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from haloaskew :
Update: My right pinkie nail has gotten long and I CAN'T STOP PLAYING WITH IT. When it breaks, I'm going to be devastated, I tell you. Oh, by the way, I watched Kill Bill Volume 1 tonight on TNT -- I heard it was good, but DAYYY-UM! Absolutely awesome. You must rent it (and Vol. 2, which I'm dying to see!) if you haven't already. The martial arts are incredible, even if a lot of it is faked-up with special effects. I wanna go out and get a Japanese sword now. And get revenge on ALL WHO HAVE WRONGED ME. Or, I might just sleep in and eat Pringles for breakfast...
from haloaskew :
Yay! Your notes are on! I had fake nails in the mid 90's. They weren't terribly long, but too long to be practical. One thing I remember is how much my attention became focused on my nails. I was either looking at them, touching them, or tapping with them. I felt so sexy! But one time, I was at a bar (my nails had been re-done the night before, I believe)feeling like such hot stuff, when one of my nails suddenly popped off when I picked up my glass of beer. Of course it happened when the guy I liked was sitting next to me. I was so embarrassed! Fancy nails sure do look shitty with one broken. I tried to hide that hand all night! I don't remember having any pain when I first started wearing them, but the pulling sensation rings a bell. And there was also a sense of heaviness. Once I finally had them removed for good (6 months later?), my fingers felt so light and airy. Good luck with yours! They can be a pain in the ass, but they're FUN!
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