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from dinosaurorgy :
Woo.. I wish that you'd update!
from camera-girl :
hey, I clicked on your banner and thought I'd say hi. - Hi there! :-)
from beckers-j :
Thanks for adding me. Yeah, ovens sure can be tricky. ;) But it's probably just me.
from beckers-j :
You are cracking me up with this Bill Green, orphans and board breaking! I'm adding you. ;)
from sadistiksoul :
oh i like you
from clearance :
...and make your profile work! gosh aren't we annoying!
from kungfukitten :
Just an FYI - your comments don't work. :( But I loved the board breaking entry. It sounds like you just need to get your chi moving and then you'll be able to brak boards like a pro. Martial arts shops also sell re-breakable boards. They snap back together so you can rebreak them and they come in different strengths. Imagine the hours of fun!
from hip2bme :
I'm laughing my ass off. Loved the board breaking story. Now, one of my life goals along with having a child, travelling around the world, planting a tree and writing a book there is breaking a board! And congrats on breaking that board! Hugs, Anele PS: Yep, the comments link is not working.
from wyndspirit :
I clicked on your banner and hit your breaking boards story. Thanks for making my morning! (BTW, your comments link is not working.)

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