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from gumphood :
I'm going to see the Rox this summer. I went to school at Stonehill, so now you know that I am very familiar. We sometimes make the trip down to Town Spa. I wish diaryland wasn't so broken.
from gumphood :
I Where in Brocton are they having it. I used to live there on the south Shore right next to the City of Champs. Is that around where you are now?
from jamita :
Jen-have you visited yet?? It's great!!
from gumphood :
from gumphood :
go jeni!
from gumphood :
Since I LOVE the VM and the In excess...I think its cause you've been on for a long time. Heck I remember reading you 2 years ago!
from gumphood :
thanks for adding me. I love how your profile is TOTALLY out of date. hehe.
from jenne1017 :
lol glad to know I am not the only "freak" out there ;) I forgot to mention that I do that with anti-choice or rather, anti-anything I am pro, as well! :)
from fancyass :
Hey there....I've moved. Though I am pretty sad that I left diaryland...I think it was best for me to write somewhere else for now.
from taliana1 :
Thanks for the note! I just got back on Tuesday, and have been on the go ever since. Hopefully I'll be able to update soon...I'm itchin to write! ;)
from hamiltonian :
Just saying hello! Kerry is going to win!
from taliana1 :
*giggle* Thanks for the bday wishes. :) And I'm glad to hear that the outlets have been covered. Phew! Ya know...with all of the hazards and stuff, it's a wonder our parents...or even we...survived. ;)
from selkiesa :
Hi Jenistar: I linked to your diary. I hope you don't mind? If you do, please let me know, and I'll remove the link.
from keeds :
nice hat.
from diarytag :
tag courtesy of first of all, congratulations! please write a letter to your baby, expressing what you are feeling right now about the impending experience. if you are no longer interested in playing, please leave us a note. please respond to your tag by March 15
from katybug :
It is biologically impossible for a woman to get tired of her own baby. Read "Mother Nature," by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. Fascinating stuff. (And congrats, btw.)
from girlwcurls :
thanks for leaving me the note :-D my first diaryland note, aww! i bookmarked you and i'm tired so i'm going to bed.. so.. thanks again jess
from katybug :
You have MSCL AND Felicity on DVD? I am awed.
from binkerton :
I'm going to be in the book also (that is, if you agreed to be published). I'm at and
from tickle-me-bb :
Aww...thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I hope that you eventually get to have lunch with the artboy because I am dying to read about it. I also hope that you have babies some day and call one Belinda.
from rockboy :
i think they might be changing servers, it should work in a bit.
from rayjay :
***HUUUGGGSSS***-just becuz i think ur great :-)
from elondra :
Hey, this is the first note I've left...*ever*. So I give you permission to feel privileged ;) I was just wondering how you got your site looking so "neat". It's tre beau. My site is dull. Any tips?? Do you have to be a gold member to put in background pics?? I could really do with some advice. Please!! El´┐Żndra x
from starkitten01 :
Hi there! I found your diary and began reading the older entries. I'm quite intrigued, and honestly what lead me to read your entries was that your name is quite similar to mine, LOL! You are a really great writer, and I enjoy reading your stuff. I will definitely be reading more when I've got the time, however you have many more entries than I do, so it will take some time. But I'll be keeping up!:) Come see me sometime if you like! StarKitten01/JenniLee :)
from carianne :
I love your diary! You are so cute and funny I could scream! Anyway, just adorable and I love the layout!
from humbi :
Thanks for visiting my site! Dinner - anytime... :o)
from shaped :
good answer! that femmes story was awesome :)
from diarytag :
so, you've been tagged. anyhow, i just wanted to come by and tell you to contact s[email protected] if you did not get your tag. lovely then.
from lampshade :
An additional benefit for the queen-sized bed is all the extra pillow-fort space! All I need is three couch cushions and I'm set.
from diarytag :
tag, you're it (again)!
from stats01 :
jennifer, thanks for doing this penpal thing! i hope to hear from ya soon. lovely diary.
from diarytag :
tag, you're it!
from rhondarubard :
Yes, the thought of Dawson having intercourse does turn my stomach. But, it was time for the chap to get some leg, don't you think? Personally, I'm upset that he settled down with Jen, who was just getting back to her slut puppy ways.
from hevbell :
Happy New Year! hope you have a good one :)
from genesays :
hey, i ride on the bus with those boston latin school kids all the time too . . . back when i was in bls, i used to be one of those guys, but then i dropped out, so i suppose i'm not anymore. sweat
from orangina21 :
don't let the word out yet, but they might actually be breaking up. however jason promises a farewell tour and they will record any new songs and release that before they do this. the problem is, jack wants to go back to school, and without jack, the band does not exist. it's so sad... but I can understand jack wanting to take time off and stuff... I guess they were pretty burnt after the last tour.
from rosyangel :
Didn't want you to think that I was some weirdo reading your diary:) Just another Boston person who came across it via MBTV and TN links:)
from boyrepellant :
hey, check out my diary and let me know what you think--i like your tastes in music, esp!
from koreth :
i do like your diary esp the new entry with the memories of baking with your nana...happy birthday. birthdays are good. you sound a lot younger than you say you are. not that you're old, no not at all :)
from shaelacat :
Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that I locked my diary, but I don't know how to UNsubscribe to "beantown." If you could take me off the list, my conscience would rest easier. :) Thanks.
from connie-w :
so ... sunday wil be yr birthday? happy birthday to you, then! age is just a number, don't stop having fun. i'll be 32 in sep 11 but i'm still a "kid" inside :o)
from tiffster :
I always wish I had something more interesting to say in these things instead of the usual: "I like your diary." I mean, I should be able to come up with something a little bit more interesting, shouldn't I? But, alas, I fail. :) Anyways... let's see... your diary, to me, is like cheesecake... and I am a lover of cheesecake. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like it. Yeah. :)
from sidewaysrain :
I'm so so sorry for your loss.
from jennygel :
My heart is just breaking for you, nothing that anyone can say is going to make you feel better, but know that some that don't even know you are thinking about you. ~jennygel
from sidewaysrain :
I forgot to tell you I am from Roslindale... maybe that's why I relate to your diary so much!
from strongerthan :
Weren't you disgusted with not only Jennifer Love Hewitt being casted for the Sabrina-lovely, but also by her performance ?! In happier effects, my favorite part has always been when they are in the cab at the end, and she puts on that bright lipstick.
from fuboowuzzle :
Merry christmas.. happy holidays.. whatever...
from fat-angel :
i'm proud of you and your new html accomplishments! fun, isn't it?
from bismark : of us, one of us, one of us...I told you it was addictive. Now I read yours before I even write in mine.
from glistenen :
Check it! I GOT your voicemail message! I'm so happy! My *FIRST* message! How crazy! Thanks for what you said. Does give me some perspective. I'm trying to keep up on reading everyone else's diaries, but I'm so self involved right now, it's not even funny. :( But I did read about your friend who passed away. Her mother needs to be smacked. A kind of for-her-own-good type smack, though, y'know. *hugs*

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