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from ghostofgor :
reread the 053004 entry, and thats how I feel tonight. Even thought the entry has long past, it is relevant. Some days it sucks to be able to breathe, thats when I dream Im drowning.
from ghostofgor :
*smiles* absolutely correct....
from complexlogic :
I love the movie Get Real. Awesome taste. Take care.
from irokie :
that's so pretty and sad. ain't talked in a while. oooh, weird, a song i got off u just came on. you been all distant and non-talky of late. just trying to do my being here thing. you know you can talk and that. I LIKE PUDDING!
from ghostofgor :
*looks for a soft fuzzy pillow, and lays down, smiling* Hi....
from ghostofgor :
I know what I need to know to see you as you are. People however cruel are blinded by their own fear, and selfishness to walk on those who they find to make themselves bigger somehow. They will be left by the4 wayside in life, as fate will mark them. I will be on early tomorrow.....
from ghostofgor :
silly question: Am I a possible problem? Yes its rather forward, and the entry vague, like Mine but I dont want to be a negative. Tell Me if this is so, and nothing bad will happen, promise.
from ghostofgor :
LeviPHC for AIM, dammit. I guess I will have to turn it on.......
from hypoxderma :
ack and Ghost you should definately tell me your aim name if you have one!
from hypoxderma :
oh sorry dear but im at my cousin's so i cant log on, they have only aim, and i cant even get on that! gir! i miss you too :D
from ghostofgor :
1050pm 05/16/03 *wiggles His eyebrows* I would have chat but your not on IM......makes it hard. But I know I just missed ya becuase I logged into Diaryland, and your diary hadnt been updated yet. Dammit girl, log in!
from ghostofgor :
*emter maniacal laughter here* I come for your nipples....errr....soul........*laughs again* come to the arms of the sick perverted man........let His fingers.......*censored*
from hypoxderma :
and probably the only one dear!
from ghostofgor :
I get to add the first message yay!

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