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from rainbowqueen :
mwahahahahahaha so there, and I should say.
from dinosaurorgy :
Thank you :) I'm a regular diaryland-addict if truth be told: if I don't update at least once a day, my whole day feels sort of pointless.
from youdontknome :
Hey girl, I was just wondering what happened to you! Leave me your email so I can send you a password, k?
from healthykat :
Hi there. Thanks for joining the antidiet ring. It's a long story, but I'm going to be combining it with the anti-diet ring. Please come join us over there. :-) Thanks!
from youdontknome :
I added you to my list of favs, just wanted to let you know :) I enjoyed reading your diary and love the fact that you seem to update on a semiregular basis. I'm also a huge Fiona Apple fan. If you wanna check out my diary let me know, there's a password.
from rumblelizard :
If I'm not mistaken, the hormones in The Pill will make your pregnancy test think you're pregnant. You should look that up.
from dieselengine :
Hmm, I think your vice should be swearing. It is calorie-free, doesn't cost anything and is widely acceptable in all social occassions.
from dieselengine :
that photo of you and your dog is muy cute
from topdog :
Love your thoughts on Bird-flu, one caution I feel I must point out...birds are known to hang out around ponds, so maybe you're looking right at it, under that microscope.
from sad-eyes08 :
hi! i hope you don't mind...i added you to my buddy list. i read some of your diary and thought it was very interesting...well, i'm gonna go! bye bye!
from hippie-shit :
i am messaging myself. so there.

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