I could use your PR advise.<P></P>Stay off the leg. You are accident prone.
from dragprincess :
Love you, A. And so very very proud of you.
from dragprincess :
Girl, you are a miracle. Don't forget that the self-work doesn't stop when you get to Philly. What an adventure you're embarking on. NYC will miss you terribly -- we envy those in Philly who are going to be lucky to have you enter their lives.
from dharmabum :
congrats! this is so exciting! moving is hard, but once you get to where you're going, you'll be so glad you did it. have fun - and good luck!
from thebeesknees :
congratulations. how exciting for you!
from dragprincess :
MAZEL TOV! The girl always get what she wants.....
from dvlsh1 :
ty for the note =) have a good day or evening sweetie. mia
from dvlsh1 :
Thanks for the note, Ive had a few ppl tell me that. so I will get right on it =) have a good day. maria

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