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from faux-real :
from aliendude :
Woah, do I know you? I have bad memory...
from djkidmickey :
from kortnay :
I like your diary!
from heartshaped :
let's talk soon. xo.
from my-last-word :
<3 to you too. xx
from heartshaped :
keep in touch, yes?
from my-last-word :
you're welcome xx
from my-last-word :
i <3 it... i started from the beginning, and although its hard reading upwards, i cried. Xx
from hyperballadd :
fucking intriguing, and beautiful. xo.
from heartshaped :
beautiful. <3
from youfailedme :
hey, i didn't know that anybody really read this diary besides the people i told. hah, i have another diary that i've had for about two years now that i still write in. i made this one to write all the things i couldn't say in the other. my other diary is xcavemanx. check it out and tell me what you think. thanks for linking me by the way. xo - Tom
from djkidmickey :
You suck!
from luckyemojazz :
This is a test. This is just filler.

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