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from fword :
fword is alive and well and under new management. please forward any work/poems/ideas/quotes to "[email protected]"
from xpullmyhair :
just letting you know you have a pretty diary, it makes me chuckle/giggle or make some kind of noise.. yep.
from kiz :
well, 'ello love. you can indeed have the password. u: kiz, p: kiz. or, if you would like your very own, personal password, let me know and i shall set it up for you. much love. xo.
from feio :
just thought i'd let you know i'm reading. i love the smiths and i love the word 'miffed'. xox- Elizabeth
from twobeatsoff :
i finally managed to send you the zine [i've been superdamned busy]. and i love that new layout. LOVE!
from chiarella :
How many diaries do you actually have? What does 'utilities' mean? Why do I care at 2:59 on a Sunday?
from scanzilla :
RAWK! Hello. :)
from bexx :
I- Hey, I found you at random. I love the Weakerthans. -BeXx
from asyouare :
*squishes* xo.
from jjg :
I hear you on the "weeping to the weakerthans" front. I'm a wreck everytime I listen. And you're right, it's not a sadness that kills me, it's the fullness of emotion and the honesty that makes me break.
from zannie :
Joel Beltbuckle is one fiiiiine mutha'. I only wish I could see him live again! For now I'll settle reading yr diary and pretending I was there. keep on rawkin' in the free werld. -Suzann
from antipasta86 :
you sound rad. im new to d-land but your's is the first diary ive read and found interesting. pro rock.
from repeater :
i feel exactly the same about some bands. despite sloan's new stuff disappoints me some, i still love them due to the fact my best friend and i's best friendship formed during the days where i was obsessed with them. xoxo.
from jenmall :
Hey! I came across your diary looking for Belle and Sebastian fans. Anyway, I saw the Weakerthans a few weeks ago at Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, TX with the Moldy Peaches. I never heard of them, then my boyfriend was like "you saw the weakerthans! They OPENED for the Moldy Peaches?"...anyway, they rocked my socks. Check out my diary and my boyfriends band Eniac at will like them if you like the Weakerthans.
from kittyspy :
angela & I received your adorable ladybug cards in the mail today! thanks so much! I will have to actually send you something lovely in return, for real. xooxox davi
from markedinbold :
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm popcorn.
from repeater :
cuff the duke! cuff the duke! heh. can you tell i'm easily obsessed?
from witepoptrash :
your words are gorgeous, and i love drifting through you and surrounding myself with your thoughts. i sound like a stalker. but only because i care.
from witepoptrash :
i will refer you!
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise to andrew!
from lolashowgirl :
Hey, you left me a note at my old diary which I just found tonight, so I decided to come sign in with my new name. You seem like a really awesome person... so stay cool! :o)
from lowpayne :
there will be 501 follower before the coming of............... you are #3. low.
from lowpayne :
so pass the needle and the spoon, A cool death in the afternoon, I never thought mortallity would come so soon, or I could sit inside my room , Ejaculate another tune, And masterbate the day away like poets do, So true....You are the one. Your new friend low...........
from repeater :
boo. the guestbook fuckity upped. i just wanted to say that words cannot express how much i adore you! and just how extremely rad you are. yes.
from kittyspy :
ohhh, that's so scary........Well, I'm glad you're all right, I hope you can go dancing soon! xo davi
from glassy-dusty :
jess... I'm sorry babe... but I moved: . and I'm sorry for the inconvenience if any. I'll come by now and again to catch up on you. Take care and good day to ya. --Jacob
from kittyspy :
Happy Birthday, Jess!
from glassy-dusty :
happy birthday, jess!... and thanks for the kind words. I really really apreciate your presence in my [online] life. If it weren't so often sad, maybe I could appreciate you more, but bits and bytes just deter me from stepping and saying "hi" to the girl[s]. anyway, have a wonderfully nice day. sincerely, Jacob
from warmblankets :
from thephantom :
jess, is it right for you to be my hero when i'm also yours? because's true! you upset me when you don't update for a long time but it's okay, i still love you, and then you come back with the most magnificous entries. you're just too great.
from waterstar003 :
did you still wanna do a new layout for my diary??? Let me know!! ps~ you have the authority to chose your own theme song!!!!
from ennui-me :
er oops I just got it sent back to me JUST now, weird because I sent it yesterday...okay well, check your email sometime! =)
from ennui-me :
JESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh oh oh oh hi you are the greatest ever, I think you already knew that though =) I emailed you back at your work address, its soooo long but read it please and help me! Tell me what you think about it. I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Easter! <3 Laura.
from azn-kitty :
i just wanna that you are the best writer i have seen in diaryland. no wonder everyone put you as their favorite!
from kittyspy :
i love peppermint tea! yumyum!
from tigrrrwench :
last time i signed the analyzer which by my calculations was oh...say...two minutes ago....i forgot to put my web address in case you were in desperate need of it and all.... visit me because it's cold and lonely sometimes!
from tigrrrwench :
every diary i visit leads me to you miss thang...and all i have to say is HIGH FIDELITY DRINKING GAME!!!! I think i love you....
from sicko :
i just got the unmistakable urge to listen to ok computer. most people suck, you know? but not you. good for you.
from kittyspy :
Jess! I got yr tape yesterday, perfect timing! I really like it so far, I've been listening to it in my car. The valentine was cute too!!! thanks so much!!!!!!!!!! luv ya- *davi*
from narcissa :
okay. that does it - tomorrow i'm going to go get the weakerthan's cd. i've been putting it off for way way too long.
from kittyspy :
Hi Jess! I sent you my address so you could make me a mixtape! did you get it? did you want me to make you a tape? I love to make mixtapes! good luck on the crushileptic site, i like the pink! luv-*davi*
from ferokitty :
sorry to analyze again so soon, but i looked at your drawing, and it looks like yr holding a chart with patrick pentland on the cover. but maybe you aren't. sloan is good, though, if you are. love, ferokitty
from ferokitty :
i heart indie rawk, and i heart you! love, ferokitty
from karizzma :
oh man i haven't had comments that nice in a looong time. they made me smile. thank you.
from sicko :
thanksa so much. i needed a pickmeup today and you'd signed my gbook and shite. i lurve thrust hermit and i lurve queen west. are you from tha tee dot, yo? cause that's where it's at. (cause i'm moving there. woo!)
from narcissa :
i followed davi here... and now i miss ottawa so much - zaphod's, mercury lounge, barrymore's.. *sniff* this is very sad. but - i WILL be back in the summer. your journal is fun like nachos.
from kittyspy :
awww, thanks! you are the, uh, soymilk in my coffee! (or something like that!) love yr diary!! i'd like a mixtape if you want to make me one someday!!!
from scanzilla :
I love the new look,very cool! :)
from lindsilly :
whee! your new layout is great, jess!
from confruzzled :
yes i know i just posted here, but i just wanted to tell you how infatuated i am with your new layout! its beautiferus! il est magnifique! da bombbbbbbb! and all that stuff. yay!
from indierawk :
new sloan-inspired layout... how cool is that?!
from confruzzled :
jessss! iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou! love ali
from ennui-me :
Heheh hiya! Thanks for leaving me a note :) I just realized that I wrote a huge paragraph on your guestbook, I shouldda cut out a whole bunch of the random details, oops! Well, I hope you have a nice time reading the big paragraph and whatnot, I enjoy your diary! Reminds me of green plastic bubbly wrap (that stuff's great! I love popping them heh) Okay well gawd, I tend to ramble on, don't I? I'll shaddup now byebye!
from apatheticq :
you make me smile like tickle me elmo.
from amy-blushing :
Type your comment here? i sure as HELL will! JESS' diary is one of the greatest things since dodge ball! well besides myself...and apple cider. well actually jess is cooler then me b.c she lives in canada, and she has the bestest quotes, and she has html skills ta boot, ANNNND if that wasnt enough to make this grrrl rock yer socks! i heard, at dancing, she gots the skillz to pay the billz. ok i have actually never seen jess dance, however im sure she could put anyone to shame! in short JESS ROCKS! xo.
from confruzzled :
aloha sexy! you are definately one cooli-ooli-oolio chicky. i've been reading you from day one, and i will keep reading you until day infinity. you have a great writing style, and live a life that i would definately like to live some day. keep up the good work!

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