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from nixtress :
Happy Easter!!!
from nixtress :
I'll still be reading so don't stop updating!! Good luck with the boys and the coming Summer.
from nixtress :
Happy New Year to you and your boys :)
from nixtress :
Merry Christmas!!!!
from nixtress :
Have a wonderful Turkey Day :)
from nixtress :
Happy Father's Day.
from nixtress :
It's funny, isn't it, how kids can blow us away at the strangest moments? One of my favorite parts of being a parent :) How're you doing?
from nixtress :
Just poppin' in to say hi. Hope you had a great Easter with the boys and hope this finds you well.
from nixtress :
I'd love that :)
from nixtress :
Are you married yet? Still breathing? :P
from nixtress :
Hoping you and yours have a very merry Christmas.
from nixtress :
Hey there. Just figured I'd pop in and say hi and that I hope things are at the very least maintaining for you and yours. Take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
from thehour :
well, i see you haven't updated for quite some time. i hope things are going okay! and i hope you haven't left for good.
from glass-arcade :
are you gone for good or just on hiatus? Hope it's not the the former.
from blueyedmom :
sorry to see you locked your diary. I hope all is well. and hopefully you will open up again someday. or at least provide a password! :) take care!
from wendyloo :
i wanted to echo nixtress, sorry to see you locked, have you given up here?
from nixtress :
Hey! You went and locked us out? I hope things are okay. You've been gone a bit...just figured I'd say hi and send you good thoughts.. I'd love a password if you're ever going to let us read again, btw. Hope everything's ok.
from glass-arcade :
your gbook is evil!! it keeps timing out..this is what I tried to post: My earlier post with lawyer things got eaten grrr. Oh but I just read last nights link (although I typed it so it wouldnt show up on her stats *shrug*) because I am probably the nosiest girl ever but Hindmost!! Your side of the story is probably the correct one, I don't think I've read a shallower journal...and I've read some doozies. Ok..I must stop leaving posts now. Hope you are less heat stricken today than I am. It's 90 outside here in North OC.
from squirrelx :
I happened upon your diary by accident this mornin' while I was perusin' the members' area and I'm SO happy I did. You're a wonderful writer. Even now, hittin' a rough patch of life like you are, you manage to be both eloquent and candid. That's more than skill at composition. It's character shinin' through as well ... and all that by way of sayin', it's a privilege to read your entries. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X

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