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from raiderjames :
Thanks for the note. Don't quite know what the heads or tails of it is, but, um...thanks.
from justbadnews1 :
Okay, so I am on a mission to find someone from Florin High School. Do you go there, by any chance? And if you do, could you IM me at Loverstryst10 or E-mail me at It'd be great appreciated!
from pandionna :
Hello! I clicked through on the Curious George banner ad. What a terrific diary! And your layout just slays me. When it popped up I almost spit cereal onto my keyboard. Love it!
from goldenyears :
J, g veit thad ekki. g hef hitt svo margt flk og thv finnist thetta allt lagi. Gott ad heyra th vllt ekki vera hreingjarn, haha! Th erum vd bdi hrein og lmum vel.
from goldenyears :
Thegidu, elskan....ekki lta svona, g vona bara th ert ekki alvru, gdi mnn. g er bara hreinhltisgydjan....
from jeny182 :
I need some help with this diary. i was hoping u could help... IM me at either ILUVSKATRZ886 or thanks
from elegantfreak :
That dream... amazing. Those are the best kind, the ones that leave you just a little confused. Oh and the Aikido? I am so glad you like it! You will have to tell me all about it...
from ginko :
8. Work on a mushroom farm. heh heh.. shroooooooom it
from goldenyears :
That sounds....interesting. You are still under influence of Sangria, I see. I am hopelessly not able to not go to work today....blaaahhhh. How difficult is it to break a leg on my way to work. I see that as a luxurious option right now. I do not want to go to work!!!
from goldenyears :
Dear Micai, it is Yin&Yang, not Ying as you wrote. Everything fine?
from ginko :
yer monkey isnt too bad either! thanks for the visit.
from inherprime :
sigh...i really wish huxley would step off my fem nuts, ya know?

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