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from baignoire :
girl girl! i tried to email you a p-word but i guess it didn't work? let me kno where i can email it
from baignoire :
HEY! EIGHTEEN! WOO! you are in college and almost eighteen. you can buy porn and get drunk at college parties. oh man. go erin!
from orri :
i was contemplating leaving you a note... but then i saw your layout and i knew IT WAS MEANT TO BE. donnie darko... well, you probably know what i'm gonna say. it's my favorite movie. i will leave you with these words of wisdom: keep rocking, it is people like you that make the world go round.
from be-zen :
I do believe you give yourself too little credit. I think you severely rock, as does Jude Law aka John Bender. I do believe I know every word to The Breakfast Club, twas always my favourite as a young lass. Check it, I think you are very cool.
from it-follows :
leaving a note to myself.......oh wow i suck.
from thisisjohn :
thank you. thats very kind.
from thisisjohn :
concerning the entry from the 26th. yeah i know how that feels. how i would love to travel and just meet interesting people. its a complicated issue. if you have AIM we should talk. but i know exactly what you mean. i think.
from be-zen :
I am hitting myself, I so should have thought before I acted. I have been reading a lot more of your diary, and it is immensly smick and shall certainly be returned to. It so is ok. <3
from pixiekat83 :
Hello, ok, so I am not some psycho stalking you...I just found your diary when I was doing a search on google for boyscout dropouts, and wow, damn, you know all the bands I know, local bands that is...who are you!? I don't know, I usually know most of the ppl who go to the local music scene,depending on the band that is! :-) (good god do I sound vain, :P) So anyways, send me an e-mail or something....are you a fan of introversion and almost everything?? You should go to their show at Electric Earth this friday at 7 pm..shameless promotion!! :-) NO, really I am just wondering who you cool, I love it when I find ppl who love the music I love! Have a fabulous day, and if you are bored, e-mail me: [email protected] ciao! ~ Kat

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