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from geek-betty :
do you ever check this still? just thought I'd leave you a note to tell you how much I admire your strength!
from for-you-only :
Creativity is everything I am. Without it, I become depressed. I've realized more and more over the last year that my mood depends on how much I had the chance to create recently.
from sweetmachine :
I feel like such a turd and the story goes like this. Ever since I found your diary I've loved reading it. You're fascinating. The last time I did buddylist maintenance I typoed your screenname and didn't notice until today, so for who knows how long, I thought you'd deleted your diary! Fortunately I've got my shit sorted and can resume reading!
from artgnome :
Hilly, my dear. I am 47 years old. Thanks to anorexia and drug abuse, I'm more like 67 years old. There is a huge difference of perspective when you are 27 than when you are 47. Men my age that are single usually are because they are selfish losers. They are constantly on the prowl for younger and fit and more naive ladies to pull their bullshit on. Men only hit on women like me to use for our money, stability, or desperation. I have no intention of letting any stupid, vapid man ruin all that I have worked to get. You did not fully read my entry. NO ONE has spoke to me like that in YEARS. years. I don't think you can comprehend things from my perspective. I am not being down on myself. I am being honest with myself. Sometimes you have to accept what is. I am being successful in my career. I know I am more valuable than my looks. My looks, dear one, because of age and health issues are fading. It's reality, the realm I choose to live in. ok?
from geek-betty :
You don't know how many times I've thought the same thing - about my diary. That it's pointless or it causes problems or people I know in "real" life have found it. But in the end, I benefit so much more from having an outlet! Don't give up.
from artgnome :
My regime is this: nothing but raw fruit and water until noon every day. Lots of raw veggies, keeping the carbs low and protein based mostly with chicken and fish. Big huge glasses of water before and in between meals to hydrate my body. Weaning myself off sugar and white flour products. Shakl*e Multi-vitamin supplement with apple cider vinegar capsule every day. Yogurt with active cultures or an acidophillus bacteria supplement every day. Lots of rest and walk as much as I can. Breathing deeply and remaining calm through stress, not catering to my emotions, with good excitement and bad. Using book "Fit for Life" by Harvey Diamond as a reference.
from geek-betty :
thank you for the note. my email address is [email protected]. I'd love to hear your story and any advice you may have for me.
from greenwitch :
A cabin in the mountains sounds great. I believe I know where too. A friend was up there not long ago visiting a family cabin (yup, common thing in that neck of the woods). I bet you can find a way to work it all out too.
from webmiss :
I tagged you on my site Play only if you want to.
from greenwitch :
Hey Hil, Wordpress ain't bad. The CSS is a bit of a pain but I no longer have to deal with all the comment spam I was getting thru D'land. Join the exodus and show Andrew he blew it. BTW when are your girls home, I would love to hook up with you. Otherwise the invite stands for you to come here.
from janedoe0 :
Hi There! I stumbled upon your diary, and I LOVED the layout, and the entries that I read. I am definately adding you to my favourites!!!
from artgnome :
thank you for adding me hill, and such flattery will get you far! hah.
from her-story :
Ok, so you're not the only one who gets mad at crying for an ex having a social life. My son's sperm donor is always the fun parent (we weren't married, and he's made sure to punish me over this since my son was born 16 1/2 years ago). I get mad and I cry. I think it's a lot safer than say, taking a baseball bat to his car and beating him upside his head until he admits that he's a dickhead. So, what I do when I get COMPLETELY fucking irate at him, is I think about how his new wife is a tyrannical bitch who will soon be birthing the demon seed of satan. And, I'm hoping that the baby is black. (hehehe!!!) Ok, that was mean. I hope that the baby is healthy. But, I also hope that he's black. DARK AS NIGHT BLACK. My ex is white... whiiiiiiiiiiiite... the whitest Italian I've ever met. Like, he can't even pronounce mozzerella or ricotta without sounding painfully white. His wife is white (*coughs*bitch*coughs*). If they're baby is black, it would erase at least 5 years of bullshit. I'd laugh for weeks and whenever I thought about the situation or saw the kid. BLACK. If there's a god, this child will be BLACK. (Come on, you know you want to laugh. I can tell.) :) (Keep on keepin' on... ok?)
from greenwitch :
I am further north. Pocono/upper Deleware river zone. A little place called Milford comes to mind.... would love to meet you sometime....perhaps in between our two locations. I deleted your info from both notes and comments - gotta keep a little boundry somewhere....
from singledadguy :
Hi!... play catch up, I unlocked the book again. :D Nice look btw!
from annanotbob :
What's aim?
from annanotbob :
You've got me intrigued now. I know NOTHING about wicca, so can you recommend one book to introduce me xxx
from annanotbob :
Lovely pictures!!!
from grouse :
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful day. Yes, they're nice pictures, but may you have many more with memories just as fine...
from vividdreamer :
Still here, and still reading. (I keep getting distracted by a certain little someone...) I hate that you had to quit rafting, but I totally understand why. And reading all your adventures had me grinning like a fool. (I remembered a few of them from before!) Oh, and by the way, in a fit of inspiration brought on by reading your journal last night, I decided to start writing in mine again. ;-)
from her-story :
Hey, thanks for listing me on your list thingy. :) If you've been to my diary lately, DON'T PANIC... I'm not leaving d'land. I'm just testing the waters without leaving. I've done this before. I usually get fidgety around this time of year... :)
from singledadguy :
Hey... thanks for the look. And the admission that you are a fan. It takes an exeptional individual to admit they have an issue. Our support group meets three times weekly, at 12:45 am in the arboretum. :D Bring your own coffee! :D JK... yah.. um email me for the pass.

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