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from candoor :
just wandering around (it's what I do when thinking about what to write in my entries)... I almost returned to a hand and paper journal this week, since I was offline for 10 days due to a hurricane, but my hands like the speed of the keyboard more than the pen (used to be the pen was sacred, once upon a time)... anyway, I like your style :)
from ladyvivien :
happy birthday, dear heart. exactly a week before my 21st..
from amalthea23 :
merry birthday!
from tapestrygirl :
merry christmas!!!
from gurlpurl :
i just recently moved to portland and well voila and hello! you like k? one of my bands was on k favs are some velvet sidewalk, softies and beat happening. xo, brooke ps if you like to knit we're gonna start a stich n bitch soon!
from eight-9-3 :
A boatload of coffee will fix anything. I ain't lyin' momma'.
from protagonistj :
you've prompted a reawakening. i think i'd forgotten about this bit of intellectual exhibitionism. thank you (i think). it's always nice to be rediscovered.
from protagonistj :
why are you so interesting? is it a matter of being well read? excessive free time? being a collection of words rather than a person? just as the best part starts, it ends so abruptly.
from picassomoon :
your diary is beautiful. Sorry about the boy troubles, I have had many like that... its so strange the charade that men will play to get what they want sometimes... and what exactly is it that they want? I still haven't figured that one out.
from lostsoul1979 :
Nice diary!
from amyjo :
first off, i've become readily addicted to your diary and i've only been reading it for 5 minutes. secondly, i like the picture. third, you like really good bands. fourth, the name elliot is very cool, though i'm holding out for a monkey to name elliot. and fifth, lots of things you say sound familiar. i liked it. i'll be back.
from pixeltheory :
i miss your words. xox
from res6564 :
I noticed in your profile and in your last entry that you have a dislike for "pretense". It got me thinking, and I thought I'd look it up, and I found there quite a few different meanings. Do you mean it the sense when people pretend to be something other than what they are? ~Rick
from msunknown :
'ello kid. i just wanted to say that i rather enjoy your diary. so go you, and have an excellent [insert time of day here]. xo.
from gayfraud :
Your 8/3 entry was really moving to me, and I just wanted to say "thank you" for sharing your experience. It really touched me. One of my greatest fears is living out the moment when I am forced to switch roles with my parents and try to care for them as well as they have cared for me. Thanks again-
from tulium-malem :
-yawn- if I wasn't so tired I'd read more of it ^.^ `t.t.i.t.
from myownmess :
we share the same name, favorite band, favorite movie...i stumbled upon you by accident but what a pleasant surprise :)
from raven72d :
such a lovely layout... and such elegant concise entries...
from nekono :
from nekono :
I will try to "refrain" from posting my OPINION. I guess you only want ego-stroking notes telling you how WONDERFUL you are. Which, you arent. sorry.
from delainy :
beware of nekono....once it knows it's annoying you, it won't go away. better to just laugh at it. i speak from experience between both of my diarys: and (delainy is the locked diary).
from nekono :
I knew you were older, if you read my note correctly you would see that I was implying your diary reads like a teen angsty novel. Full of all the self loathing, whining, love lorn prose i can stand.
from ladyvivien :
Good writing and beautiful pictures. NOT teen angst but gorgeously crafted sentiments. Thank you for sharing. La Dame du Lac xx
from nekono :
when i read your diary, two words come to mind, regardless of what your true age is: Teen Angst. whine whine whine.
from withspike :
god, that sounds like a nice way to spend a vacation...regardless of the sunburn factor. i'm jealous as hell...damn. i should prolly go to the beach now.
from caudelac :
i liked the banner, and I farking love the layout. Prrr.
from mercuryrain :
Hey found you through shepurrs, rockin diary :)
from deadwinter :
I like your advertisement for your diary. I realy realy love the picture that is on it. I dont think the picture could be any more perfict. So I say thank you for showing the good art. It is wonderful to see such a pritty picture. The art in it is amazing, thanks.
from shepurrs :
your layout is beautiful. your mind is awesome. I know how you feel, the lonely bit. I, too, am lonely...bleh. you can read about it at my diary too...don't let me get you too depressed thou..ha! at any rate, your diary rocks... (!!!)
from spontamyous :
wow... i'm impressed at your honestly in that email to your friend. i don't think that i could ever be as frank with someone when it came to me feeling played. i've gotta ask what type of response you expect, though... if it's anything but "sorry, i'm busy," won't you feel as though it's mainly pity? that's what i'd be afraid of... which is i guess why i'm generally so guarded when it comes to my emotions, and why i would never have the guts to write anything like that to anyone i know. i haven't read much of your diary, but the design makes me want to check back for more... the picture and quote is beautiful, lonely, and uplifting all in one. (and if by any chance you happen to read my diary, please don't judge me by the sugary-sweetness of the past few entries... before i was in love, i was just as depressed as everyone else writing in this crazy system.) "that which doesn't kill me strengthens me/repeated end to endlessly/ if i'm so goddamn strong now/how come i feel so lonely?" mary prankster, "takes his place" -amy
from raven72d :
Actually, I only heard of emoporn from your diary... But the concept of it-- the linking of those two things --is just brilliantly fun.
from raven72d :
anyone who has (1)that great layout and (2)mentioned emoporn is vur' much worth reading...
from vexmix :
I love your layout. =)
from liminalbeing :
I'd like to try to be friends with you. My diary is liminalbeing. If you read the first entry it tells about me. From there, if you choose, you can leave a note. I like to write long e-mails and maybe we can be pen-pals for awhile. Kris
from invisibledon :
I have a survey would you take it please, it is called invisibledon
from toocute2b4u :
After having a crappy day myself it was awesome to know I am not the only one. I liked your diary a lot, I will continue checking it up. If you need a friend sometime, email me:)
from toocute2b4u :
After having crppy day myself it was awesome to know I am not the only one. I liked your diary a lot, I will continue checking it up. If you need a friend sometime, email me:)
from breatheagain :
I found your diary through your banner..I read through it and I liked it a lot. :)
from nekono :
from jason75 :
first trip to your diary and wanted to let you know I enjoyed it a lot. WIll be back
from invisibledon :
from autumnal :
i love your picture (design)
from caramelo13 :
Yo yo, what's up. Hey ya know, I don't have anything insightful to leave about your diary except for that I think you and your diary are pretty phat. Mos Def is the freaking man. Just thought I'd mention that since I saw it in your profile. Check out my uninspired diary sometime if you'd like. hehe. I hope you will. Killer pictures too, by the way. Adios.
from pixeltheory :
your journal is so beautiful that it makes me cry sometimes when i read it. maybe its because its' owner is as well.
from catwhisperz :
nice diary. too bad i can't make my diary like that. :( oh well. im glad your diary is soo pretty anyway :)
from maytina :
No, you're fabulous!
from enidhere :
what a peaceful layout...sorry to hear everything is going tight..maybe you're just washing too many things in hot water. Don't be dismayed..tomorrow is another day.
from graeone :
hello, how was your day at your shitty sounds as though love/real-life is kicking you in the ass on a daily basis, to which I can fully relate..I was going to send you an email, thaough I couldn't find the link...I am going to look again the meantime, I think I might enjoy chatting with you sometime if you'd like..if you check out my profile, you'll see there's more than one way to find me on-line..though if you want send me an email at [email protected], and let me know what's up..good luck.. graeone
from eurochild :
if there's a twinkle in my eye or a spring in my step, it's because i love you.
from eurochild :
you make my heart beat fast, beautiful girl.
from unemployed :
aw, i miss fraggle rock so so much. the vegan stew sounds delicious.
from zanzinger :
hey. i just paged through your diary and noticed some poetry. so good.
from unemployed :
hello hellooo!
from skypie :
hmmm... I read your profile and I must say, you have excellent taste! I wanted to read your diary, but it wouldn't let me. Did I push a bad button on the computer box? Or has your, ah, what's it called - URL changed? Perhaps I just should not be allowed near machinery. Maybe I broke it.
from eurochild :
i heart amys. i'm a nap.

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