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from f-i-n :
from yrsoaboveme :
hey this is dead-wings, vicki, on another account. this my new, day-log diary. you can read it if you want, with: username (comicbook) and password (crush)
from pixiesibby :
hey. thanks for adding me to your favourites. *returning the favour right after dinner* p.s. you're super cool too!
from dark-doll :
sweet piercings! that's even cooler if no one in your school got it!! :D
from countryapple :
Yay! You're alive!
from countryapple :
Didn't anyone tell you!? You're not allowed to take a hiatus! I hope all is well! :)
from dark-doll :
Oct17th. Oh thanks a lot for adding me to your favourites :) I appreciate <3
from dark-doll :
Oh thanks for the note. Personally I'd rather have found and lost than never had known but certain nights the pain is just barely bearable if you know what I mean. I sometimes still wonder that question. Take care xox
from dark-doll :
Hey!! Thanks for joining my ring :D You obviously got awesome tastes ;)
from dark-doll :
Mmmmmh *drools* piercings are sexy
from thespark :
All you have to do is link us from your main diary page. Once you've done that, just e-mail me. Please include your username in the e-mail, so I know who you are! [email protected]
from prettykay :
I'll be a freshmen too. :-)
from piglywigly :
NOTHING, that's what happened. NOTHING. This kind of thing always happens to me. Acts intrested, then for some crazy reason, isnt anymore.
from innovative :
Hi, I'm just a random reader, I just read your "Content With Being Sad" entry. That story...was...I don't know how to describe was sad, yet I liked it, a lot. Just thought you'd like to know.
from volleydahl :
yes, london will be fabulous. i'm at one of those points in my life where i just need to get the hell away from everyone, and how lucky i am that i get to do that somewhere like london. i don't get diets either. i'm going to add you to my favorites list. you're a very funny, thoughtful girl! have a great day :)
from countryapple :
Thanx for the note. The only problem with Tylenol PM is, I don't have a headache, or pain of any sort? Anyhow, sorry about your car, but having a crappy car is part of growing up! :)
from thespark :
I run a diary community. I'd like for you to join the ring.
from hottyprncess :
haha 25 cents.:p
from oliana :
Dudette, I so do not like underwires, at all. And I wear them. I think they're probably outdated. Like corsets. But for some reason I feel I must wear them.
from jellybones :
I don't know you. But, I saw some ad with a Chbosky (sp?) quote, so I'm leaving a note. Cheers.
from ohmygord :
advise from the girl with underwires: next time your bra does that, don't rip it out, because when you start to wash it, i have a feeling it will fall apart. instead shove it back in and sew it up. it's pretty easy, and I hate those fucking underwires.
from ohmygord :
I like your journal, it reminds me of the book "Perks of being a wallflower" I can see that you like that book, so I'm glad that style of writing comes easily to you. -kate
from angelkiss07 :
hey thx 4 reading... no, u don't wish u had my problems... i'm a lot younger than u, so it's driving me crazy. plus, my life other than all that crap is really very boring.
from strawberrri :
my mate also recommended that book. i'll see if i can dig a copy out the local library when i can be bothered to get up off my arse. thanks, though.
from blacksadness :
hey you.. thx for the note i'm glad to see that someone is actually reading what i write.. talk to yo later ;) btw just for the record where are you from?
from blackpanty :
Thanks for joining my Mind-Speak diaryring! :)
from christy143x :

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