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from megmarch :
CONGRATULATIONS on an awesome performance review and your well-deserved raise!! Your boss is probably already depressed about the fact that you're graduating, and wondering how much they might have to offer you to get you to stay! Whee! That is so wonderful. I am so happy for you.
from megmarch :
"Theatre has always been fun for you. You've never tried to make it more than fun." You'd be surprised. Read the latest entry. Sometimes, I forget to keep it simply as fun, and I let too much depend on it.
from megmarch :
Tagging you! Explanation here:
from megmarch :
Next time you're caught in an impromptu sermon, go to the bathroom. Just leave. You are an adult, you can choose not to sit through that sort of ambush. I don't think you're wrong for feeling that way. Me, I would've gotten myself in trouble for snorting when he said non-Christians will go to hell. But that's sort of a given, since I bring my godless heathen (i.e. my fiance) to family gatherings now. ;)
from megmarch :
Don't believe everything salon ladies tell you, they can be just trying to make a sale. Look in the grocery store for something that does moisturizing. I used Pantene for a long while and it worked well, for example, and salons hate it (although eventually I upgraded to Matrix, but that was because my hair is freaky and scary). Try the middle-range stuff before shelling out $12 a bottle.
from sweetgurl82 :
Hi! Your diary was listed as a favorite on someone else's diary. I can't remember which one. I don't think anyone reads my diary since I don't get any notes (except the one from you) and no one signs my guestbook. Well, thanks for the note. Take care.
from megmarch :
okay, calling you now. Don't care if you're sleeping, I'm calling you now.
from megmarch :
Yougottheinternshipyougotityougotit! You are the best! ::cartwheels::
from banefulvenus :
Wow! I love your banner about your brother being a stripper!
from herdarlinsin :
Oops my bad. That was my friends diary, but you're still awesome, so there.
from finallywoken :
Youre awesome!!
from megmarch :
I'm loving the in-depth TIPA account; you always tell stories in such an interesting way. :) Keep telling them, my incestuous lesbian lover!
from scorpi07 :
I happened upon your diary through your banner (which was highly entertaining) and just wanted to let you know that I really like your site. Keep up the good writing!
from frozen-dawn :
This is about the coolest thing ever...I randomly clicked on a banner signing into Dland tonight (2/1/05 @ 9:30ish) and found your sisters diary. When I checked to see where she was from, her location said "Podunk, Texas" so I said, "I'll check her out." I then went to her profile, found your diary and read something about scholarships being due Feb. 1, and I knew that SFA has their dates for scholarships really freakin' early in the year and I just scrambled to finish my apps. Saturday morning. I'm attending SFA in Aug. ANd I'm a journalism crazy is that. If you wanna talk some time...check out my diary, I'd really like to talk with you about life @ SFA...I'm so excited to meet someone at the school I'm going to... Hope to talk to you soon... -Angela
from faded-dark :
Oh shit...that was supposed to say "blog" *hangs head in shame*
from faded-dark :
hey. I saw the random entry link and I thought it's a pretty groovy idea. and I wanted to add one to my bog, but do I have to have gold to be able to do the random entry thing?
from hamiltonian :
I like your journal...
from candoor :
merry happy new year :)
from liquid-mojo :
Sorry about your bro being so, um stripperiffic. Who knows? Maybe he won't lose his clothes for money? But if he does maybe there's no reason to judge so harshly as long as the money is going towards a greater good like financing school, or simply surviving. Oh, GTA:VC is hands down the best game ever made, that is until GTA: San Andreas rolls in this October. It's all make-believe fun so don't feel guilty driving like a maniac maiming innocent pedestrians or building an imaginary criminal empire or blowing up police choppers with your rocket launcher. As long as it only takes place behind a TV screen and it doesn't take place in "real life", I say have at it... =p
from blacsunrise :
I'd totally join!
from blacsunrise :
Reading thru, good stuff. I love your name, as a person with a uniquely spelled name myself (Laurenne, pronounced Lauren) I can appreciate it...Anyways, thats all I wanted to say, woo!
from transkarent :
hey, Don't get too freaked about about your brother stripping. As long as you never see it! If you are going to be at this bachelorette party...yeah- I would avoid that. If he has enough pride and confidence in himself to spend so much time working on his image, this sorta goes with the territory. He's young, built, shrug, it can't be any worse than walking in on him making out with a girl. *also a high cringe factor esp if clothing is removed* Love and potato chips, Karen
from meow9th :
thanks for your note! i also dyed my hair red at one point; red and purple, actually. the colours faded very quickly to leave behind the typical yellow-brown that characterizes bleached asian hair. >_< i was not pleased. i hope you have better luck with your hair than i did with mine! =P
from rapperkridd :
Hey! I was reading through your diary! Great stuff man! I noticed we have some stuff in common... although I'm only 14, and not in college, lol. I was reading your freshman stuff, and felt the same about Mainstage plays. Haven't been able to check to see if everything worked out for you, but I'll be back to read again soon!
from banefulvenus :
great banner!
from sunnflower :
I like the new banner - the lettering is very cool.
from soulseekerz :
You go to SFA? thats where i've always wanted to go too!
from myreason :
Out of curiosity, what exactly is a chocolate lasagna? Sounds too good to be true, but also a little strange at the same time.
from megmarch :
"I got a mail just now thanking me for upgrading to gold membership. I didn't do it so it must be-Katie!" -- Darned tootin'. Glad you like it, it made me giggle to see you all happy about it. Happy Birthday!
from chika03 :
from chika03 :
from megmarch :
Eee, I'm Wise Katie. :o� Oh dear- now I've got to live up to it and stuff. Badbad. Couldn't I be Weird Katie? Or Discombobulated Katie? Tom-Welling's-Soulmate Katie? Sigh.
from blueberry73 :
Good writing! I read your new story on the boards. So what was that about you not knowing anyone from Canada? Hehehe. That is all. :)
from megmarch :
WOOOO! Lala rocks! Go Hooks, go German nuns, go cool people! lol, sorry, just overflowing with borrowed school spirit.
from jeskasentari :
Congratulations on the part :)

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