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from politics101 :
you are being rather hard on yourself!! i'm sure i'm not the ONLY reader of yours!! melanie
from politics101 :
YOU ARE BACK!! HA and in Texas. You don't KNOW how much I've missed you (seriously). I'm sure you read why i closed my totally rocking old diary. SICK PERVERTS. We're doing fine. Besides the teenagers . . . COME VISIT US, all of you. WHAT FUN. Can you BELIEVE that decadence festival????????? love ya, june (aka melanie) AND did you read about the exorcism??? WHAT A TRIP.
from melieann :
dear iracb: this is melanie from "thrthearch". please email me at: [email protected] and i'll tell you why mine is now DELETED. there IS a darker side to journaling on the web. love, melanie
from melieann :
hey, what's the DEAL? you didn't like your prize????? those street cars are pretty cool!! by the way, i LOVE your entries. and you will just LOVE jo (some trouble). she is truly one incredible person AND you'll be hooked up with an awesome page for sure. i'm so glad we met! mel from new orleans
from some-trouble :
I'm sorry, I meant to say before, if you do consider my offer, maybe you could think about the kind of images and colours you might like... or if you already have a picture in mind that you'd like to use. I can usually get a rough draft of a design together in about 24/48 hours. I also have a dummy diary where I test the layouts first, so you'd be able to see it before you decide whether you want to put it on your diary, or if there's anything that you'd like changing. If you have any questions me e-mail address is [email protected] Take Care, Jo XXX
from some-trouble :
Hiya, I came over to your diary through a link in melieanns entry for today. You've got quite a cool thing going on over here! By the way, I saw your entry about custom layouts. I can make diaryland templates so if you're interested I wouldn't mind making one for you? I don't have a design site or anything like that, I just make them for friends, and friends of friends, but I do them free of charge unlike the design sites who want something from their wishlist or something instead of payment. Let me know if you are interested. My diary is at (I made the layout I have up there at the moment). Take Care 'k? Jo XXX
from gypsy-poet :
Thank you for adding me to your buddy list... I enjoyed your pictoral entries today. Very. Moving. Indeed.

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